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Spotify Theme-Time

Original credit goes to +Ben Oliver

Every Monday, we pick a theme for the week and run with it in a collaborative playlist.

Anyone is welcome, of course, and please feel free to share this with your friends if you think they'd be interested.

Add a comment to this post if you want to join.

To add to the playlist, hit subscribe when viewing it and then add away!

Playlists so far:

1. The States of America:
2. Streets:
3. Fire:
4. Numbers:
5. Booze:
6. The Moon:
7. Sailing:
8. Magic:
9. Dreams:
10. New York:
11. Home:
12. Shoes:
13. Books:
14. Winter Holidays:
15. Keys:
16. Time:
17. Happiness:
18. The Sun:
19. Music:
20. Mother:
21. Father:
22. Animals:
23. Change: 23a. Job:
24. Age:
25. St. Patrick:
26. Baby:
27. Spring:
28. Fools:
29. Easter:
30. Ocean:
31. Money:
32. Sleep:
33. France:
34. Run:
35. Car:
36. Morning:
37. Celebration:
38. Rain:
39. Traveling: 39a. Music for Traveling:
40. Summer:
41. Help!:
42. Sport:
43. European Union:
44. Trees:
45. Holiday:
46. Space:
47. Guilty Pleasures:
48. Slumber Busters:
49. Live:
50. Snooze Zone:
51. Uplifiting and Motivational:
52. One Year Anniversary:
53. Food:
54. Autumn:
55. Felix!:
56. Train:
57. Election:
58. Bond:
59. Late:
60. Storytellers:
61. Community:
62. Hobbits:
63. Hope:
64. New Beginnings:

I have these saved, so if Ben's lists ever disappear, when his spotify account ceases, I can re-create them, and share the links here.

Thanks to +Ben Oliver for starting the idea.
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Great start! Got the links wrong. Shared it with the wrong people. Messed up the formatting, and the re-shared it rather than copy and delete! Hopefully everything is cool now :-s
I still didn't get a notification...I think Ben modified that? Or possibly didn't get it since I hadn't circled you. Either way, remedied.
+Sheila Garl I don't quite know how G+ deals with notifications for posts that are directed at a circle, but with people who haven't circled you! It used to go into incoming, but they got rid of that. At least you're here now. I get the feeling you're not the only one to have missed things this morning. Teething bugs, they'll sort themselves out eventually! :-)
+Gavin Dalton I had some problems this morning with pushing the post out. Learning experience!! I've definitely got all of Ben's old circle in my circle. I'll make sure I get the notifications sorted next time.
Notifications aren't automatic. :) When you add the circle to the share list, mouse of it. A pop-up will show that has a check box to 'Sent Notification'. I think that's how Ben handled it, anyway. I don't want to miss out, these are my Tuesday tunes!
+Sheila Garl Thanks Sheila, didn't know that. I'll definitely sort that out for next time.
It finally loaded for me, I think Spotify was also running slow for me. Must have something to do with leap year.
+Jessica Wood No problems, I've added you to the circle. Welcome. You'll get a notification every Monday from me with the latest posting (assuming I don't forget it's a Monday! :-D )
Sounds like fun, love a good collaborative playlist. Can you sign me up?
I've been in on almost all of the list, sometimes it was just you and me and with the age difference that can make quite an interesting playlist. Me, circa 1954, to put that in perspective I have 4 working turntables and about 500 vinyl LP's. On the Dual 1019 in my office now I have Masekela queued up 1968 (label UNI 73041) He is credited as playing on Paul Simon's 1990 release The Rhythm of the Saints. About 500 CD's on top of that pile of vinyl I have a lot of stuff that has never made iTunes or Spotify, so you know I'm in on the collaborative playlist.On a side note the last update of Spotify V on Windows is quite horrible they need to get it fixed soon. All of my local files are almost unusable only a random few seem to play..    
I still monitor the Spotify group, 
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