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...waxing eloquent at high volumes...

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IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM please remember to first search this community for the error message you are getting. You will probably find the answer to your problem already posted. If you don't, be sure to include the exact steps you've already taken to try and solve your issue.

I have "Backup to Google cloud" ticked in my settings. Does anyone know where I could "verify" that my settings are truly backed up? I checked Google Drive but it doesn't look like it's there.

It'd be nice to know that my settings are preserved somewhere AND retrievable. :-)

My phone is ready to update to Nougat. I've been running SyncMe v2.08.8931 fine on Android 6.0.1 (Galaxy S7 Edge) syncing to an external SD via the card's /Android/media/ folder.

Has anyone upgraded to Android 7.0 and successfully synced content to their external SD card?

UPDATE 3/10/2017: I upgraded and SyncMe works fine!! Nothing to it.

I just upgraded from Galaxy S5 to S7.  Nandroid Manager Pro worked beautifully on my S5, but now on the S7 it cannot find my TWRP backup on the SD Card.  Anyone else have this issue?  Is this an Android 6.0 thing?

Eventually I will have to update to Marshmallow, but I'm not looking forward to losing this great app! :-|

Does anyone have suggestions for an equivalent/alternative that works with Android 6?

On my Galaxy S7 I'm having trouble getting SyncMe to think that my external SD card is writable.  I keep getting "Device folder is write protected" while creating a new sync folder.

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