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On the Galaxy S4

I got to spend some quality time with the S4 (final hardware) before I left Samsung. I'm a huge fan of the S3 and use one everyday, so I was quite pleased with the S4. Yeah, there is no refresh of the industrial design other than a few minor things such as the edging, but the device actually feels quite a bit more solid than the S3. Specwise, this device blows the competition out of the water. There are a number of unique features that have a lot of potential (assuming Samsung is opening up an API for them) such as the touchscreen which can register "hover" events, and an IR blaster. Benchmarks put this device FAR above the competition (40K on Quadrant CPU) and there should be no reason why it won't run your favorite apps flawlessly. GPS seems to work better than any other Samsung device, with a lock being acquired instantly in almost any condition. The camera is excellent as well, both front and back.

TouchWiz has become a bit more consistent with the latest upgrade. There are no more jarring mismatches in different parts of the OS, and it's been lightened up a bit and has a clean "flat" feel. Unfortunately, it feels like it has been sent a few years back in time to the Froyo days. Say goodbye to all of the nice touch-friendly ViewPagers and say hello again to a fully tabbed UI. You'll also enjoy the seemingly endless onslaught of popup windows and modal "Loading..." dialogs. UI performance is average. It's better and worse at the same time, depending on your viewpoint I suppose.

On the features side, it's absolutely loaded with stuff. Some of the new features are very useful like the "hover" preview where you can just point at an email message without touching the screen and it shows a preview of the message. The multi-window feature is present here, and is nice to have around when you need it. The camera app has seen some significant upgrades too, with live previews of the postprocessing effects and a new UI. My least favorite new feature is "Smart Scroll" which is supposed to scroll based on face detection + tilt, but it mostly serves to anger me into disabling it.

The Samsung Hubs are featured front-and-center, and seem to signify independence from the rest of the Android ecosystem. Play is still far more functional, but its a strong effort and I have no doubt that Samsung will keep improving here.

It's a solid device and a clear choice if you are upgrading from the GS2. You'll feel right at home if you have a GS3 currently, but upgrading is probably less urgent (especially if you're on contract).

I'll probably be picking up the T-Mobile variant when they hit the shelves, assuming they don't lock the bootloaders or something silly and self-defeating like that. Since it's powered by Snapdragon, CM should work wonderfully on it :)

Edit: I'll do a comparison vs. the new HTC One as soon as I get my hands on one, it looks pretty solid too.
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Wait, wait, wait. You left Samsung? What happened? Where are you moving on to?
+Kit Kelly I'm just talking about raw performance. There should be enough to run nearly anything on the 1080p display.

+Artem Russakovskii Yeah, but not because of anything in particular. Samsung was great. Just decided to do something new.. Ask me in a couple of months :)

+Ben Matthews 4 cores
can you disable the "hover" feature?
+Steve Kondik Thanks. Would you do an interview about your time and contributions at Samsung? The stuff you can talk about - no secrets, of course. People would love this.
Was it worthed to switch from S3, or it's practically the same?
+Barry Cantrell I think the S4 has a slightly beefier battery, not completely sure though. It seemed about the same.
I had looked at Xperia Z and was having a hard time deciding between these 2. But i think after sales could be better for Samsung and not to mention 3rd party accessories.
This sounds like the hardware is awesome but again the software is the problem and lowers the user experience. Also it makes not much sense to buy it and flash a custom rom because there is no API to use the feature like smart scroll or hover.
+Steve Kondik other than complete praise for the device, what are bad points of this handset? you also say that it blows the comp out with its spec, but most smartphones have similar spec, so what specs arw you reffering to? 
I didnt try it yet but i think it will be better than my s3 and about the design i think it so charming 
Steve Kondik
+Peter Hayduk Those are software features, a custom ROM replaces the software entirely so saying that there is no API doesn't make sense. We should be able to take advantage of the new touchscreen features without too much difficulty- Android already supports all this stuff, the S4 just happens to have some new advanced hardware.
david G
@Steve hey your the creator of the cyanogen mod right?
That's shocking to hear, i hope to see you with Google someday ;)
+Steve Kondik I've been following your work since 2009 and remember the announcement that you were heading to Samsung and everyone postulated that this might be the end of CyanogenMOD but how wrong they were.  Now that your a free man again, I can only assume that CM will have even better things to offer.  In any case, I wish you well sir and pitty Sammy's loss.
A fully tabbed UI? What is this, 2010? Yeah its a pain working with fragments sometimes, but that is lame.
In disappointed by the galaxy s4 and will now pick up the sony Xperia z which is basically stock jellybean, waterproof, better build quality and it's a Sony what more do you want.
At least Sony dev relation is epic. At least they're giving full (even kernel) sources. And you gotta admit, the Xperia Z is a sexy bitch!
+Steve Kondik is it so easy to access the sensors that are needed to realize this features? I thought it would be difficult without open source drivers or a full specification. Is the hardware so similar to the one of the nexus line?
here is my opinion on high end phones:
There are no apps in the play store which will make full use of the hardware it's way too high.So when you buy one you need not buy another for atleast 2 years.
btw S4 is very nice love it but i will go with s3 as my next phone of choice hope the price goes down.
Unfortunately the octa-core version is exynos, which is most likely going to be in the UK. Maybe someone will maintain it for cm but it doesn't look likely. I think come upgrade time (next year!) I'll probably be looking for something other than Samsung. My wants will be the best hardware that is also most likely to get CM support. I tried the leaked 4.2 firmware for the i9300 so I had a little taste of some new features a la touchwizz but after a few days it left a bad taste in my mouth and I was hankering for CM again. Thanks for an informative run down!
Steve Kondik kick back and just enjoy ur brake 
Does anyone know when the Galaxy One Note 3 hit the shelves?
Plus Google will more likely announce a new Nexus device at Google I/O '13 so it's really kinda pointless to go for the S4.
There's never a need, it's always a want, unless the phone starts to lag badly on the newest OS and wouldn't run most apps properly.
Does S4 use pentile display?
Hi +Steve Kondik sorry you left samsung would just be interested in knowing if your contribution changed or guide samsung in another direction ????? Having seen some of the teamhacksung guys saying that samsung wasnt playing fair with devolpers would like your opinion ?? Thx for all your hard work anyway
My biggest concern is the lack of viewpager in various apps/screens such as the device settings or contacts app, Samsung for some reason insists on keeping doing that.

My other big disappointment is that it still has a hardware menu button, this needs to die sooner or later
Nice review. Not sure if moving from a Note II to the GS4 is worth the upgrade but definitely will add it to my list of potential summer devices. Wanna see what this Xphone is all about
Thanks for this Steve and good luck to you! Samsung will miss ya!
The GS4 review that says it all! 
Thanks for the quick review especially about "Unfortunately, it feels like it had been sent a few years back in time to the Froyo days". I thought it's only me who finds the UI is horrible. I really want to flash custom ROM on my Note 2 because of that. The only thing that holds me back is the SPen functionality. Would be perfect if Samsung follows the cleaner and elegant design of JellyBean.
What is the best purist, the unlock nexus 7? or the xperia Z? How much do these babies cost and who's the best prepay carrier?
Cu Lu
Thx Steve for all informations about GS4.. I cant wait to upgrade from GS2 to that GS4 ..until this AUGUST :( .. They might have Galaxy Note 3 by then ...:) 
I'm tempted by this phone but my s2 is still kicking ass with Omega custom ROM, ADW launcher and other little tweaks. I guess I have a month to decide...
Hey anyone of know whatss the price of S4?????
To the battery life question: The GS2 has 1800 mAh (#mili amp hour) battery, the GS3 has a 2100 mAh battery, and the new GS4 has a class leading 2600 mAh battery. Samsung just keeps getting better, I can hardly wait to get mine! GS2 OWNER GOT IT A MONTH BEFORE THE S3 CAME OUT, SUCKS TO BE ME LOL
xperia Z outstands. s4 looks* the same as s3(*only looks) may be a v0.1 of s3. i'll choose xperia Z 'coz it something.
Xperia Z is average... Far better of saving money and getting a nexus 4
Nadim M
Touchwhiz is holding Samsung back from complete dominance. 
+Nadim Mahomed no its not actually. With all its gimmicky features the average consumer will want the touchwiz device. 
Nadim M
+Sahil Chauhan Agreed, S-crap marketing brought Samsung to the top.... but that doesn't stop Samsung from improving touchwhiz and bringing it closer to stock. 
The octa-core isn't coming to the UK +Pete Best or so I hear ... Think its the snapdragon 600.
Yes all the reviews including +Marques Brownlee 's review says the Xperia Z is a mixed bag...awesome on somethings but ball dropped on  others (like screen viewing angles) ...
Hi Steve! Good luck on you future endeavor. Hope to hear about it soon.
Samsung really created something extraordinary, but it is not worth anyone to spend money buying. In fact, I got the new HTC One rather than GS IV just because of improved and wondrous hardware and less disturbing software.
Hi, would You recommend the Snapdragon S600 or the Exynos 5410 version? Tnx :)
+Steve Kondik nice little "p"review of the S4 and let us all hope for an unlocked or unlockable bootloader and less crapped Software.
For you personally I wish you lots of quality time with your wife and little bugger who can surely not get enough attention atm.

have fun and lots of success at whatever you are doing next.

I love my sph-710 s3. And can only imagine hardware wise that it is improved as Steve said it was... Roms and kernels don't bother me much since mine was rooted and touch wiz was gone the first 3 hours I owned the phone. Lol. I will be doing the same with an s4 if I get my hands on one. 
I wonder how long until some unknown "blog" takes this review and runs with it? Regardless, +Steve Kondik good luck on your future endeavors. 
Am heading directly to Galaxy S4! But I love my Note 2
Interesting hints of Sammie creating their own ecosystem, like would be needed to make a clean break from Google. Is Tizen Korean for "regain independence" or something, anyone know?  ;-)
I have to admit I'm not a person that roots my phone.  I've always been a Stock Android lover.  I've even written about the benefits.  However the one thing that has always intrigued me is CM.  When I found out that you went to Samsung I knew it would lead to a best selling phone.  I am praying that you end up at Google or the +Lior Ron was smart enough to pick you up to work on the X Phone 2.  Keep me abreast of where you land.
I have a galaxy nexus ........should I go with the s4 or wait for a new nexus phone ???
Now that u have your own ideas.. Would suggest dont work for others dream, work towards your own now.. 
My +Nexus 4 is cool and awesome, especially when you bought from +Google itself, new +Android upgrade? no worry the nexus devices is probably among the first ones to get the new upgrade...well i think lol
Regarding the IR port: Is it a proper IrDA port? Not that IR comms is really worth it in a world where NFC can bump-connect bluetooth devices etc. But my old N900 only had an IR LED - which was fine but you could not teach it IR codes. Many years ago i had a Palm TX and it was a brilliant sneaky TV remote. This was one of the things that bugged me about the otherwise beloved N900.
I thought te CM team made a statement that they're not diving into the s4......?
"UI performance is average"... So no improvement over the s3 in that department then.
If you have the capability to ignore hype and marketing and select the best device based on design, build quality and functionality, the HTC One would outsell the Galaxy S4 and iphoney5 combined. 
In other news, latest release handset beats old handset
Thank you :)
But don't ever make a move to the area of iProducts! it's okay to leave Samsung but don't leave Android okay? :-) We're keep supportin' of your CyanogenMod! Goodluck to you and hello ^_^
Seriously now I'm starting to dislike Samsung phones. I rather choose HTC with Snapdragon in it, at least I have the choice of flashing custom ROM. I'm wondering what SoC will be packed in the next Nexus device. Tegra 4 or OMAP 5?
Good luck for your future and I hope we could see some awesome stuffs from you soon!
40k on Quadrant CPU? Wow.
But which version did you use, Snapdragon or Octacores?
Gs4 is not at all what I thought it would be I at least expected an upgraded design not just subtle changes . The huge home button is a huge waste of space. As much as I love Samsung I would have to say the HTC one is looking alot more appealing at the time . beautiful build quality 
The HTC One does have a better design overall but if you're talking about waste of space the One takes the prize with a huge vestigial logo in between the home and back button. 
Shen Ye
+Mark Spoonauer The boomsound speakers meant the digitiser's connector had to be under the digitiser, which is where the HTC logo is. It's a sacrifice they had to make.
Specs sound cool and all but who would want to give their arm and leg to have a phone?

I love Samsung, but man. (And I know it's the majority of phone companies who have uber- expensive phones)
Most companies, especially the size of Samsung, will have a legal requirement not to divulge their intellectual property after you leave their employment. So I fully understand the no interviews on the Samsung experience. Thank you very much on what you shared! Excited to hear back in four months on your new endeavour.
do you think now it's time to switch to a quad-core/2gb device or my galaxy nexus still can do a lot? 
You take Samsung's inovations and mix them with HTC build quality and I guarantee that's all people would buy. Good luck with whatever your doing next Steve kondik
Good luck wherever you end up.  Your work is appreciated so much by us all.
I got s3 and I am saving money for Apple laptop with 16gb RAM and retina display. A PHONE will always be a phone no matter what. 
If I wrote a review mine would be close to the same. I love the hover feature, in some cases is better than touching. For example I was making dinner the other night and had stuff on my hands, the hover allowed me to scroll down to the next part of the directions. 
u r absolutely correct bocz market need competition.......
+Wayne North They need the battery size bumps to feed the larger and larger screen.  I suspect any battery life increases will be minimal.
+Jorge Roberts ha you are hilarious. What did you expect Samsung to do, not make a phone for a year? Tech evolves very quickly. Our new flagship phones are yesterday's news as soon as they are released. Deal.
I don't think it is really 40k scored..
+John Stephens checkout Steve's other recent G+ posting. CyanogenMod had a rebuttal explaining CM never pre-announces support or lack of support for devices. Journalists took a comment of a collaborator of a development team as absolute. The rebuttal didn't receive as much coverage. Apple certainly appreciates the miss-understanding and bad press this generates. Lessons learned? Not everything you read is true on the internet :)
+Steve Kondik I think everyone is with you on the disappointment of them using froyo-style top tabs instead of the viewpager. I gave Samsung a break with the galaxy s3 only because ICS hadn't been out that long to expect a full ui revamp, but they've had time now. Given they're one of the OEMS really pushing bigger screens, it'd be nice to have the viewpager as the convention in their OS across the board because with the Note 2 the top tabs arent exactly great one handed. I can't even imagine if the Note 3 is any bigger
Awesome! I'm really thinking about getting the S4!
Samsung galaxy s4 Someone gift me
+Vitor Gatti Depends on how you use your phone. If you're like me that only use a smartphone for social network, internet, maps, email then the GNex is fine. I'm still using it.
Good luck on your new endeavors Steve. I'm sure you'll go on to something great. You've got the whole android community behind you! 
All these OEM customisations are the reason why I won't ever leave the Nexus line of phones, especially since the dawn of the Nexus 4 which was the first Nexus phone to really compete hardware wise with other handsets on the market. Sure, it has its faults just like any other handset out there but a slightly better camera, physical expansive storage and a few software features do not offset the downside of waiting 6 months for an Android OS update. I can't even begin to fathom why Samsung felt going back to tabs was a good idea for the TouchWhiz UI, do you know what it looks like? You know when you come across applications on the Google Play store that haven't been updated since 2010? It looks like those! User interface and experience is a complete afterthought for Samsung, their approach to market seems to be "stuff enough hardware and software features into a phone and something will stick".
I think I'm going to wait for the Note 3. I really want to see what it has to offer. Even if it's an S4 replica with a bigger screen and stylus.
Buying one for my Wife. I am looking forward to the mythological Nexus 5
Interesting and honest post looking forward to see what you think of the One.
S3 owner, specs are decent... though the screen tech is horrible. Really ugly amoled pentile screen where even though it has high density you can see the grid between the pixels. Screen colour is terrible due to it being amoled and the overall build quality is just cheap. Can anyone name any Samsung specific software that beats vanilla Android equivalent?  Sorry but the S4 is also an incremental link at best with shoddy build quality. 2 much better choices: the new HTC or the Sony Xperia Z. Both are superior.
Just got the GS3 so glad to hear that 'upgrading is probably less urgent'. What I am looking forward to is the final release of CM10.1.
Ditto Tyler, i'm waiting for the Note 3.
In the article you praise GPS performance. Was it on the Snapdragon or the Exynos version?
Didn't Samsung say it won't run CM? I believe they are going to initially lock the bootloader. 
+Steve Kondik I would like to see Cyanogen Mod release on an out of the box device with a Qualcom Snapdragon 800.  I hope that's what will happen in the next couple of months ;)

Or maybe team up with Blue and start building your own phones?
The other day Team Hacksung said they were not making an official ROM for the S4. Any thoughts on that?
As things stand, I will prefer the Xperia Z just because of this.
can't wait for your head2head between the HTC One and the GS4. based on what was said on this topic so far, I'll probably go for the S4.
I'd guess he got to play with the octocore variant as the HTC One seems to score around 20k in quadrant (based on reviews I've seen). Now, this is quite funny as it is looking increasingly likely that the octocore version will be Asia (or perhaps even South-Korea only) which therefore makes the impressive performance of the octocore version completely irellevant for Europe and the US/Canada. 
Impressive, wonder what nexus 5 gunna be like
D.X. G.
i like htc One 
People need to understand that the Octacore concept is just pure marketing gimmickry. It's gonna have two sets of four cores of which only one set will be working at a time. One four cores for less demanding stuffs and the other four cores for demanding stuffs.

Currently on the s2(i9100) no idea where to go next ... My country will carry the i9505 (snapdragon version) so I'm not sure to go HTC Sony or stick with Sammy....
Phil B
Well said. Will keep my s3 until the s5
every one I know that has the s2 has a problem with the charging port
My concern with the s4 is all the problems associated with the s3 like screen burn in, early hardware failures and the fact that they need to release a new version only 9 months after the s3. I have had my(two one for me and wife) HTC EVO 3d for almost 2 years with little problem. My next phone would be the nexus 4 or the Sony experia Z, I hear good things about the Sony. AMOLED is cool and all...... But plasma is also "better" than LCD, but I still buy LCD tvs because of the longevity, same with the active matrix organic led. 
And what about performance and feature samsung galaxy note II?
+Dorian Prospero , Now we all know your just trollin...  ANYONE that has had an EVO 3D, knows how horrible that device is.  Your happy with it?  Little problems?  For 2 years?  Wow... +K.P. Smith from what I remember the EVO 3D was the absolute WORST phone I have EVER had!  HTC lost me after that device.  I disliked it so much I told myself I will NEVER own an HTC device again...  the S3 and the soon to be S4, will be leaps and bounds better than your crummy gimmick ridden EVO 3D.  

With all that said, I wouldn't get a S4.  Just not my thing.  I like my GN2.
+Steve Kondik I'm getting my first smartphone soon, the s4 seemed like the best choice, would you recommend the s4 because I currently have a nexus 7.
+Steve Kondik how come the devs at +CyanogenMod have already confirmed that none of them are supporting the S4 because none of them like the phone enough to buy it? [EDIT]: +CyanogenMod released a statement on their plus page regarding teamhacksungs opinion vs. the institutions opinion
+Ryan Sadler You might want to lookup Kondik's relation to CyanogenMod. Spoiler alert: Quite a lot.
Ps thanks this is great insider info as a Samsung user GS2 and Tab 10.1 I'm really looking forward to it and in oct Its time for my upgrade Soooooooooo hopefully they coincide..thanks again lucky dog!
+Jon DeVere I guess we're the lucky ones. We have the gsm version, not the cdma version. We also loaded ics out shortly out of the box to a mwaculous(sp) rom. For a while I had voice quality issues, but it was due to mismatching hboot/radio(gb) and os versions(ics) , my fault not the phone, when the offical ics release came I loaded the vanilla rogers(canada) ics release that fixed the radio mismatch and it's been the perfect phone ever since.

Edit: love samsung, own samsung dryer, washer, fridge. To be honest the gs2 sucked, the gs3 had major defect problems (google gs3 memory problem, screen problem or or just gs3 hardware problem),also the case doesn't protect the screen enough. Yes a drop always has the possibility of breaking a screen..... But the gs3 is especially weak in this regard. I just can't trust that much $$$$ to a bad track record. If the gs4 is awesome, maybe I will consider the gs5. But at present time other manufacturers are making more durable devices. I stand by if I wanted a gs4 quality device I would buy a nexus 4 for prob 1/2 the price (don't know the gs4 price feel free to correct me), and if I wanted an expensive device I would buy the Sony z. To be fair I have no experience with the gs4, nexus 4 or Sony. This is just a rehash of reviews I have read and track record of the gs2, gs3
+Jon DeVere did you abandon your HTC EVO 3d while on gingerbread? If so I don't blame you......
Well just a 0.2ghz difference of the click speed between HTC One and Galaxy S4, that's why it's ahead in benchmarks, though we don't know how the Exynos 5 will perform..
Touch hover screen was already there on the old Xperia phone. Quite a gimmick, IMHO.
+Riza Irfanto +Fayez Noor +Bravadi Ismail The screenshot he posted has an overall score of 12,155. The processor on its own scored 41,345. Look at the screenshot again. At the bottom, Quadrant lists the individual scores.

My S2 on T-Mo gets 2800+ overall but 5800+ on CPU. The S3 international doubles it. US version doesn't even double it. The S4 more than triples the S3 international and more than quadruples the US version. I'm impressed with Qualcomm's improvements.
HTC has never made anything that could touch the galaxys... I still use HTC for paperweights, all they are good for. And its not about processing power, its about quality hardware... HTC, gives Android a bad name IMO...
why dont u send me a galaxy SIII i always wanted one
I have a Galaxy Nexus on Verizon. I assume it's worth switching, but any release dates? 
I am not so sure all the new features are ready for prime time. I think the mobile 'arms race' might have pushed Sammy to release features without fully realized interfaces. Many reviews have indications of such. Plus there is a point where more is too much, many existing features are used by only a fraction of device owners.
I love Sammy devices, but I am looking at that HTC One, and I can't say the S4 is clearly superior just yet...have you had a chance to compare? Even by just reading reviews? Curios with your background on your take on this!
PS - As an Android Dev and a big fan of CM...Best wishes on your new ventures whatever they may be!
I second that! And why are you using touch wiz Chris? There are MANY great shells to run without even rooting...spb cough....
Phil B
Longest post in g+ history
Hey +Steve Kondik is the HTC One comment above foreshadowing where you're going? I hope so, HTC can use you!
will it still have the broken ugly krippled OS SAMSUNG calls android?
Is it safe to assume that the IR blaster won't work with CM? The Note 10.1 has it but it doesn't work with CM. 
hey, i want an galaxy S4, whr cn i get th device
Well I'm still not convinced to replace my S2 with an S4. It's too big for my tastes, and frankly, quite ugly.
Did u get 40k on quadrant with octa core???seriously this outrageously superior than snapdragon if its u have screenshot saved for that quadrant benchmarking. We all would love to see it
THX for your great Review! I have also a Galaxy S3 and i probably will go with the Galaxy S4.
What happened to the great cyanogen? This is Samsung speaking out of you my friend. The s3 is a cheap plastic phone and the s4 is even worst.
I won't be reading your posts anymore. 
+Raj Bangera Steve is in the US, so it was almost surely the Krait.  In fact, you should read his comment with a link to one of the benchmark screenshots about halfway down this thread...  It also implies he ran it on the quad-Krait version.
Man what a review. Want to read the HTC One comparison
When the smart scroll feature was rumored I said over on DroidLife that it has the possibility of scrolling things when you don't want it to, looks like I was right!
Uhm guys I nid help I wanna upgrade to an S4 but I dnt knw whr 2 ordder t!
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samsung did not lunch the s4 in market.the due date is the end of april!!!!!
Oh thnx, whr wil th launch b?
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Can't wait for you to compare this with the HTC One.
Wanna get my hands on one,it's launching here on the first week of may so kinda excited.....but i'm actually more excited to get my hands on htc one specially because of its boom sound and camera(wanna test it by myself rather than reading about it on blogs and sites)
Te escribo en español por que soy muy malo con el ingles y la verdad que felicito tu nuevo cambio a Google y que hayas cumplido tu ciclo en Samsung. Y me agrada mucho que contestes las preguntas y comentarios que hacen los usuarios. Muchos saludos desde Buenos Aires , Argentina
I like the Iphone 5 than th galaxy S3, but I have a feeling that the S4 is goin to change that!!
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Now the Xperia z from sony is most solid device,anti scratch,antidust,anti water,and very mazing desine
So in general, lovers of Sam S4 shd nt been bothered about d rest competitors!? 
I'm a GS3 owner I wanted the note 2 but the new GS4 has caught my eye now but I'm with The Sprint Now Network which there unlimited everything is awesome but the service and lack of 4G LTE coverage is a headache and why can't you turn of the camera shutter sound??
+Jorge Roberts dude, it's not an iPhone... The SII still works just as well as the SIII. Most hardware is out of date before it even hits the shelves, how many different Evos are there?
+Paul Morris would have been good to know if +Steve Kondik helped influence samsung any not a question of revealing secrets . l'd like to think steve gave samsung a new developers way of thinking perhaps wishful thinking lol ?
My wife is getting an S4 from work ... as soon as it is out.

Not looking forward to Touch wiz though ... are Samsung obliged to slug their new Android phones to give other manufacturers a chance ??
It has eight cores meaning just extra overkill. The S4 will be successful not because of the device, but the branding that's in the back of the battery cover. I just want to finally get one in my hands to see if this device is worth the hype.
+James Szczesny i see you are picky about screen technology ,good luck enjoying the screen on the Xperia Z. BTW, what do you think was a better transfer system, Android Beam or S Beam? Could you please tell me which one was a more robust file transfer system? 
What is viewpager that people keep mentioning? Also, I was wondering if, with smart scroll, if you go cross-eyed, does it pinch to zoom? Lol. Lulz at Samsung, I'll stick with HTC. +Steve Kondik , thanks for all the genius work you do. It enriches the ENTIRE Android community. 
+Julio Rivera thanks for taking the time to explain this. Obviously many folks don't understand Quadrant, but you would think if Cyanogen himself says something about it, they would do some research before questioning him on it. Thanks to +Steve Kondik for the nice mini-review. Crazy how many trolls came out on this thread.
Been messing around with an HTC1 at work and it seems nice.  My choice of which device to get will be whichever one has a stable version of CM running on it first :)  

Sorry things didn't work out at Samsung for you, hope your next job will be even more exciting!
+Steve Kondik is it true the GS4 can record 1080p video @ 60fps? Qualcomm says so,but Sammy never mentioned it anywhere.
Get a nexus 4 and call it a day
Great review and insight. Keep up the good work. 
I don't want a 5" phone, though. The space on my palm between my thumb and my fingers is exactly 4.8". So the Galaxy SIII really is perfect for me. Looking forward to the Motorola X phone. That should be a fine beast. 
I reckon S4 will be a beast so waiting till it is released, give it a test and if it isn't that good, simply go back to S3... Everything about it so far is perfect. Design's spot on this time, features are awesome, software looks cool (even though i'm not a fan of the tabbed experience), speed and specs are top-notch. 
Not going to make a decision on another phone before I've tried this!
Phil B
Never too big dude cmon you're a man
I would like to see a deep comparison between the cameras. Lots of pixels vs. The ultra pixels. 
+Julio Rivera So it was raw CPU power, not the final, overall result?
Should be blazing amazing if it was the overall score haha

Thanks for the explanation anyway
This is the best sgs 4 ad ever. That severance pay must have been nice
I'll wait for the S5. It has no sense to upgrade a phone every nine months. 
Many users don't need too many smatphone's features. But this samsung quick upgrade is dishonest. As we know is marketing since S4 is the upgrade of the S3, as S3 was the upgrade of the S2. I will wait for the upgrade of the S4, at this pace in a period of nine months probably the S5 will be released. We receive the technology little by little , but samsung Nokia, htc, apple, etc already have planned how to feed the consumer with a piece of the big cake they have for the next two years.
What about the 60 fps recording at 1080p,is it true?
There's no need for s3 and note 2 users to upgrade to s4 in my opinion coz sammy has already confirmed that most of the features of s4 are coming to s3 and note 2.
+Steve Kondik, I'm happy to hear you are an S3 user. And interesting that you're endorsing the horsepower of the S4. The Googler crowd, at least the most vocal segments, really condemn Samsung for polluting Android, and the generalized attitude is if it's not a Nexus device, it's not worth supporting. But lots of people (don't know percentages) bypass touchwiz, and without rooting, use launchers to maintain current Android UI. And of course you root and so do another percentage of users, though I'd imagine smaller than the launcher-users. My question: What;s your view re USB connectivity with Android devices. It had been such a no brainer for years, then once Matias Duarte headed UX, his proclamations included that anything causing a user to face a file picker was bad UX... despite the original Android differentiation from iphone as "customize all you like". I know I'm not alone in still liking to get at my battery, so I can insert backups to extend the usage, and still wishing to have direct USB connectivity. Any comment?
+Steve Kondik thanks for helping me make up my mind on the next phone I get! Already been drooling over its specs 
Samsung and sprint have issues, but they use GOOD HARDWARE so the software bugs work out and the truth is google (planned obsolescence...) At least Samsung gives ya a device that will last longer than most..... And still gs2 is still kickin brass ass, while htc everything has about the lifespan of a gnat and the processing power of cheap shoes...coupled with the durability of a porcelain tea cup...
Good luck trying to sell one dout some one would buy it here
Above Samsung is always apple as Samsung copy the features of apple. All products of Samsung always hang after a month but apple does not hang.
There is no difference between note 2 n s4
Someone gift me s4
Didn't you really just left because you realised Touchwiz was just getting worse and there's really nothing you can do about it or even influence anything? I guess there are terms and conditions on what you can or cannot comment about after leaving Samsung, at least for the near future.
+angad singh dude start your stuff somewhere else,this post ain't even about apple and regarding your second comment,when u really know shit u don't have to talk about it
+Raphael Hery  No  i totally despise touch wiz..  But the hardware is the reason why i bought my sg3. That is why i had rooted and installed my own custom version of 4.2.1 not even three hours into owning the phone.  
Thank you for the review and enjoy your break time! 
Samsung's doing the same what Apple did. First create some amazing products and then just refresh it every year without any mind blowing addition. Its evolution not revolution.
Thanks for the good review... Lastly, I hoped that the S4 get a new Design, I liked the edged design shown in some previews...
But I thank Samsung for the new technical improvements, they held the Speed up even if we don't need the Speed yet... But it keep development moving... 
On the features side I think they did a great first step, but I'm hopeful we get better usability in Custom Roms...
+Federico Lago It's not just screen tech, look at the build quality of Samsung phones, they are basically the bottom of the barrel. A plastic POS.  The Sony Screen does have angle issues, but at least you don't see a giant grid spacing between the pixels. If you don't like the Sony, there is also the HTC. Samsung phones are packed with proprietary features that people disable anyway, so to me they aren't a selling point. I have no use for S-Beam, S-Voice  or any other thing bundled on their phones. The lone possible exception is kies, which I think I've used twice.( Edited because I misread something you wrote). 
Every company puts out new products almost every year, your SIII isn't out of date at all, you've still got one of the best phones out, way better than a silly evo
In your opinion. I have s3, soon to go bye bye. Terrible plastic garbage,
full of junkware, horrible build quality (the buttons wobble in place) god
awful cheap shit screen, inferior to the s2 screen tech to save a buck. So
uh, what's great about the s3 again?
+Anthony Cenabite Farr I have owned 2 HTC phones over the years and 3 Sammy's (and never a Moto or LG or whatnot, but I am a developer so I have had plenty of time with testing devices made by everyone)...

HTC makes wonderful devices, never had a complaint--even their cheap phones are well made, I just gave my nephew my old Aria that still runs fast and works great. And actually in the early days--they made better phones than Sammy, they at least had a much more stable Android OS and Sense set the standard for launchers in the early days when Touchwiz was clunky--if the Hardware was evenly matched Sense UI tipped the scales back then...

Samsung improved lightning fast; but there was a period where they really didn't feel the need to update their devices' OS...while HTC continually rolled out updates on a decent schedule (around '11 to '12 time-frame)--Oh how quickly we forget the internet rants of the forgotten OS updates from Sammy!! The HTC vivid was the first AT&T phone to get ICS updates and the Sammy SGII Skyrocket waited another 8 months for ICS...HTC makes Android look bad?

HTC is far, far from giving Android a bad name--they started the whole thing with the HTC Dream/G1 and kept it going with the first Nexus--which was way ahead of everything on the market at that time.

When other manufactures were releasing phones with a digitizer glued to the LCD--HTC kept them separate parts, making a cracked or chipped screen an inexpensive repair--compared to hundreds for anyone else because you had buy a new $150 LCD to get a $12 new glass digitizer...And HTC's Active LCD technology is seriously on par with Super duper AMOLED plus whatever...and has much truer color. Hardly making anything look bad fact they were the co-architects of the Android revolution...

Its Alibaba and Biadu that are making Android look bad these days--If you want to slag a manufacturer how about Huewaii...they have been caught stealing telecom technology (more than once--seriously do a few internet searches, those guys are thieves) and make they cheap junk. (not knocking everything Chinese--just those 3 companies--MIUI is seriously cool, shows originality and innovation and its very, very Chinese! Just like in the USA they have good and bad companies over there...)

HTC and Sammy and Moto are really the ONLY quality makers with LG almost there/will be soon...Hate on Huewaii (for stealing instead instead of innovating--and making cheap junk that breaks easily) and open up your mind to HTC; take an unbiased look at the wonderful, awesome and innovative HTC ONE!! (don't be a Sammy fanboi--you will miss out on some very cool stuff--not that the SG4 is bad! I mean no way is it bad! and I say all that with much respect for the very innovative folks at Samsung!!)
SGIII is still a nice piece of hardware--head over to XDA and find a ROM you like better than Touchwiz. I have to agree about the Screen Technology--it was a bad place to cut corners. I just flashed Cyanogen on my friends Note1 and it outperforms the SG3 on benchmark apps now...(Sorry you are stuck with a phone you don't like--hope you find a ROM to make it a bit better bro)
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