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"What do you think I am? Some kind of a jerk or something!"
- Navin R. Johnson in The Jerk
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Not sucking up or anything....but that is one of my favorite movies of all time.
You can keep your Harold and Maude and even your In Laws (original version), this is the best ever. I was tremendously saddened when the first VHS copy I bought included a different song during the scene when Navin finds his rhythm than was featured in the theatrical release. I think it's back in more recent versions, though.
Mr. Martin If your out there and I know you are. Could you please post, you singing I'm picking out a thermos for you. It's one of my favorite songs.
I saw this movie a few weeks ago via Netflix. :)
My Family to this day will say " I dont need anything,..... cept___
Have a great weekend Steve.
How about joining Linkedin?
I think it is time for BOWFINGER to make another movie. Can't rest on his laurels just because his pants is down by his ankles!
I liked you in the big year and pink panther
Me and my friend love you in Cheaper by the dozen 1 and 2, Pink Panther 1 and 2, and I think your best movie is Roxanne
I made my 2 sons watch the Jerk and they laughed off their seats (they are imbalanced like me) - it still holds up well after all these years - thanks for making me laugh while growing up (and now still)!!!
"The only thing I need is my faithful dog, Shithead."

Lovin it!!! Thx for the awesomeness, Mr. Martin.
What do mean i think you are a jerk
you can judge ...........!
CLASSIC movie!! I can STILL quote lines from that movie.
Steve Martin is a great actor and musician!
One of the greatest piece of cinema ever to grace the silver screen.
People still go to old theaters and mouth every word of this classic movie to their children, and their cats.
Oh I'm picking out a thermos for you. Not an ordinary thermos for you, but extra best thermos you can buy with vinyl and stripes, and a cup built right in. I'm picking out a thermos for you and maybe a barometer too.  And what else can i buy  so on me you'll rely a rear end thermometer too!
Hey, Totally off the subject.....  Was Bob Kerry at your wedding?  I saw it on Wikipedia and was curious.
I just had to watch this again after many years.  One of a handful of comedies that has aged well.  You and Bernadette on the beach is the best.
ANAMAGWAW!  Sit n' bull room, pow wow 101!
...and this fun game.
Yes! Steve is very not Martin, am not actor , am not director , am not a man like a you know me..Scott ? lol  ;-))))
I always identified with Navin R. Johnson, mostly because I, too, get all excited over new phone books. How can you not?!
i wood like to buy a dambuger
Not a jerk, just a dirty rotten scoundrel. 
Looks like me at the morning..
How did you not get an Oscar for that?  In college I tried to go as Navin for Halloween, but somehow it became Robert Smith of the Cure.
where the phone book.... Thats all i need...
my mom thimks you are very funny expectially in bringing down the house
hi..i think u r very very funny n make me laughing
This movie was a complete comedic masterpiece right from the very first line, "I was born a poor black child."
You have the chair in your hand in the morning
Hey Steve! You have 85k followers! How about a new post here? We're beginning to thikn you doan likus!  :>)
Yeah, what he said. You know it is all about us. Jeesh.
...all i need is this chair...and that's all i need...
One of my favorite movies.  Especially "all I need is this . . ." and the difference between shit and Shinola. ❤
well Ruprecht was a jerk too :)) I like him very much
No matter what else you learn from life, learn from Navin's experience and try to learn how to buy a really good thermos. Because really, that's all you need. That and maybe a belt if you have those pants that fall down a lot.
If you're ever in Fort Worth, Texas, give me a shout. I'll take you to some of my favorite craft beer pubs.
Hey post more stuff please!!!!!! 🙏👋
I remember days like that.. I need this, and this and oh I need this.. 
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