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Steve Outing

Web storytelling  - 
Shared this on Facebook, but it belongs here too. A fantastic interactive storytelling experience from Google.
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Steve Outing

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Tesla iCar ... For the ultimate Apple fanboy
Rumors abound that Elon is dickering for Apple to buy Tesla Motors and -- of course -- create the "iCar." Sounds cool…

…though my only real comment is the illustration below, from my 2010 graphic novel about American industry called TINKERERS.
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I can't afford an iAnything, let alone an iCar. I'm holding out for the Android Car.
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Steve Outing

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Dan Kennedy has a nice slide deck on the history of media bias, to help understand "how the hell did we get to this?"
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Steve Outing

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Great idea and convenience: smartphone as hotel door key. Cool yet worrisome in terms of hacking risk.
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Steve Outing

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Here's a new app that lets you post your secrets anonymously, and get reactions anonymously from your contact/friends network. In the Snowden/NSA/Facebook surveillance and transparency era, I think this is more profound than it looks at first glance (which is frivolous ... but then most of us thought Twitter was frivolous when it launched). 

Would love to see more people in my contact network try it out. It needs more users before we can know if it's worthwhile. But it's only day 1. (Sorry, iPhone only at this point.)
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Steve Outing

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Extreme photography... Great shots and video, but insanely risky. #photography  
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Drones! Drones! Drones! (...OK, let's be accurate about this: UAVs! UAVs! UAVs!) The future of sports photography, videography. #drones   #uavdrones  
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Not in the USA yet. Regs vary by country. Looks like the Russians allowed UAV photojournalism in Sochi.
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Steve Outing

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There's no stopping it. Expectations of privacy when you're in public will soon be gone. Surveillance cameras everywhere was stage 1. Smartphone cameras stage 2. Stage 3 will include lifeblogging via tiny cameras, smartglasses, etc. (This should make it easier for police to get evidence -- by crowdsourcing lifeblogging witnesses.)
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Almost makes one want to stay indoors. Oh wait, they have backscatter radar trucks that can scan your house as they drive past. [sigh]
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Steve Outing

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In the era of NSA surveillance, ubiquitous voluntary sharing of personal data, and big-data analysis, I think the time is now for new apps and services that offer us some privacy when we want or need it. Agree or disagree?: This will be an opportunity area for entrepreneurs.
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Great name for an app!
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