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We've been quite hard at work lately at the office. I can't give up the goods yet, but here's what you can expect to see soon!

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could have used a better name and not try to rip off the "one" branding
Rather have better themes than benchmarks 
/me thinks it's obviously a +OPPO device since that's all they got atm :)
Notice the on screen buttons, and their theme. If it is the One+ One, we've got confirmation it's software buttons and that's what they look like.

Or not. 
+Sven Frenzel I didn't even know they existed till you said something so I hope not :p find7 best to have LTE 
No fair xiaomi on that list- only available in china? 
Now pull this off on a galaxy s2 and I'll be impressed =D 
J Agnew
Doesn't matter what it is, everything is better with bacon. 
Rich S
I totally trust benchmarks numbers on android phones.  Just tell us the chip it uses.
+michael hopper We have some seriously good theme stuff coming in next few weeks. Entirely new engine, with compatibility support for old themes too. 
I can believe your Evo4G!!!
If it's the OnePlus one, judging by the size of the screenshot, 1080p screen
+Steve Kondik you can't say anything, but in response to you original post... how soon? days, weeks, months? the announcement is what I'm thinking about. 
LG G2 needs some love and attention. 
How about fixing the double press any button to wake up the phone on Mako?
How does CM build when you replace PRODUCT_DEVICE := Samsung with My bacon?
On screen navigation!! Yes!!!!!! Beautifully designed
Ironic that the one+ settles for a s800 rather than s801
can you add the td-scdma support in the cm sources 11?
I remember the times when developers said benchmarks are useless.  I see they have come to their senses : )
Craig D
Can we get some eggs and hash browns with the bacon please ?
What?!?!?  u beat me note 3  :(   hrrrr
i not like made in China :D
What we do need is working gps, a speaker that doesn't distort, and a cpu that doesn't lock it's clock speeds on the htle
I can't wait to have that 1+One in my hands. Cyanophone!
CM doesnt support micromax mobiles 
why..... i got frustrated of this all after rooting my mobile
Into your mail and I have a lot and then we can get a lot of a time new new new one of this is the way of the wiry

I wish rjfil↖™⑤③①⑦④⑧①④⑧
Was that wit SD 800 or SD 801
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