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A few nice features just went into CM.. Arcee implemented screenshotting (via long-press power) and I brought back touch-focus on HTC cameras. Need to figure out how the focus zones work on NVidia cameras now.
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Awesome! Was hoping screenshotting would eventually come!
great news about the touch to focus on htc
Awesome job! Looking forward to using the screenshotting feature!
Is touch focus not possible on the Nexus S?
can't wait ( i hope for cmod on e3d ) soon
+Brad Ganley maybe, but I don't have one. Moto phones support it too but someone will need to figure out how to pass the focus zone.
Screenshots were tested in (I think) all platforms we support. So far, so good :)
To balance that NVidia touch-to-focus looks like it's going to hurt.
cool! I had to flash back from cm on the Evo because I need the focus feature of the stock cam too badly. Thanks for doing this!
+Johnny Chow if you are talking about 720p on 8x50 phones, then ask HTC why they won't release their kernel source.
We need panoramic. I miss the LG camera so much. 
"I'd like to take video of this event and all other possible events that may have occurred right now, please."
+Brad Ganley the quantum camera is working but requires that you suck all the air out of the room and cool it to near absolute zero.
The camera needs more specific options on the LG O2x / T-Mobile G2x in my opinion. AFAIK, there are only toggles like "high quality" at the moment - how about a setting for 1080p, 720p and 480p?
Are you guys working on improving the G2x camera? Only reason I'm not using CM7.
True HD recording was just added to the g2x. 
+Steve Kondik really? I thought it was just a build.prop edit to enable string theory mode on Nexus devices.
TeamDouche is unstoppable! I don't see why a carrier won't just ship a phone with CM (minus a few features of course) yet!
Touch focus was the only reason I used MIUI Camera in CM7, so that can be binned soon then :-D
Isn't long press power normally used for the reboot menu?
+Andrew Messersmith yes, but i think the screen shot capability makes a nice addition since you can hold down power on any screen. on a side note, i just tested it and it works great
still hold down power. you can select a profile and airplane mode
Every body loves those Steve jobs. 
Aw, i miss CM since my Nexus One gave up the ghost recently. I'm actually thinking about scrapping the Galaxy Tab and get a phone i know works flawlessly with CM.
So I am going to be uploading a feature to cm and hopefully it gets through. It's to hide the alarm clock icon in the status bar. 
Hmm can't tag a lot of people from the android app. Guess we can only tag people that follow us? On the browser I can tag anyone. 
I'm pretty sure its because you're using the @ symbol,to tag from the mobile app its +personsname
Yeah, it doesn't work at all on mobile. 
The tag worked just fine +Paul McManus.
It only works for people in one of your circles. 
I have Steve in my circles and can't tag him. Possibly because I'm not in one of his circles. 
Does it have to be done by email address?
I don't think so. 
On the web I can +the name or @ the name. 
On the mobile app I get a popular list of people in my circles when I hit + and type a letter,nothing with @
Popup,not popular. I need to kill autocorrect
Any ideas on adding screencast vids like ShootMe did? People might use it if it was implemented better. Or maybe it's not worth the trouble...
How do you even use it in shootme? i see the settings for it,but I tried for like 5 minutes and couldnt figure out how to record.
Bye bye drocap! New features even on Independence day! CM7 FTW!
I agree,very nice features,awesome work Steve!
And... we now have TTF on Nvidia cams, too. I need to test this under better lighting conditions, but it seems to be working.
Awesome! this is turning into a very productive night for you guys. 
So much work on a guys must have hit the Ballmer Peak.
Would also love to have panoramic back on the Samsung Captivate camera...
That's one major feature I missed when I sold my vibrant. 
Panoramic pics I mean,who the hell cares about fireworks? -_- its a phone camera. 
I think the Fascinate is awaiting some official love. Also my Xperia Play! Argghhh Verizon
Lol,I miss my fascinate too
I gave mine to my mom, but CM7 is practically running perfect, minus MMS.
This is wonderful! Mms fix please!
Will touch to focus come to galaxy s series?
Like the screenshot feature (SGS). :) 
Glad to see screenshots built in. Great work. DX
for my nexus one, im reformating my sd card. im doing a little over 1gb ext what should i set swap to? if any? 16gb class 2...
good job, screenshotting indeed important for me.
When will the zoom-function be implemented in video mode too? :)
+Eric Svata it needs a framework change for it to work while recording. it's on the list.
Ok, thank you, keep on doing the great work on CM7! :)
Steve H
Have been waiting forever for screenshots, thanks a ton! Holding the Power button seems like a very good way to implement it, too, because you won't accidentally bump it like on the iOS screenshot combination (I'm speaking from experience)
+Gordon Wheaton With something like shake to capture as screen shots of the notification panel are not always desirable.
Any Sgs hackers trying to get touch focus working?
+1 for Touch Focus. I look forward to that.
I love the new features, thank you for your hard work!
Yay for touch focus. how about an option to turn off the shutter sound?
To turn off the shutter sound, simply delete the sound files for the camera, HAHA!
Joe Doe
mount -o rw,remount /system/
mv /system/media/audio/ui/camera_click.ogg /system/media/audio/ui/camera_click.ogg.old
and your camera click will be gone... as long as you rootet your phone. Works on my G1, not sure about other devices.
Yer but you may need to backup the Sound files and make note of the Leocation
Do you think the Cambra app will fc if you delate the files :/
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