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Definitely not supporting the S4.
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Opps dude, every knows Steve kondik means development future is here
Just to repeat myself: Damn. THAT was quick. lol
Good job +Steve Kondik. You impress me. Two days after the bloggers say it's impossible, you pull it off.
+Rick Chavez It's still a pathway to that. The TMO rom will roll right onto the AT&T one with little to no modification once the bootloader situation is fixed.
do the S4 and the HTC One have the EXACT same chipset? or are they slightly different versions of the S600, as the S4 is clocked higher
Great work! Are you support also the GT-I9500?
you just bought one but no support ?
People should still probably avoid the i9500 for now since that is a completely different phone. The i9505 seems to also use a Snapdragon 600 though so that seems similar to the US versions.
Your time at Sammy really paid off ;-) 
+Steve Kondik Since you dont support the S4 I wonder if you'll also opt out from CM stats :P
Does this mean none of the S-Features?? LOL
So what's the story with locked boot loader? That's the only thing that keeps me from buying T-Mobile S4.
So what's the story with locked boot loader? That's the only thing that keeps me from buying T-Mobile S4.
+Davide Brutti Judging by the specs on gsmarena it should be basically identical to the AT&T version except probably without the locked bootloader and supporting other radio bands. In other words it uses the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 SoC which should mean the same good CAF support. I don't think anyone in the team bought one yet though, but I haven't asked either.

EDIT: Seems pretty much identical to the T-Mobile US version too if Wikipedia is to be trusted. Regardless, the important part is that it uses a SoC from a manufacturer who releases proper reference source code. After TI stopped pushing their OMAP SoCs for phone, Qualcomm is basically the only one who provides that.
+Steve Kondik  they will take this post as a confirmation that CM won't support S4, just because they will not google the model number. I suggest you yo edit the statment to <sarcasm>Not supporting S4</sarcasm>
Looks like the bloggers figured out a great way to get a build out for the S4 quite quickly. 
I agree +Gerard Umbert should be a bit more careful with statements, unless of course he doesn't mind the backlash that may never come

Also should make it clear that this is not the Exynos version which is what started the whole ****storm in the first place 
Hacks are on google....this will become facebook if we open this door.Great job wrong place. I would love to keep this site clean for work.

lol ..... so tks for the cut and paste magic ? LOL nice job , never for a second thought you guys would drop the ball 
You've brought so much to our android world. You changed my life when I flashed cm6 to my evo way back when. For that Sir, I thank you. 
Awesome, any word when we can expect a alpha, somewhere. I have my juicy gs4 being delivered tomorrow.
+Mihai Popovici Yes, several team members are working on it. An alpha build was released on XDA as a proof of concept but it is still not ready to use as a daily driver.
Do u have a link to the xda forum im not seeing it
No im talking about the t-mobile galaxy s4 build which is what this topic is about
Sweet!! Now we're just waiting on somebody to unlock the damn AT&T bootloader...
god i am SO CONFUSED.
there are 2 versions, right? i9500 and i9505. which one is the international one and which one is USA? and which one is the problematic one that if i get im screwed?
+Casey Barber if his S4 has already CM 10.1 doesn't that mean that bootloader is already unlocked?
both i9505 and i9500 are international versions, I9500 is without LTE and i9505 is with LTE.
oooh and AT&T is for loosers dont need to unlock that bootloader, hahaha
Awesome work! I knew devs could get it (:
Please Tell Us Will GT-I9500 Will Get CM 
i was thinking to buy this device GT-I9505 is not avaliable in my country
What malware versions does it support?

Galaxy S4 is the phone with good features and worst plastic :P
with best hardware and CM10.1 Rom, S4 is 1st
+Yaniv Baruch There's 3 main versions;
There's the i9500 = Quad-core
The i9505 = Quad core with LTE
and the SHV-E300K/L/S = South Korea only octa core version
I like cm to make a super phone them self that be god send phone yum yum
Right now, as far as the GT-I9500 - UNKNOWN.  Right now, to my knowledge, no maintainers have it, and none I have talked to are particularly interested in it.

Does this mean that no one, ever, will touch it?  No.  Someone might pick it up.

But it's pretty much:  GS4s with Qualcomm chips and unlocked bootloader = highly likely (in fact, as Steve has shown, pre-alphas exist).

GS4s with Exynos5 "Octa" - Indeterminate.  Far less likely - not impossible, but not highly likely either.

Kraits are getting to be REALLY easy to support...  If you want a device that is likely to get good CM support - get something with a Krait and an officially unlocked or unlockable bootloader.  Or even better - don't buy a device based on what it could be, but what it is.  If CM is critical to you, buy a device that is already well supported.

I don't know of anyone who has an I9505 either, however it's so similar to the T-Mo variant that it shouldn't be too hard for someone to pick it up.
Rich S
If you guys want someone to maintain a device, buy one and send it to them.
This is EPIC. So the T Mobile version has an unlocked bootloader? That's what I'm hearing on XDA. 
+Jason Palaszewski So far only the AT&T version is confirmed to be locked.  Although the VZW version is almost guaranteed to be locked too.
+Andrew Dodd Yeah I've heard about that. I'm pretty sure this version that he's working on is the T-Mo version which has an unlocked bootloader then
The Canadian versions of the S4 are locked too.
T-Mobile S4 (as shown in the photo) is unlocked. 
Why Cyanogen got no love for HTC. :(
so does that mean that all development will be for the 9505 ver and non for the 9500?
+Yaniv Baruch All?  No.  But at least currently, significantly more for Qcom variants.  This could change, nothing is ever set in stone, but at least for the near future, Qcoms are going to have significantly more progress.
Well, there is no way Steve is smart enough to do an official release for the Nexus 4 before Google makes it obsolete with their next update.

Hoping that challenges work as well for Nexus owners as for S4 owners. :)
So far the Sprint version of the S4 comes with an unlocked boot loader & the T-Mobile version has an unlockable bootloader so get either one of these or wait & see if the devs can unlock the AT&T & Verizon S4 boot loader before you spend your 💰 C.R.E.A.M
Since the bootloader for the AT&T Galaxy S4 has now been unlocked, does this mean we'll start getting CM10.1 ?
Good stuff man! Now I have absolutely no reason not to get the S4 on T-Mobile. I was hoping it wasn't going to be like when I got the Rezound (got it on launch day, got perm root a few weeks later, HTC Dev unlock about a months later, and S-off about 4 months after that) and it doesn't look like that will be the case!
Nice! Excited to see how quickly things are coming along.
This is the reason I choose plastic over aluminum uni body so called crap.
Why does the S4 show a larger amount of RAM in the about screen than my S3? They are both supposed to have 2GB...
If the VZW GS4 can get unlocked, Steve's support might sway me toward this device.  
I know there are a hundred comments about this already, but - I9500 support???
+Ryan Allen You knew there were comments, and you saw the answers, why are you asking like a broken record?
+David Moreno I have a US Verizon version of the S3 that shows 1630MB. The screenshot above for the T-Mobile S4 shows 1821MB
Great work Steve! Can't wait to jump on it!!
Will there be support for the Exynos based S4?

+Andrew Dodd there was only one comment above mine regarding phones with the Exynos processor with no answer that I saw.

Sorry you were so offended.  Maybe you should go back to your normal job of trolling forums and only telling people to search and not bothering to help. 
+Gary Parks The question was repeated at least 3-4 times, and 2-3 answers were given.  INCLUDING AT LEAST ONE FROM MYSELF.
I enjoy it when manchildren on the internet decide to yell at other people for not sifting through 120 comments and counting to find something. Reminds me of the unprofessionalism on XDA where any question is met with an answer of "READ THE ONE POST ON PAGE 372 IN THE 845-PAGE STICKY, NUB".
+Kevin Most We're too busy working on CM to deal with people who are too lazy to "control-F i9500".  Oh, and by the way - users like yourself who insist on being spoonfed information are why many of the CM maintainers stay away from XDA.  I still maintain threads there, but many others do not because of users who insist that they are entitled to be able to ask questions that have already been asked and answered multiple times.
too lazy, i cba to search for a domain registrar.  can u tell me how to registr a domain plz sir?
Even better:

[Q]Will +Andrew Dodd buy it?


[B]Yes - CM will be supported on it, but you'll have to listen to +Andrew Dodd complain about [OEM] for weeks first. 


[A] Go play in traffic
Make sure to hit the thanks button 
Everyone is always so hung up on if Cyanogenmod is coming to their phones or not. If you're going to live or die (and beg) for support, don't buy the phones until you know they're supported. I've been biding my time on a G2 for two years and now I'm buying the S4 knowing it's supported. Only thing I'll be saying on here/XDA is "Thanks!".
Nice irony ;) Haha great... That was very quick!
Can't wait to root my Galaxy S4 and put CyanogenMod 10.1 on it :D
Thatss sad :( I bought a S4! Will get a Note 2
I really like my S4 - but i like my s3 with cm 10.1 much more in the moment... Do you think, there will be an more or less stable release for die 9505 in the near future?!? ...or this will be only a wet dream the next weeks? ;)
+Balaal Ashraf no, the s4 uses lpddr3 ram while the htc one uses slower lpddr2 ram. This makes the s4 perform much better in gpu benchmarks.
Sajid A
Any luck with Indian i9500
Oh no!  No CM for S4?!?!??!  Oh well.  Maybe the HTC One is the phone to get now. :-)
Hey, since you're working on the S4...  do you think it'll be feasible to keep some of the hands-free features or the S-View thing with those flip covers?  Or is it too early to tell?

Lock , when Linux Kernel will be updated ... Do you still will not support?
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