The call came in early this morning, a potential new client who needed to know the difference between our carpet cleaning process and one that she heard on the radio. She had called both companies in hopes of finding the proper cleaning method for her new carpeting. She was referred to us by one of our clients but she “liked” what she heard on the radio.
The thought of cleaning with just water intrigues everyone, hey how can you get any greener than “no chemicals”? However we questioned what she had been told when she called the company (fortunately this was fresh in her mind), she was told that the pre-treatment or pre-spray was a citrus product. Now, albeit citrus is green it is also a natural solvent, this is what is needed to separate the oils from the fibers. More oils does not mean you need more solvent based pre-spray. She stated that there may also be different types of treatment needed for any major spots or pet issues.
I have never been a fan of let’s say, “Not so accurate marketing” so we asked more questions.
Is the company certified by the IICRC-Institute of Inspection & Cleaning Certification? She did not know.
Is the company involved with any local Trade Associations such as PACR-Professional Association of Cleaning & Restoration? She did not know
Is the company involved with the International Trade Association ICRA-International Cleaning & Restoration Association? She did not know
Where did the company receive their education to properly care for the latest in carpet & upholstery fibers? There was nothing on the web site indicating any education she stated and she did not ask.
Is the company listed by the largest carpet manufacturer Shaw Industries on their Total care website link
Clever marketing may get you to buy in the short round, but when it comes to proper care for cleaning carpeting in Denver or any other market, look for Certified Professionals educated on the latest fibers and construction. Those companies approved by the actual manufacturers with the education, certification, and recognition. Professional carpet cleaning companies involved with trade associations which help to ensure that you are making an educational decision for carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning in Denver Metro.
A professionally certified and educated company will leave no residue in your carpeting. It is a science when it comes to a PH balance. The fibers of your carpeting will tell the professional carpet cleaner which side of the PH scale to clean on but they will always balance that and leave your carpeting in a 7PH or neutral when finished with the care of your flooring. Your carpet, tile, upholstery are investments into your home, make sure you hire those with the knowledge and skills to make them last as long as possible.
Most carpet manufacturers require that you use a certified carpet cleaning company to ensure your carpet warrant stays valid.
A Cleaner Carpet LLC has been a no-residue carpet cleaning company for 18 years and we are here to help you with cleaning and protecting the investments you have made in your flooring for years to come. Call and schedule today 303-791-1870 or email . Visit our website Ask about our referral reward program to earn FREE cleaning.
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