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CM just crossed the 10 million user mark! So awesome.
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First 10 million down. Another 10 million to go in 2014. Good luck Steve and company.
Hi steve :) within the great funding process you should develop a better camera app :)
Great work 👌
That probably mut be the downloaded one´s.
But I´m wrong ( I hope to) That is agreat archievement....
Fuckin well done mate. Seriously impressive.
+Max Berr Working on it :)  In the meantime, I'm about to push a big update that brings most of the 10.2 features to 11 so that will be in tonights build.
Glad to be part of the movement. You guys keep my nexus 4 blazing fast and stable thanks for everything !! 
Mark B
Nice I've had CM for 4 of my devices
It was me. Flash my Nexus 5 with CM today. So since I broke the 10 million mark for you guys what's my prize? A free Oppo N1 CM special edition?!?!? Just kidding BTW lol :-)
+Steve Kondik whats the status of your project with the manufacturers of oppo the new oppo n1 running on cyanogen mod?
Congratulations, and I guess in about a week or two I'll dare upgrade my Galaxy S to CM11 nightlies :)
I'm contributing to that number
+Jeff McLean Google has the right to dictate to OEMs what she wants....OEMs like have become unpredentedly popular bcos of android os
+Artem Russakovskii I believe it's daily but I don't completely remember. It's often enough to not significantly skew the data. 

It is more often than every 90 days now. I guess that text is just outdated. 
+danjuma kolo the locking down of someone's phone by either the OEM or the carrier goes against what Android is at its core, Open Source. CM just gives the people who choose to use it their freedom to dictate what's available to them. 
Congrats on hitting 10 million +Steve Kondik!  I am looking forward to the build tonight with the 10.2 features brought forward!  I put my GNex (toroplus) on Ting yesterday and have been using it with the latest CM11 build.
+Keyan Mobli How often data is pruned has nothing to do with the 90-day figure though - they're different things really. 90 days describes the definition of an active user. How often data gets pruned defines freshness.
Congratulations! You guys are amazing.
+Keyan Mobli nah way... let's screen shot the number now and marvel about how a few thousand new l3 users appear out of thin air in a month
10Mil !!!! WooHoo! I guess that's 9Mil more than WinPh8 😅 J/K
Just to clarify - is this data simply collected from those who opt-in to stats reporting? Is there any more to this process that I might be missing? Does that also count unofficial builds, other kangs and hybrid ROMs if they include the opt-in stats feature? 
Great job to the guys of cm for their great roms. I've been using cm ever since cm 7. Wouldn't have any other way that cyanogenmod.
+Steve Kondik this wouldn't be active users would it? More like active installs, right? I installed CM on 4 devices in my house, so that would show as 4 users per CMStats right? But that wouldn't be accurate if that is true....
+Keyan Mobli with132k active and unique users of a 3 year old arm11 galaxy5 it sure seems that way. 
+Matt Plural I can't speak for the breakdown into devices or versions. I can only speak about the total number of users.

+Jeremy Meiss if the device is on an connected to the internet, it is being included. If the devices haven't been turned on in 90 days, then they would have been pruned.
What happens when a user wipes data between builds - is that user ever mistakenly counted twice, like the way Google does in counting devices authorized to run Play Music? 
+Jeff McIntire devices active within past 90 days. So unless you are wiping more often than that, its pretty accurate
+Keyan Mobli then that wouldn't be active users, but active devices. And that is a very different number. Plus a lot of people wipe before an install so I would say these numbers should be taken with a gain of salt.

That being said, a significant milestone for the community
+Zac Valentine actually, 90 days is a long time in Android years (😋) - I might wipe data as many as 3 times in that period. It's only about 180 days between new versions of Android itself. 
+Jeff McIntire that is an accurate statement, especially if you have CM, then flash to stock to check a new update from the OEM, then flash a new WinZip ROM to check it out then back to CM. And that could be in just one month. Therefore based on their stats you would account for 2 users when that is not accurate at all. Now if they collect some other identifier for your device that is another thing, but then again they keep saying users when that is not accurate.
+Jeremy Meiss it used to be per device, regardless of wipes, buy users didn't like having a hash of their imei in the cloud I guess. 
+Keyan Mobli right. So how again is this a real number and how are you able to claim 10mil? As +Jeff McIntire said, transparency is important here. By your own admission this is not 10 million users, but installs which is still suspect since in theory it could report the same device multiple times in 90 days, especially as stated that many users wipe due to testing or trying to resolve issues with their device after flashing (which are actual troubleshooting steps given out by CM devs over the years).
+Jeremy Meiss brings up a good point that comes up every time a claim about users is put forth. If I have 10 devices running CM, I'm one user that counts as 10 in those stats.

It's more accurate to say active installs or active devices. 
+Jeremy Meiss The reinstalls is what we'd have to call a margin of error. I wonder how high it is. Probably not more than a couple percent. 
+Artem Russakovskii right, though even that can be problematic because of potential multiple installs over a 90 day period on one device. But it is more accurate.

Stats of course in this case are hard to be accurate, but saying it as users, especially when you are now a corporation and selling your plan to investors, is plain wrong and highly inaccurate
+Artem Russakovskii even then, if a user wipes data and is counted twice, it's really only one active install, as the other install was wiped into oblivion. EDIT: arrrrrgh - ninja'd 😋
5 more new and unique galaxy 5 owners decided to install cyanogenmod in the past 54 minutes.
Great number. Is the best ROM ever & ever. Congratularions for you job
+Jeremy Meiss I'd love to provide absolutely accurate up to the second stats, but last time I went near that code to improve it, the entire internet said CM was malware, called me Hitler, and tried to kick my ass. Because of that, we switched to the Android id rather than hashed IMEI/MAC, which decreased accuracy for the sake of privacy. The theory was that over a long timeline it would smooth itself out. There is a big window of uncertainty, there is an opt-out, and there is churn. Half of these builds are unofficial versions. I think the more interesting number is the daily new user count, which has been rising steadily.

Now apparently you want to fight over accuracy this time. Good luck with that.

That said, this whole system is due for an overhaul soon.
+Steve Kondik not sure I understand your statement about fighting. You are correct that privacy ended up being the end game with regard to stats and that is always where it should lie in this day and age. My concern here is that you continue to say "users" instead of calling it what it actually is.

I personally love the fact that CM has grown and continues to do so because it beings to light the need for more alternatives in the Android space, and that the OEM's need to take notice.
I use CM on my Galaxy S1 and S2 . But stock on my newer devices
sal c
Be great to run cyanogenmod when it hits the gsm/cdma note 3 :)
Uh - 10,000,000 - That's about the same number of Galaxy Note 3s That have been sold - Possibilities are endless 🐧
Congrats guys! So very proud of all of your hard work. Em and I love you!
Congrats! Great fan here. My Note 3 (N9005) really really wants to be the in the next 10 million! :-) 
Add my note 2 to the next 10million & i want to put it in my HTC One Max once you guys support it 
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