Let there be light!

My dad's house is forever blowing light bulbs, he's insisted on old incandescent for ages and thus has to suffer the 'blows' (and subsequent crawls under the stairs to reset the RCD, not easy for an 82 year old!!)

However, we're transitioning him over to LED now, at last. His concern about modern bulbs is that they take a while to warm up to full brightness and that they're limited in brightness to 100W equivalent.

However, I found these for him:

Labelled 'Super Bright', they certainly are, brighter to my eyes than 100W incandescent, especially the 6500K (ultra-white) one, which we've used in his kitchen. The 3000K ('warmer') one is in his hall and also working well.

We've now ordered a load more and will be replacing most around the house over the next year.

They come 'on' at full brightness immediately, should last his lifetime, and if they ever fail then they won't blow the rest of the circuit/house.

Expensive at £10-£12 each, but will make a big difference to my dad's life. Pensioners expect full light when they flick the switch and traditional energy saving bulbs just take too long. These 'work'! 8-)

PS. Note that these are also dimmer-friendly, apparently.
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