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I finally got my tattoo! \o/

I've been debating a tattoo for a long time but never could figure out what I wanted. Maybe a cool tribal Aquarius one. Then I thought the +1 icon would be awesome. But then I decided on the perfect one. So here it is. My #whitespace tattoo inspired by the #NewGooglePlus ! ^_^

Whaddaya guys think? Nailed it, right? It's perfect! The guy did a really good job on it. :)
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Dammit. That'll teach me to read the whole post before clicking on the pic. My phone is dimmed since I'm in bed. I was staring intensely at your pic trying to find the damn thing. LOL.
Haha, I figured some people would do that too Edward :P

The tattoo was really spur of the moment. As soon as I decided that's what I wanted, I got it. Didn't really hurt, luckily :D
Yeah, wasn't gonna go too big, then decided fuck it, let's make it a sleeve. Then I figured why stop there? FULL BODY TATTOO!!
Now the tattoo's actual size of the Google+ white space :D
We'd have to see more to judge if it is indeed a full body tattoo... :-P
Beth C
I hope you won't regret it!
The full-body tattoo would have been more effective if you had shaved all your body hair first... Now, the design is sort of overgrown! #justsayin
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