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My current wineblogging dilemma...
### Blechh ### Yes, I'm using hyperbole here to make a point. I don't _actually_ hate myself. I'm a pretty fucking cool guy, actually. Ask anyone. Except
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Good start on the next chapter, Steve. :)
Hi Steve! You are a great writer; very funny and passionate. This is needed in the world, whether about wine or any other topic you love i.e. sports, music, etc. Passion and intellect is needed. I do love the idea though of talking about wine from another perspective. How to pick a winner (or a reasonable hit) at Trader Joe's or Bev Mo for example. Or doing unusual things with wine, (drink a cold Beaujolais lately? Pretty good, albeit not the usual California wine drinkers idea of normal.) Maybe you could also write nonfiction or even fiction stories about your wine experiences or about how wine (like perfume for me) is a tangible yet emotional component to good living, and how it touches on different parts of our human experience. I'm thinking for such a creative like you, about the script for Sideways. This was not actually a film about wine, but wine was a central character. Just saying, you are an interesting and engaging writer, and wine can be a muse versus the specific topic in and of itself...but above all, keep writing!
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