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Steve Masters
Digital marketing manager, writer, SEO, webmaster, publisher.
Digital marketing manager, writer, SEO, webmaster, publisher.

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Google to add 'news feed' to website and app -

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These cool tractors make me want to become a wine farmer. On display at the town market in S. Stefano Belbo, Italy.
Piedmont, Italy.
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The joy of stocks: The weird world of stock photos -

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John Oliver is coming back. Hooray. Watch the trailer.

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Thinking of leaving the UK?

The +World First Grass is Greener Index takes a unique look at the myriad of countries in the European Union in search of those where the grass actually is, metaphorically at least, greener than the UK.

Across a range of different factors and using official data and statistics – from average income to life expectancy – we’ve attempted to show those countries where life is, empirically and quantitatively, better than it is in the UK.

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Over the course of Obama's presidency, one basic trend was clear across a variety of economic indicators: After he took office, things got worse before they got better. That's not his fault, of course; President Obama took office in the middle of a devastating recession, and he introduced a stimulus bill that helped pull the country out of its plunge. Since then, many areas of the economy have (slowly but surely) recovered nicely.

Following an existing trend, violence in the U.S. continued to fall off during Obama's presidency. However, there are some hints of trouble. There was a slight uptick in violent crime in 2016, especially in some cities, which may or may not simply be a statistical blip. There has also been a recent uptick in the shooting deaths of police officers, though levels are still lower than they were in the 1990s.

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This book is not for you if you are one of those people who want an instant answer to the question, “How do we rank on page one of Google for our biggest keyword?”

Those people will be disappointed to hear that there is no single answer that applies to all situations.

Neither is this book a technical manual. Note it is not titled Technical SEO – such a book would include more examples of code and detailed explanations of server-side and under-the-bonnet solutions.

+Lee Wilson +Kogan Page

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Now we have Black Friday in the UK. I don’t mind that, but why do we have to run Black Friday deals over two weeks or even longer?

Shoppers spent more than £3.3bn over Black Friday weekend in 2015. That’s great for the retail industry. There’s no reason to call it Black Friday in the UK, though, because it isn’t a public holiday.
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