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Athabasca Glacier, Columbia Icefields, Canadian Rockies.

This is multiple image panorama taken while my family and I were walking on the Athabasca Glacier during our July 2012 holiday to Canada. Even with a wide-angle lens I wasn't able to capture the immensity of this scene in a single shot - and I'm afraid my digital upload here probably loses a lot of impact due to the unusual aspect ratio on small computer screens. We were very lucky to have almost perfect weather as we walked on the glacier but as we were leaving the clouds began to gather, leaving just a window of blue sky that sat perfectly centred between the mountains around us. Another spectacular sight amongst many we saw on just that day alone. I love Canada.

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...we know what we saw in the sky - I wonder what the EYE saw here, on the Earth... Wonderful place and great shot!
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