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Galaxy S4 CM-10.1 Nightlies

I just finished the initial bringup of the T-Mobile Galaxy S4 (SGH-M919). We'll port to other variants when we get the devices (including the I9505). The first nightlies will go off tonight. There are a few rough edges still, but will be ironed out in short order and you should be able to use it as your daily driver without serious issues.

The touchscreen on this device should support Android's hover events. I'm looking forward to see what the community can come up with using this new feature!

Compile/fork/install, contribute back, and enjoy :)
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Nice, appreciate your work. 
I don't have this device but it's pretty damn awesome that you can drop a nightly so quickly for the community.
I'm not getting this device but awesome work man.
This feels like christmas all over again :D
Can't wait for the i9505 build! :)
Seems like somebody was motivated to bust out cm for the device that wouldn't get cm
What are the code names for the various S4s?
I figured it would be at least 2 weeks before we would see anything worth flashing on the sgs4!!! I am stoked!!! Thanks for your hard work!!!
Appreciate the hard work and dedication. Soon as mine gets here, this is the first thing to be installed. 
For once it will prove the android-pseudo-blogs wrong about the S4 not being supported by CM. I can't wait for the CM personally-built by this legendary guy himself like the good ol' Dream days :)
Steve is doing it himself, since no other devs are interested in supporting Sammy devices
+Nicolaj Kisby Willerup I find that hard to believe that no other devs are interested in supporting Samsung devices...oh wait...forgot they are not popular and don't sell well.  :-)
I meant as in no other cm devs :-)
Looking at the few real merges on sgs2 says it all 
Thanks Steve. I can't wait to see it when there's a Sprint version. I'm glad to see you brought it first. 
+Noah Friedman To understand things like SGH-M919 is T-Mobile, you can go to the Wikipedia article, there is a table there.
Most likely no, since the i9500 uses the Samsung processor and M919 uses Snapdragon.
Great news. Can't see myself putting down the money for this phone but glad to see this just the same. 
+Alexey Kuznetsov Definitely not, thats the Exynos Octa version. We will have builds for I9505 soon which is the intl Snapdragon model. I'm working on getting my hands on an I9500- no promises but we'll see what can be done.
+Nicolaj Kisby Willerup I think it's safe to say not many are terribly interested in maintaining phones with Exynos CPU. It's not an issue of not being interested in the Samsung brand in general...the OMAP variant of the SGS2 (i9100g) is supported much better than the Exynos variant (i9100).
Can't wait for the I9505 version.
Is it too different from the SGH-M919?
+Carlos Portela No, it seems to be almost identical. What differs is the radio configuration and antenna (probably). Hopefully the only difference is the radio firmware. We'll see though.
Maybe I'll switch to T Mo for my next galaxy. I'll tell them Steve sent me. Seriously, how's T Mo in the Boston area, anyone know? 
At least Cm will solve the storage issues on Gs4.
What's the chances of the LG Optimus G Pro getting some love? If it's locked to AT&T and not available outside Korea, Japan and USA, I'd imagine the userbase and dev support wouldn't be enough to make me want to buy it (yes, CyanogenMod dev support is a big factor in deciding what phone I want to buy)

I would like to volunteer as a USCC consumer and cyanogenmod enthusist... my S4 for development in an individual thread for USCC customers, in lieu of having to fork off of VZN threads..  I will be willing to do whatever it takes to mod the thread and such.
Great news but I think the S4 might be the first phone a lot of people might be better off leaving stock or a TW ROM anyway.

I love CM (currently on my Nexus 4) but won't installing it on the S4 reduce camera quality and/or lead to an overall loss in features? 
+Rudy Rivapalacio I guess it depends if you want those features. I'm interested in building new ones. We definitely need to put a lot of work into our camera app, there is a glaring shortage of hipster filters :)
and you definitely have our gratitude! CM is, by far, my fav android experience. 

it's also nice to see the manufacturers making a compelling argument for sticking with their skinned (and often bloated) software. win/win
By removing the bloat, what are we losing that could've been worth keeping? All I care about is the camera like Steve mentioned. It would be very interesting to see what the rest of the dev community comes up with. Like different uses for the preview feature. 
Please know I stand ready to help on dev of USCC mod... Thanks again for all you do!
Great!. Does it support the Wi-Fi calling feature?
flashed this build and loving it - wondering if its possible to reclaim the 7.2gb or reserved space - any ideas?  
+Steve Kondik Hipster filters aside, the TW camera is arguably the best on Android. It still won't keep me away from CM. Looking forward to the new features the community comes up with :) Thanks again!!
great news. hope can bring those TW goodies along with it. =)
Easiest phone I've ever rooted! The root,cwm and cm10.1 installed in less than 15 mins. Now just to invert all my apps. You the man +Steve Kondik , I was only stock long enough for the
so how come +Steve Kondik  said "no promises" about the i9500 but there are articles online saying he confirmed its coming in the near future?
Fantastic work Steve and community. 
Please support the Korean Samsung Galaxy S4(SHW-E300S or SHW-E300K) I Want Cyannogenmod....b
Thanks +Steve Kondik appreciate your work here. I wonder how much Samsung will "borrow" from CM when they release the Galaxy S4 Google Edition ??  :) 
+Jace Cole none. Its going to run aosp straight from Google. I don't see any reason to bother with it. I doubt they'll sell very
K. Mark
How much space will this ROM free up on a Canadian Galaxy S4?  (the stock ROM uses like 8gb...unacceptable, IMO)
Only thing I miss is the IR Blaster not working on CM.  Not sure if they plan on supporting it in some future version or not.
My hoverevent is full of eels.
Hi +Steve Kondik any update on CM Rom for the I9500...eagerly wtng for the same. Thx in adv
I love You , Steve
Thanks for working on this phone ( I9500 ) 
The way the conclusion reached ?
Important question.
Can use this rom on NON T-Mobile Galaxy S4?
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