Sorry to return to this thorny old chestnut, but... it's driving me INSANE.

Nexus 6P, very latest Android 7.1.1, latest everything.

I start listening to Pocket Casts and pause playback.

I use the phone for a few things during the morning - Twitter, G+, Photos, YouTube, nothing too outrageous. This phone is stock Android and has 3GB RAM, so Pocket Casts will still be in memory and ready to roll surely?


The playback control disappears from the notifications shade and when I tap on the Pocket Casts icon the app has to launch from scratch.

It's really not good enough and has me eyeing up phones like the London, ancient and still on Android 5, where Pocket Casts can stay in RAM for days, even weeks. And that's with 2GB RAM.

Someone - anyone - please put me out of my misery with a solution!

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