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Well, I'm trying to open an account at PureVPN due to this whole CISPA passing situation.
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I have one from that I found in here. Dear god. What have you done, America?
There's still a slim chance it can get killed in the senate, but I'm not holding my breath. I need to get the f outta here.
The Senate won't kill it. It's the worst legislation ever.
They're all paid off by special interests. What happened to the will of the people...the real kind, not the virtual corporate person type. Grrrrrr...
It doesn't matter if the CISPA doesn't get through, it will re-invent itself and come out as something new (same agenda)...its not going to stop till something similar that the Gvment can control the civilians...sorry guys, but the US is one place I wouldn't want to be living at the moment and future...gone are the old days...and one of the main reasons I don't like the way the Aussie government "sucks up to" the US administration...(sorry this stuck record will end soon)
I agree with you. It's time that Australia moved onto a different path than America.
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