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By now you may have seen or heard of +OnePlus, a young company looking to make an impact with the upcoming release of their first device.

From the beginning +CyanogenMod was their OS of choice to power the device; well before hardware was even planned or engineering units were produced.

I met Pete, their CEO, while he was still at Oppo and as Cyanogen Inc. was playing catch up with the N1 device. We were chatting about the incumbents in the device market and how CM's community and growth is driven by the users. We do not have a marketing campaign, no fulltime PR team and no ads on the Superbowl. But still we manage to grow at a steady rate. The growth we see is all about the users genuinely enjoying our work, the customization & expression of self it offers and advocating for it.

Most hardware vendors have lost sight of the user piece. Money is spent piling in new specs, features, and silly ads but it seems like no one takes that step back to say "is this useful for the people buying it?

Pete and I discussed what a new model for hardware vendors would look like. Not quite a modular phone (that market is a few years out), but something less rigid than the status quo. Much like CM lets the user's voice shine through the software, there should be a way for the users voice to resonate through the hardware. Listen to the community at the design phase for starters. Yes, you'll get wildly differing opinions, but this information is invaluable - they are practically telling you what it would take for them to buy your product, it would be downright stupid to ignore that. Maybe you can't get everything off of everyone's wish list, just showing that you are listening will keep those people interested in your future products.

The team at OnePlus understands this. They are asking the right questions on their forums, running community polls about hardware and software components. By focusing their efforts to online marketing only, they can pass on savings to the users. The build quality and design of the devices we have been working with are what you would expect from a premium phone. A top of the line phone with 90% of what most people want in a phone for a reasonable price, this should be the model OEMs follow.

I'm glad to say that we are involved in that revolution.
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It's a shame this wasn't their ad campaign vs that ridiculous one with the white plates that soured many users view of a phone that isn't even available yet.  At that price, I'll take a serious look at it (especially now with the M8 release price so high), but the brand itself is a bit tainted in my eye...
This is gonna be great! Two power house's making something great that's truly gonna change the game! 
I'll say that the OnePlus One certainly is intriguing. Kudos for taking a Moto X-like approach. Incidentally, how good is the audio in the onboard speakers? 
I hope they can get phones on Verizon's network.
so we can finally have a sub 4" device with great camera again?
Adam K
I can't wait till April 23.. OnePlus is definitely getting my money! 
It sounds like they have the right idea, but questionable marketing campaign.

Did they ask users on their forum about that too?
I'll believe Never Settle when I can see it.

It's a staple of engineering. They had to make a trade off somewhere. They had to cut corners somewhere to get the price as low as they did. Or their margins are VERY slim and they're selling it at a loss.

If heavyweights like Samsung or HTC cannot sell their "compromised" phones at the price the OnePlus One is going for, I don't see how OnePlus can do it.

I have high hopes for the company and the phone, but I just have that sinking feeling that this phone is going to suck in a major way, like pretty much every company who has promised no compromises in the past. 
+OnePlus hasn't done anything with their ad campaign that hasn't already been done before. I say good for them! Good that they are confident in what they have been working on and will be releasing. Can't wait til April 23!
Jens V
Plans for worldwide marketing?
A good camera and a good set of speakers is all I ask for. Not that crappy camera/sound on cm. 
Let's just hope they can supply the demand.. And there's not a long out of stock period.
Plesse make it available in Switzerland (Europe). 
As glad as i am that this phone is coming out and me wanting to purchase it. Im kind of concerned that CM has lost focus on other devices and are only focusing on the one plus. I hope this is not the case, but based on the development for a top phone like my d801, it looks like development is stalled until the 1 + comes out. Still happy for you Steve you've come a long way.
I love the insight. I can't wait to see what OnePlus and CyanogenMod has come up with. 
Would like to see an operating system for computers so I wouldn't have to deal with Microsoft. Microsoft puts out an operating system, it doesn't work so they put our update after update, version after version until they have it working perfectly then they do away with and bring out a new operating system that doesn't work and they start the whole process over again. Microsoft sucks. Apple is too expensive.
Community... What about "we're not taking bug reports about nightly builds" attitude?
What I as a part of community can do if there's no stable builds are available for my hardware? 
Is this available on Sprint network ?
Could they show us an actual factual phone instead of just releasing specs week after week, maybe?
+Harold Keller I know your pain, switched to Linux back in 2000 and love it myself. May not be for you but would not hurt to try out a live dvd and decide for yourself.
My dream spec: 5,5", new Tegra or s801(805), 3 or 4 GB ram and CM11 with Hybrid mode!!!!!!! And no logo front!!!!!!. 
+Chris Turpin seeing that the Nexus 5 was seriously better than anything Samsung had to offer and was 30% lower priced to boot, I can see a seriously good device...
+Steve Kondik Even if "less bezel", still too much screen estate to go up through in order to drag the notification bar. (one hand using).
I'm not small handed, but the gesture already isn't natural with my Nexus 5, it takes an uncomfortable move to get it done.

I bought the Nexus 5 however because it was the best hardware I could get for the price, but I was loath to.
I consider 4.3"/4.5"/4.7" is ideal, but GS3/4 mini are shit, htc one had too much bezel, one mini was not that shitty but have degraded design. Sony's had too much bezel. Moto G wasn't out yet, Moto X wasn't available worldwide at the time.

Sony is the only OEM that got it right. But too much bezel yet :-)
Looks like newer / upcoming Xperias have this ugly bezel problem fixed, I should give it a look when I'll renew the N5.

Eager to see the OnePlus however. 
I'd only like for optional operating systems support instead of just android
+Zach Papadopoulos I haven't tried the Z1, but it's slimmer than a Note 3 and feels perfect to me. It's not a Nexus 5 form factor, but you can't please everyone all the time. Maybe next time around :)
If the price is around the Nexus 5 I may buy one just to support this type of business. I'm amazed it has taken a company this long to listen to their users. Well done +OnePlus !
Really excited to see what +OnePlus and +Cyanogen Inc. can do together and especially with regards to Android updates. I see a massive opportunity for someone to come in and shake things up :-) 
Don't get me wrong, I'm not telling OEM shouldn't make bigger devices, people want that, so they have to do it.
But, some other people still want one handed use sized devices.

Ideally, OEMs should offer their flagship in both flavor, with similar spec but screen size (and maybe definition, looks like 720p is enough for 4.3").

For now, Sony is the only one to listen customers both way.
"Smaller = lower end" isn't mandatory. 
I'm genuinely intrigued to see what OnePlus can do.

For me Oppo make startlingly good hardware for the kind of manufacturer they are and hopefully this engineering chops lives on here.

CyanogenMod is a great OS, it doesn't throw away the best bits of stock Android but builds on them subtly and intelligently, it will be an asset to this device for sure.

I have to confess the branding and advertising doesn't do it for me, but maybe that's a cultural thing. I hope OnePlus know they won't please everyone with every device, but if the mix is right they'll sell OK and move on to a broader range of products.

Another player in the market will certainly do no harm, good luck to all involved. 
Please tell me this phone will have a microSD card slot.
if it will i'm so sold!!
Doesn't it say there's no compromise? There's no removable battery, that's the first compromise.. I don't care what battery trick they have... When I'm in the middle of no where then no battery trick will help me! 
PA was hoping to be approached by them.
Just want to know if this is working if you can help me out that would be nice of you SOMEONE HELP ME
+Richard Slater having one big battery is better than 2 small removable ones. I used to carry 2 batteries for my s3. But after I got the 3000 official mah extended battery, it last me all day without the need to recharge mid day. It was so good I sold off my 2 original capacity battery. 
+Raymond Wong personally, for me it's a big compromise. I would need two 3000 batteries. I could be out the house at 8 and not near a charger until 12 at night and using my phone a lot. 
3000 batteries. I could be out the house at 8 and not near a charger until
12 at night and using my phone a lot.
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Too bad they committed a littany of felonies to bring u there/my/product in will be in prison 4 a long time
in will be in prison 4 a long time
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My dogs eyes dont lie neither does date of pic and ur phone number w jpeg stamped on back haaaa haaaaa i took that pic 5 years ago w my bros camera not a phone 
N u were dumb enuff to leave inside liner of frame backer when u switched pic w eyes cut out say buhhh byeeee bitchez
I work for Constant Contact email marketing. If you guys need anything as far as mailers or newsletters go. Let me know I'd be happy to help out. 
U can keep deluding urself nik u were sloppy n u are effed i have got all i need for multiple inditements
Looking at +OnePlus series of ads, looks like I have to pass.  Too expensive.
more companies need to follow this. there is times where i see a product that i like but absolutely refuse to by it just because of their stupid marketing and their reject commercials.  i guess they are only marketing to rejects.
So this will run off android but with cyanogenmod already installed? Will the phone be rooted from the start or will their be no reason to root?
ma don ho phir dakha ga toga 
+Dan Rhodes gosh it was only a bit of fun. But funny thing was as well what they said in the pictures had truth to it. I don't really see how that would taint the company considering it what people say in blogs all the time.
+Steve Kondik +OnePlus the only thing that could boost your growth is the availability of the phone in south east asia countries.. we are here are overwhelmed with samsung and lg products.. we really need breaktrouh products.. 
+Ullrich Jans The Nexus 5 may be a good device, but it's again, a compromised device. Where'd they compromise? The battery. One could say removable storage as well, but I really don't care too much about that.

You can put big, powerful CPUs in any phone, but you're paying for that with battery life. You can address the battery life by slapping a bigger battery in it, but then you're paying for that in thickness, footprint, and weight. 

OnePlus is trying to beat the Fast-Good-Cheap triangle, and I'm curious to see just how they're going to.
la yba
shrug Sounds like a lot of hype. Put your money where your mouth is, and SHOW us a product that evidences your claims. If it's true, it will sell itself.
+Alfred Loo its being sold off contract at >$400. If that's too expensive, you're never going to be able to buy a new phone. Ever. 
+Tyler Speidell 5.5" screen, slimmer than a Note 3 with a Snapdragon chip. I don't think it will be price less than a $400. Where did you hear that ? or Hype? not even Xiaomi can sell a phone so cheap. Only Apple could get the BOM at a price that low.

I read a lot of Chinesse company don't mind making profit for a few years, but they would be loosing money. Maybe the first 100 phones would be that low for PR.

The problem with creating too much of a HYPE, the product will never live to people expectations. It would be better for the company just to annouce it, rather than creating too much of a hype.
It would be the perfect phone with a wacom digitizer and built-in stylus like the Note line
I wanted this phone but they've been too busy trash talking the competition while showing barely anything in how they're superior. The picture that compared the OnePlus one to the HTC One M8 is what pushed me away for good. It didn't mention that the M8 has expandable storage, a metal unibody, front facing speakers, or the knocking/swiping features you can do while the phone is asleep.

I believe they intentionally left these out because the OPO has none of these and they want to look superior. That's not the best idea because when all the details come out people may not like what they see. A smarter marketing tactic would've been being transparent, instead of incredibly arrogant.

Missing out on a phone with CM preinstalled kind of stinks, but I'll just install it on my M8.
Not really. The majority of the OnePlus community had a big and long discussion on the screen size of the phone and we more or less came to an agreement that the majority of the users would be happy with the screen size of 5.2". Most of the users voted for 4.7" or 5.2" with almost no votes for 5" and minimum votes for 5.5". 5.2" was the furthest you could push  people wanting a 4.7" phone. By making a phone so far into one side they lost 30%+ of the users wanting a smaller phone that would settle for 5.2". That whole "Phone fits in a Z1" thing doesn't change much. First thing you look at with a new phone when you grab it is a screen. It's like looking at girls boobs b4 anything else. Even if this phone is small it will still be huge. Swaping SOCs also shows that almost zero shit was given about users. They switched to 801 not because of the users but because they knew they would get raped by tech sites because it goes against the #neversettle thing. 800 was supposed to be there because battery consumption outweighed the performance boost. How can you justify going back on your word if it wasn't for the benefit of mean geeks. I don't know how we had an impact on design. 3100mAh battery is there because it's easy to cram a 3100mAh into a 5.5" phone.
I get the sense that about 20% of the users input was taken into consideration and that about 50% was a done deal b4 the forum was even made.
Also both OPPO and OP put all their eggs into one 5.5" basket. Some thing are considered ballsy but somethings are just...
Why are we being pushed to get a bigger screen. I for one will not settle.
+Richard Slater well as a potential customer I don't see a non removable battery as a problem so its compromise to you but not for me. Its impossible to make a phone that is going to please everyone. If my phone can get me from 7am to 7pm I am happy 
It is a compromise... The only disadvantage I can think of with having a removable battery is possible built quality, but I don't think this would be a hard thing to fix, or maybe it is. Disadvantages of non removable battery, having to carry a battery pack if you need extra charge, batteries degrade after a time of use and can't swap.

You're right you cannot make a phone that suits every one but having a removable battery would please the people who need it and the people who don't need it wouldn't care it is removable 
its a compromise for you but I don't see it as a problem. I have had phones where you could take the battery out and I never went around with a spare. As I said just because you see as a compromise it does not mean it is. I have had phones for 2 years and never had a problem when the battery was non replaceable.   
Yea, but we are talking about the general population. I've never heard someone say "man I wish this phone didn't have a removable battery" but people say "if only this phone had a removable battery I would buy it"
To me, it just makes sense to put a removable battery in there so it keeps a big chunk of people happy and like I said, the people who don't want a removable battery wouldn't care, they'd just never remove it. 
+Luka Mlinar is it possible that people could wait and see what this phone looks like and feels before the moaning begins people are saying all sorts and nobody has seen or held the device yet. 
Just when will it become available to buy? 
Should be after the 23rd but you need an invitation to buy it so god knows when you'll be able to get it.
As getting invitations is a lottery, we'll see one can buy a one+.
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