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Steve Mayne

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Remember the Spirograph 'toy' from way back when?  Remember painstakingly creating a pattern only for a cog to slip when you were nearly done, leaving a pen-trail of doom across your otherwise immaculate art work?  Well now you can relive the good bit without the bad bit all using JavaScript!
A digital replica of the classic Spirograph toy. Written in TypeScript, using D3.js.
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Nice one, hours if fun this will be... 
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Steve Mayne

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It's that time of year again!
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Steve Mayne

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So here I was, a couple of days ago, waiting for a friend of mine to join me for a run around Barcelona.  It occurred to me that I didn't have a good way to tell him where I was in the city.  Sure, I could send him a Google Maps link, but what I really want is a way to send GPS co-ords so that Android's intents system can pick an app on his device and show him the way.  Is there a good way to do this?

We were using WhatsApp to communicate when we were there (there were a large group of us) and again, it would have been a fantastic feature if we could just dump location markers.  We used to use Google Latitude for this, but privacy concerns meant people didn't want "always on" location tracking.
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Smoke signals and carrier pigeons
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Steve Mayne

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500.  That's an error.
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Google really need to work on improving their downtime.  On the Apple Store it actually generates excitement.
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Steve Mayne

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Sculpting in virtual reality. The next frontier in VR will be input devices and haptic feedback.
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Steve Mayne

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Not specific to Apple products by any means, but this beautifully rendered short makes me weep for humanity.
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Steve Mayne

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It's not every day your home gets turned into a filming location for a Disney movie.  But apparently that's what's happening today at Gloucester's Historic Docks!
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Tim Burtons was a tough act to follow!
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Steve Mayne

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Controlled with a classical controller or software?  Awesome either way!
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+quadmovr​ Very cool!
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Steve Mayne

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Live updates from the Rosetta mission from 9am GMT this morning. Attempting to make the first-ever landing on a comet.  Good luck to them!
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Steve Mayne

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Aside from the demonstrated benefits, I assume this was developed as a steady-cam mount?  Those actuators are SO fast!
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Genius! +Jody Read 
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Steve Mayne

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Whimsical fun overlaying classic 2D game characters onto real-world locations:

Video - 2D Games in the Real World

Luckily he didn't use Tetris as one of the games or the first few storeys of the buildings in Manhattan might have been lost. 
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Yes +Danny Ahlers - it's real!  You wouldn't believe how long it took the crew to train 2D Donkey Kong to do that.
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Steve Mayne

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Boing!  Wheeeeee!  Perfect landing.

More shenanigans caught on a dash camera that would otherwise be lost to the world.
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wow. that's awesome
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