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This was an awesome, and incredibly challenging project given the crazy timeline we were on. Myself and a bunch of other guys have not slept for over a month now. I'll do a longer post about what all went into making this happen later. 

This will be a limited-run device, so get in there and get yourself a CM N1 for Christmas :)
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Congratulations, +Steve Kondik. Good to see that all of your hard work is paying off. But please, make sure you get some sleep, I'm sure there are more wild times ahead.
Now we need to mod the stock CM
Where's the buy link? The address just takes me to the Oppo page, not a specific product page.
Holding out for one with IR, really goes well with a chromecast ><  Congrats though this is huge!
Ed Fong
Don't like the camera at all.
There's no way to order the CyanogenMod edition from the link.
Damn give the guys a break. Its a first edition. It can't suit everyone's needs, no phone on the market possibly can. Relax and know that better editions are sure to come if the project is successful. 
Get rid of the weird camera, stock CM and on screen buttons... and I might consider it over a much cheaper Nexus.
This is AWESOME! Congratulations for such an Awesome Project!!! 
+Brian Beam Impossible to please everyone :) This phone really grew on me though. It is a big device, but it actually is pocketable just like a Galaxy Note surprisingly is.
It looks like a niche market phone. The original N1 version was meant for the chinese market. I guess to compete with Galaxy Note. In the US is going to suffer because of two things: NO LTE and NO Carrier Subsidies.
The price is high for 3G only.
The 13MP camera looks decent, but is not the MEMS camera. Sometimes is not good to rush. A company usually gets one chance to make a good impresion.
Demaciado bueno... esto es resultado de un gran trabajo... de un gran equipo... felicidades y esperemos que este sea el primero de millones más... te felicito a ti +Steve Kondik y tu equipo de +CyanogenMod.... Yo quiero Uno    buaaaaaaaaaaaa :'(
+Dai Matsuo We wanted to do this because it is a niche market device. It has a lot of unique hardware that we had to write drivers for, and more importantly we got thru the CDD process with Google. We did not have any input into the hardware, but The next device will be more " traditional".
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