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Just donated. This makes me a proud Original Member of More United. I believe we must come together to create a more positive future for ourselves and for future generations.

If there's one positive to come out of 2016 for me, after the appalling abuse of media from the Brexit & Trump campaigns, and apparent lack of any respect from both camps, it is knowing 100% that what I saw disgusted me.

So, rather than sit on the sidelines I've decided to take action. And I believe it starts with a fairer and more balanced approach to politics.


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Working on new series of inbound content teaching small business owners new ways to think about and approach their digital marketing.

From experience, after many consulting and mastermind discussions, it's clear small businesses are more often than not overwhelmed with the pace, options and scale that social media can bring to the table.

The key is learning to cut the noise out, listening to the conversation and get involved in the discussion WITHOUT selling.

What's your thoughts about social media marketing? Any changes for 2017 in the pipeline?

TIA -Steve

#socialmedia #smallbusiness #marketing #discussion

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Just 7 hours left for a chance to win Joe Strummer 2017 calendars - epic #giftideas  for ANY #punk or fan of +The Clash - enter to win >>

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Strummerville A Go-Go #003 is a fundraising album in support of Oxfam America 'Crisis in Syria' appeal.

+Oxfam America +The Joe Strummer Foundation (aka Strummerville) 
#fundraiser   #album   #download   #SAGG003  

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#StrummerJam  - rocking locally, acting globally. A new fundraising campaign just announced by +The Joe Strummer Foundation (aka Strummerville) with a difference. Bands, venues and promoters are invited to organise a StrummerJam to raise funds for their local music non-profit.

StrummerJams are already being announced in Boise Idaho USA, Brighton UK, Bristol UK, New Jersey USA, Philadelphia USA and more!

Fancy doing something different this August, become part of a global community, put your local music scene on the map and keep #JoeStrummer flame burning bright sign up for info on the website.

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Have to say I'm liking very much the new G+ design #uxdesign #doneright

Working on my #growthhacking  course today - finally have a quiet house to finish recording the audio. Now, just hope the Lima, Peru street noise can give me a few hours off. Already proving to be noisiest morning in weeks... not a good start!

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