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Working on merging upstream 2.3.5 release into CM!
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Great news! Keep up the good work :)
I wonder what changes it brings?
Heard a rumor that there was a build for the Fascinate that was getting merged in; was that just a nasty rumor, or is that coming?
From the sounds of it it's mostly NFC/4G stuff. Doesn't bode well for my UK Desire/Bravo...
i didnt know there is an android 2.3.5....

i thought 2.3.4 was the latest
I know 3.1 is only Tablet but are they going to un-fork their builds to get both tablets and phones on the same anytime soon?
Adam S
+Jason Gurd that'll happen with Ice Cream Sandwich, supposedly sometime in Q4 this year.
ICS (Ice-Cream Sandwich) will unify 2.3.x and 3.x, +Jason Gurd. Rumor is it will be 4.0, but I have no idea on the version number.

+sven dawitz, I doubt 3.x will drop before ICS. Google doesn't want 3.x showing up on phones, so they'll hold 3.x back until it isn't attractive any more.
Adam S
Also I read it was mostly 4G fixes for the Nexus S 4G :)
Knew they talked about it but not a lot of chatter from that camp
Ah, I didn't see that there was another version number out there for ICS (last I heard it was 4.x for ICS). Who knows, then, lol.
One close step towards getting our sandwich! Thanks
Cool Steve,CM7 rock my SGS2.Good Job at all from CM7,thanks for the wonderfull ROM
No. It doesn't and it won't, Google announced that in March. There will be no AOSP drop for 3.x
I thought their announcement was they were not ready to release it yet, not that they were never going to release it.
+sven dawitz 3.2 is already out as an update to the original 3.0 HC. Its only Xoom Wifi right now. I'm thinking this unified version will be the 4.0 release.
+Rich Tyndall , I was just about to say the same thing. you beat me to it. +Philip Stinger , parts of Honeycomb have to be open sourced because they are under the GPL. These parts are already open source but are not particularly useful without the rest of. The rest is under the Apache License, I believe, which means that it does not have be open sourced.
+Samuel Maskell, so what portions are Apache and what are GPL? I take it the pieces that everyone is drooling over, the GUI, is the Apache piece (much like Sense, Touchwiz, Blur, etc.), yes?
webkit, bluez, kernel, dosfsck, and little else. Anything current tagged as 3.x at AOSP is GPL.
Thanks! and give more love to vision please :P
Yess! Knew there wasn't a nightly for my G2 for a good reason.
That's perfect - my N1 is looking forward to it! Great work :-)
I hope the random reboots will disappear with 2.3.5... Otherwise I love the features of CM!
No random Reboots here on cm7 latest nightly on Inspire 4G
That's some good news, 2.3.5 getting merge soon.

Wishing there's CM ROM for my Asus TF tablet
Thanks sven dawitz, even better news.
AC Loh
Hope next nightly will be 2.3.5
Wow...wish you guys give some love to optimus black\ white... really now..still use my nexus s just for CM.
besides the NFC, what is the major update from 2.3.4 to 2.3.5??
It would be GREAT to have 720p back again for Nexus One. =)
cant wait keep up the great work cant wait to have it on my phone
Google and OHA made Android. Steve and the rest of the team made it great. I will cry the day you retire from development, Cyanogen... but I feel like CyanogenMod will never die.
Congrats, I just read the Breaking story on! Wow I never met you, but I feel like someone I know that made it big! Don't forget us! I hope Samsung understands who they added to there team!
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