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Following Nasa this 4th? You will comply! 
Flying by the "Death Star" Moon! In this view captured by our Cassini spacecraft on its closest-ever flyby of Saturn's moon Mimas, large Herschel Crater dominates Mimas, making the moon look like the Death Star in the movie "Star Wars." May the 4th Be With You!

Image Credit: NASA

#nasa #space #saturn ##maythe4thbewithyou #happystarwarsday #moon


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We're number 1...

... yay...


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What's happens when you have TMI in your FAQ.

Questions 10-16 seem to be a transcription of an argument between customers and staff that prob happens 20 times a day.

Maybe someone should look into this?

Q11 :Is there a minimum order value for delivery?

A11 :Yes, a minimum order of $10 applies to all McDelivery orders. For deliveries to addresses in Jurong Industrial Area/Tuas, Changi/Loyang, Ocean Drive (Sentosa) ,Marina Bay Sands and Seletar the minimum order is $60.

Q12 :Why have you increased your minimum order value from $22 to $60 for delivery in this area? It is such a huge increase!

A12 :To enhance the speed and efficiency of our delivery services, we have decided to increase the minimum order value to $60 for deliveries to Jurong Industrial Area/Tuas, Changi/Loyang, Ocean Drive (Sentosa) and Marina Bay Sands and certain areas in Seletar. This is in line with industry practice and it is also competitive to similar services. This will allow us to enhance the quality of our popular McDelivery 24/7 service.

Q13 :What will happen if my order does not reach the minimum amount of $60?

A13 :A minimum value of $60 will be required for the order, on top of the delivery surcharge.

Q14 :Can the delivery surcharge be considered as part of the minimum order amount?

A14 :No. The $60 minimum order amount is limited to the food order. The delivery surcharge is a separate charge.

Q15 :Will you be increasing your minimum order value for ALL addresses? Or is this only for the Jurong Industrial Area/Tuas, Changi/Loyang, Ocean Drive (Sentosa) and Marina Bay Sands and Seletar?

A15 :No, we currently have no plans to do so and the minimum order value for all other areas will remain at $10. The $60 minimum order is only applicable to the Jurong Industrial Area/Tuas, Changi/Loyang, Ocean Drive (Sentosa) and Marina Bay Sands and certain areas in Seletar.

Q16 :Who can I speak to with regards to this policy? I am very unhappy and feel that this is unfair.

A16 :Please rest assured that we take every feedback very seriously and will convey your sentiments to our management for their review. You can also submit your feedback at the "ccontact us" page via our website to share your thoughts. Thank you.

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Great article and a tragically overlooked point. For wearable tech to ever become a "thing", fashion and ergonomics need to take the same level of importance that design and interface have for software.

I think this May be the "key" the industry has been looking for and yet it's probably so obvious half the population of the planet. 
Wearable tech should have ease of movement, a sense of delight and -- above all - a purpose (without sacrificing style).

Pretty. Please.

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One more time…
Watch the most the track mostly effortlessly recreated in minutes

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You are here.
Happy New Year! This image shows the Earth today, January 1, 2014, a few hours into the new year, as seen by the Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites (GOES) satellite. Geostationary describes an orbit in which a satellite is always in the same position with respect to the rotating Earth. This allows GOES to hover continuously over one position on the Earth's surface, appearing stationary. As a result, GOES provide a constant vigil for the atmospheric "triggers" for severe weather conditions such as tornadoes, flash floods, hail storms, and hurricanes.

Image Credit: NASA/NOAA GOES Project
#nasa #earth #space #goes #irl #today #happynewyear #planets #solarsystem #newyear #2014 #nye #home

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Not quite a White Christmas, but I'll take a sandy white beach Christmas as a consolation any year. 

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It's just tha..



The m...

You see...

(Excuse me, my brain just exploded)

Full scale Millennium Falcon for the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII movie has been built and completed, both inside and out.

+Star Wars  #StarWars   #MillenniumFalcon   

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Biggest Typhoon ever.

Till the next one. Pretty sure this is less likely an abnormal event and more likely a harbinger of more to come.

News is saying 10,000+ missing possibly dead.

Better learn how to swim. 
Super Typhoon Haiyan 

That is a combination of images from Japanese and European weather satellites .These satellites are in geostationary orbits, 36,000 km (22,000 miles) above the Earth’s surface, and provide a much broader view. You can see Haiyan to the right, the city lights of the Philippines almost underneath it.   It is unofficially the strongest landfalling tropical cyclone in recorded history.
Photo by Japan Meteorological Agency and EUMETSAT
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