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1,000,000 users!

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Awesome! Congrats on reaching such an awesome milestone!
I also was wondering, are that active installs?
Congrats guys. I can honestly say I have been on a CM ROM whenever possible since the first android phone i owned, the MyTouch3G. You have made SO many innovations come to life for our phones, I would like to thank you personally, and hope that others do also.
Congrats! There wail be a day where the famous "android activations per day" will be counted as "cyanogenmod activations per day"...
You can do it real!
Wow! I'm just one of them, right now I installed the CM9 for my Samsung galaxy S II, I9100, and it's amazing!
sadly I am not one of them :( waiting for the real deal release of CM9 before I load up CM on my Nexus(plural) lol. I still find it odd that Nexus is singular and plural at the same time...
Congrats! First thing I do when I get a new phone is throw some CM on it. (Well, or wait for it to become available. Hahaha)
+Reginald Bowie you could break the rules a little and mark the plural with an apostrophe... Nexus'

then it appears the same, but at least can convey the message....
Levy S.
Cool. CM is the best ROM, since it is really open.
+Michael Hess I thought the same initially, but that ' is hard to see sometimes. Also congrats to the CM team. I await the full CM release :)
Lee M
+Reginald Bowie Clarification: (a) 'Nexus' is plural because it refers to multiple connections. whereas, two things which bare the name 'nexus' would be properly referred to as 'nexuses'. One fishing net would be a nexus of ropes. Two fishing nets would be two separate nexuses of rope.Of course, none of this works in the original Latin.
the more devices CM supports, the more users you will get :) are unofficial ports mentioned too?
Congratulations for your efforts and team! An amazing project.
Congrats to you and all the team, Steve. Fantastic job. By the way, CyanogenMod's blog doesn't work properly: "Older entries" goes to a non existent page ( Sorry for the oftopic, didn't know where to properly comment this, there's no contact info on the blog :(
Congrats, and thank you very much!
Maybe it's time to get off my ass and donate.
FYI everyone, the correct plural of octopus is octopuses. So Nexuses should be fine! Just ask National Geographic.
Just think... If everyone donated 1 dollar... the CM team would have a million dollars! lol
Nadim M
I flashed last night. Must be me.
Congradulations. You have done great things not only for the users, but also for android at large. Big props and thanks from everyone here in PR.
Mat Q
Congratulations. Keep up the great work.
congrats...u deserve 100 Million users for the awesome work u r doing...keep it up...
Grats you all do an amazing job
Whoot!! When will new phones have the option of being ready for custom ROMs?
Congrats Steve that is a HUGE milestone for CM!!!!
Still not rolled out for my device .. I'm thinking it'll be faster for me to upgrade.. that's no reflection on the team, I have an unusual phone ..
I'll be trying out the mod on my N1 for the first time soon. I'll probably regret never doing it before, once I have it running. haha. Good seeing everyone at the BBQ. Too bad N1 isnt getting ICS. Thats really the only reason i'll be modding, just to get some ICS features.
1,000,001 when CM9 comes stable to the Galaxy Nexus.
Awesome achievement! Now just delete touchwiz and go all in on CM9 and Samsung customers will be ecstatic.
Can you imagine how many more that will be once cm9 drops?
That's awesome! My first venture into CM was on the MT3G back when +Steve Kondik, +Prash D and everyone else still hung out together on #cyanogenmod
Congratulations Steve, Thank you for keeping android relevant throughout the years no matter what device you may have! Kudos!
Parabens pelo excelente trabalho, steve e equipe do cyanogen!
Oh man, in the same day that I switch back to MIUI? I feel like a douche.
I'm one of that numbers since htc magic..
Congratulations to the best-est and most innovative open source #Android ROM and to every single one of +CyanogenMod team members.
Excellent work! I remember those G1 days.
EXpecting you guys at Google...Gr8 work
As someone who has followed you since some of your earliest endeavors into Android, I send you a heartfelt congratulations for everything you've done not only for yourself, but an incredibly grateful community.

Cheers mate, tonight I'll raise a toast to you!

I‘bet the real number is much more than this,like miui etc.
Will add one more device once the HTC Doubleshot is official!
and how many users with multiple devices ? do you have metrics on #'s of devices curently running cm ? ..... i have 4
My Galaxy W is just waiting for Arco's port :)
Galaxy W becoming an officially supported device for CM9 would be great. :D
+Pablo Unia The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is under p4wifi and is currently in a build-able state. Grab Pershoot's kernel and you're good to go. Note: Camera doesn't work currently and is a touch laggy.
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