Pretty cool spyware there br0

But seriously, this stuff is important to us. Some awesome things are coming soon, but we really need to understand our userbase today. You can't make good decisions unless you have the right data.

The data that CMStats looks at is:

1. Device type
2. Country code
3. CM version
4. Device ID (one-way hash of IMEI or MAC address)
5. Carrier

Pretty generic stuff. The device ID is used to determine a unique device instance. We can't reverse it and know your IMEI or anything like that.
+CyanogenMod Stats

Last night, we merged a change into CM Stats that removes the opt out:

As we start growing as an organization, this sort of data becomes invaluable for CyanogenMod. Understanding our user base, their devices, CM version, and other data helps us build a better product.

The data collected is the following:
 * Anonymized/Hashed IMEI or Wi-Fi MAC address
 * Device name
 * CM Version
 * Country
 * Carrier

This type of anonymous data is already collected by most Google Play apps[1] and even Google themselves.

For an idea of the type of data we get, the pictures attached are what we see on our end.

[1] Basically every professional app out there is running Google Analytics, mine included. Google Play also collects a lot of this data for you automatically.

Not april fools.
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