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Steve M. Potter, PhD
AI Consultant and Neuroengineer
AI Consultant and Neuroengineer

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Congratulations to my former grad student, Nathan Killian (Now at Mass General in John Pezaris' lab), who just published his work (with Jelena Vukasinovic, Varad Vernekar and me) on how to keep brain slices alive on MEAs so you can interface them to computers and image them under the microscope. See the open article at Frontiers,

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I was interviewed about my lab's research and the future of AI by Jurgen Vollrath at the ET Counsel podcast:

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I will be in Atlanta for a week starting Feb 27th to give a talk for my department on Leap Day about Real-world Teaching and Learning:

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Our Optoclamp paper in eLife was picked up by R&D Daily.
This is our open-source test bed for studying brain circuits in closed-loop fashion using light-sensitive ion channels and pumps (optogenetics).
Our free publication:

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Nice review of my DIY Neuroscience workshop at Forma Labs biohacker space in Cork, Ireland.

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Looking forward to Dublin Maker fair this weekend! I will be presenting "How to hack your brain with light"!

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Interview by Katja Grace [] about the overlap of neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence 

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Our Optoclamp paper is out in eLIFE today! Open Access!
Thanks to Jon Newman, for creating the hardware and software needed to clamp neural activity to a desired value using optogenetics and LED light. Thanks to Ming-fai Fong for super experimental work applying the Optoclamp to cortical networks in vitro, and to Garrett Stanley, Daniel Millard, and Clarissa Whitmire for helping us prove it also works in live animals. 

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New post to my NeuroEngineering the Future blog: "Better Minds: Cognitive Enhancement in the 21st Century"
My article is about how neuroengineering will fundamentally change human nature, in the near future (hopefully for the better!)  
This is chapter 17 in the book (electronically reprinted with permission)
Part 2: Theory. 
Edited and curated by Dmitry Bulatov
560 pp. with 293 b/w ill, Kaliningrad: BB NCCA, 2 0 1 3
ISBN 978-5-94620-073-8
Here is a link to the book's web page including a short video about this interesting book:

If you wish to cite my chapter, this is the correct format:

Potter, S. M. (2013). Better Minds: Cognitive Enhancement in the 21st Century. In D. Bulatov (Ed.), Evolution Haute Couture: Art and Science in the Post-biological age, Part 2 - Theory (pp. 304-319). Kalingrad: National Center for Contemporary Arts. 
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