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CM9 on I717 is fraking sweet :)
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Looking forward to it on my HTC One X :)
The first rule of CyanogenMod is that you don't ask for an ETA ;-)
CM9 nightlies for the Sensation 4G are now on line, and I dropped it on mine last night. Incredible. Fast and solid, and no more Sense UI. Been waiting for this...
Is there any nightly we can download for the I717? I mean, you said it's sweet but where can we find it? lol
Any chance for official Asus slider support? It works well enough just from a transformer build and a few extra files but it would be cool to see some platform specific features. As always keep up the amazing work.
Good Morning! (OK well a little more specifics would make it a great morning, but this is what I have been waiting for!) Thanks!
Cool... another phone added to the list.
Waiting for Galaxy Tab 7.7
Hey i have a question about the theme engine. Will it be updated to support tablets? Is that something you guys are looking into?
The theme engine supports tablets. The themes, however, may not.
well, I have no hope for cm9, but here's to cm10 nightlies being on i917 eventually
This makes me happy to read, if nothing else it's as close as we're going to get to confirmation that official CM9 for the i717 will actually happen.
+boris iomdin The Jokersax builds for the Atrix are pretty darned good, I'm sure that "official" CM9 for the Atrix will be along once we get to the RC stage, I'm also sure they will be nearly identical to the Jokersax builds.
I would be happy to just get the CM7 for the Droid Charge. Their are still many people using that phone and the recent official upgrade made it on par with the other Droid phones. The horrible lag is gone and its very much better now. Please any developers work on this. Someone on the Tweaked 2 rom thread on XDA said they had an extra phone to give away to a developer.
+Steve Kondik Did you get the I717 because of it being easier to develop for (i.e more documentation available, driver support, platform, etc) when compared to the N7000, or simply because you needed to get ATT's LTE? :P

Oh and btw, Does the NFC chip work on CM9?
I cannot wait to give it a spin!! You Rock!!
it must be in the process, "No build is public yet, keep tight. "
Just after looking at your post, I bought an at&t Note :) Can't wait to try CM9 out!
There's an unofficial cm9 rom for the att note on xda. I'm running it right now and it's great. The only issue I've encountered is the camera preview has artifacts but the camera takes pictures fine
Hi Steve, rocking CM9 on my Galaxy Tab 10.1....and it's smooth. One question though...I'm running nightly of course (duh), do I have to clear all the data to load the next nightly? TIA.
+Tim Oster In general you do not need to clear, but its a nightly build so you never know what you might get!
I wish they'd hurry the heck up and release ICS 4.0 on the I717 in Canada. >.>
I would love to hear a comment about wether or not the development on CM9 for p990 will continue (after the tegra2 drivers are available now).
I have to testify, CM9 on the i717 is the shiznit indeed, I love it.
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