Having a sort out of my man bag and have been impressed yet again by http://allaboutwindowsphone.com/reviews/item/23229_ZAGG_Flex_Universal_Keyboard.php - it's hands down my favourite Bluetooth keyboard of the last decade.

And is definitely Whatever Works. It can be paired with two things at once, so you can switch between an iPad and phone at will, which is quite smart.

Best thing is the design, with no moving parts to break (other than the keys!), unlike many other Bluetooth keyboards, the plush soft touch materials, the use of magnets to keep the 'stand' bit at the right angle.

In essence, it turns any large screened phone or tablet into a laptop, which is pretty cool. I use it almost every week at some point - usually in the car while waiting for family.

It's pricey at £70 though and THERE'S NO AMAZON LINK YET! Come on ZAGG, sort this out!

I'd go through some of the other things in my gadget bag, but there's rather a lot and I know tech isn't central to WW, so I'll get my coat!.... 8-)
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