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Steve Nener
Pool designer and builder, aikido sensei, tai chi practitioner, guitarist, drummer
Pool designer and builder, aikido sensei, tai chi practitioner, guitarist, drummer


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This video shows off the semi-rural oasis we built in Mundaring. See

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Alfresco is an Italian word meaning ‘in the cool air’. It refers to the practice in warmer climates of eating outside the house in a grassed area or under a purpose-built structure to protect from rain and sun. Alfrescos form a large part of the total concept design in an outdoor living space. See
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Reinforced concrete pools can be created to form any shape that suits your needs and your particular site. The Water’s Edge works in all sorts of sites varying from clifftops hanging over the river to suburban backyards, from large sites to very small and difficult-to-access areas.
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This project featured an oasis pool with artificial beach in a rural setting.

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The Water's Edge Mundaring rural escape

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Fun times at Madame Tussaud's Bangkok
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What are the 6 essential features for your swimming pool?

No matter what season it is, whether the summer is just coming to an end, or the mornings are just about to warm up, you need to start thinking about how you are going to stay cool before the heat penetrates your life. There is no doubt that a beautiful concrete swimming pool is a major investment. But isn't your home worth that investment? In the long term, that beautiful lagoon with decking and fabulous entertainment area is going to add the same value and more to the home that you love. Even if you're not thinking of selling for some time, your swimming pool is a worthwhile addition to your home.
What essential features do you need?
No. 1 Good design and planning
The most important thing is to have a good consultation with your swimming pool designer to get the best use of space and design potential for your area. No matter if you have a postage stamp sized backyard, or an acre of dirt waiting to be transformed, your designer will see the absolute potential for all the features that you need. Irregular shapes, odd locations on the sides of cliffs, or country estates with loads of space all have unique challenges when it comes to designing a swimming pool to suit the buyer.
No. 2 Entertainment area
This is the area where you will spend most of your time. You want to spend time here when it's warm and cold so you need to look at options for protection from the weather (heat, sun and rain), while keeping the aesthetic value to a high standard. You could choose a Bali day bed with Alang Alang roof and thatching, a slick outdoor kitchen with pizza oven, a pitched patio roof, and timber decking for an outdoor setting with barbecue. The main thing you need to acquire is comfort and beauty as well as practicality for movement, seating and cooking.
No. 3 Quality products
No matter what you create, you must use the highest quality products your designer can find. There is absolutely no point trying to create a paradise using second rate products that will not last the distance. You can choose a combination of timber and natural stone from Asia, or wholly manufactured products from Australia or the US. All the products you choose should be proven and tested over many years to withstand the swimming pool's harsh environment. You have a choice of finishes for concrete pools, including standard plaster, or a range of fantastic colour finishes. When your pool is finished with a special colour coating, you achieve a rich and beautiful colour, increased durability, and long-lasting enjoyment. The product is made of tough, ceramic-coated quartz granules mixed with conventional pool plaster. The steel used for reinforcing the pool also needs to be top-quality, Australian-made to keep your pool in top condition throughout its life. Other products to consider are the salt chlorinator, automatic water management system, filters, pumps, moving pool cleaners - all with appropriate long-term warranties.
No. 4 Attractive garden
Having a practical and beautiful garden can greatly enhance the look of your pool and create an environmentally friendly space for relaxing in sun and shade. Your designer should be able to advise on the poolside plants that are appropriate for your area, and even accompany you to the nursery to make your choices. You could use golden cane, kentia palms, xanadu and agapanthus to soften the edges and not give future problems with falling leaves and expanding root systems. You can really create a magical environment using plants.
No. 5 Water feature
Water features are an integral part of any pool design. Your outdoor living area is greatly enhanced by the tranquil sounds of running water creating a stunning ambience to your garden. There are many different water features you can choose to enhance the swimming pool using a variety of stone and tile products. Using a high-quality sheer descent water feature provides a reliable sheet of cascading water which gives great effects.
No. 6 Security and safety
To comply with government regulations, it is vital to have the correct pool fencing for the security and safety of your area for yourself and your family, and for others especially other children in your suburb. It's a great idea to make the pool fencing part of the design concept so that it blends in and works with the look of the pool. Tubular steel, aluminium, wrought iron, timber and brushwood are fencing elements that can be used. Timber and brushwood are often effective as a visual screen along an unsightly fibreboard boundary fence, and they also work well to dampen the noise from happy kids playing in the water. If you have the budget, frameless glass is a see-through option which is very attractive and safe which uses 12 mm toughened glass. This glass gives a stunning effect and keeps your pool extra secure.

For more information and details on any swimming pool-related matter, contact Steve Nener at

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What is the cost of a unique inground concrete swimming pool?

The swimming pool construction business is so individual that it is impossible to give clients an idea of cost without actually coming to their home to see the site. Once the designer can actually see the space and size, and any potential challenges in the site, he can start to think about a plan that will allow all the customer requirements. The cost will depend on the size and accessibility of your site, the materials used, the intricacy of the work, any other landscaping or structures required. We do stress, that the budget for building a swimming pool can be suited to your requirements with negotiation.
The main choice a buyer must make is what type of pool to buy. The Water’s Edge does not install or construct above-ground pools or fibreglass pools. Above-ground pools can be assembled fairly quickly and are inexpensive but do not add ambience or enhance the environment of your home. Fibreglass pools are manufactured in pre-made shapes so if you have a large area, want a regular shape, and want to keep the costs low, some would choose a fibreglass pool. However, we find that they are very inflexible, do not suit small or awkwardly shaped areas, and do not add value to your property.
The Water’s Edge recommends an inground concrete swimming pool. This is because you get the most enjoyment out of a pool that will last for many years. There is ongoing maintenance of course but if good-quality materials have been used in the construction of the pool, the maintenance will be manageable. With good design and construction, this kind of pool looks stunning and is unbeatable in quality. An inground concrete swimming pool will also add considerable value to your home, its liveability and its eventual saleability.
Top 4 considerations regarding price
1.       Size and space
Our most recent project in Maida Vale was our biggest challenge to date. The challenge here was the enormous size of the property. Two acres of blank canvas is an amazing opportunity when the owner has asked for a Bali resort in their back yard! It was a challenge because it’s a massive area to fill with all the elements that make up a stunning resort. The owners understood that the project would take some time and with a small team, we did very well. The final outcome is magnificent (if we do say so ourselves…).
2.       Accessibility
If it is very difficult to access the area where your pool is being built, this will have ramifications on cost. One difficult area we have had to deal with was a very small courtyard pool in Doubleview. The challenge here was to be able to work in a small space with the myriad equipment that is required to get the job done. The owners still wanted many of the elements of a large pool such as decking, outdoor entertaining area, pergola, and a swim-up bar. The challenge is to fit it all into a workable and attractive design. Other difficult locations have been on the edges of cliffs, with infinity-edge pools.
3.       Materials
There are materials, and then there are materials. The Water’s Edge prides itself on being able to choose the best quality, and longest lasting products for your pool. We will, of course, always give you the option to choose between different budgets, but we will always recommend the best. The swimming pool is a harsh environment, subject to all sorts of forces. Wherever health and water is concerned, the utmost care must be taken with hygiene and cleanliness. The products page on our website itemises all the products we use in the construction of the pool and implementation of the filter system. These products are durable, reliable, strong, easy to use, resistant to corrosion and have warranties.
4.       Complexity of design
Most clients would love the whole menu: the lagoon or resort swimming pool, swim-up bar, timber decking, outdoor entertaining area with outdoor kitchen, one or more water features, top-of-the-range fencing, luxuriant jungle garden, easy-to-maintain  landscaping, Bali daybed or meditation room — the list can be as long as your imagination. All of these features create an amazing environment for your pool and obviously add to the time and design specifications of the job. The more complex the design, the more materials are required and the more time and labour is needed to complete the work. These are all elements to keep in mind when requesting a quote.

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Get soft skin while you swim!
If you were lucky enough to have a pool growing up, you probably remember having sore eyes after a day in the water. Chlorine and salt can cause this irritation. For centuries, people have used magnesium for rejuvenating the skin. If you’ve ever been swimming in a natural mineral spring, you may have experienced the feeling of soft energising mineral water on your skin.
Australian company, MagnaPool, has come up with a blend of magnesium and potassium minerals which it calls Mineral Science Therapy to create a new water environment.
• Gentle on your skin
• Won’t discolour hair or leave residue on your body
• Crystal clear
• Friendly to the environment because of the elimination of harsh chemicals
• Decreases water consumption
• Doesn’t build up salinity in the ecosystem the way other pool water does
• Assists in maintaining healthy green foliage and better root growth of your plants.
The Water’s Edge is a licensed MagnaPool dealer. We can turn your pool into your private mineral spring with the MagnaPool system.
The Water’s Edge:
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