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Canadian variant up next!
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Very nice to see especially when there was multiple sites saying it was never going to be supported 
J Agnew
I don't have the device and I'm applauding. 
I believe the version with the exinos processor is the one they are not supporting.
How about the HTC One? :P
edit: Happiness is ...  CyanogenMod on ALL my device :)
There's gotta be a version for the Gnote2 Docomo version that retains the NFC security stuff for Mobile Wallet and Mobile TV here...
+Daniel Hillenbrand How are you finding working on the One compared with the Exynos platform?
I know Qualcoom has good and clean sources, but is there something in the One giving trouble?
even better: jelly bean 4.2 on my nook color. old school, baby.
Still don't see the CM10.1 link for the SGS4 T-Mobile US version.
You R da man! My new S4 is gonna be so happy! :o) 
Okay, I found the jfltetmo version. The only problem I found is that external SD won't mount, and I've tried with cards formatted to both Fat32 and ExFat.
I also volunteer to test CM on my european I9505
Hells Yah Steve.  Mind blowingly good work mate. +10000000 thumbs up.
Jealous looking at nightly for 9505... :(
any luck and any idea when CM will come to i9500 octa version pls ?
The octa will take some time i guess due to lack of exynos 5 code
Now that there will be officially google Nexus s4 can we not expect cm to come faster specially to i9500
I wish we will see this art on the i9500. Can't stand the buggy touchWiz UI. LUVE CyanTone as my ringtone :D
Hope you can work on Canadian variant SGH-M919V from Videotron.
Hope to see cm on i9500 before I sell it for htc one 
=) GS4 development is moving along nicely Steve.  Cant thank you enough for your work.  +1 eternally greatful
I have same model as you when is this exactly getting released and will it have all Touch wiz features like Air jesture or Air View cause what the point of installing it if it don't I prefer Stock android Feel with All Same Features. 
@james farough - you've sort of answered your own question no?
if you like stock - you should stay stock.
a handful (ha) of us prefer cyanogenmod for all its other amazing features, and outstanding development.

air view and air gesture are gimmics - like the 3d function of the htc evo3d was.  Not knocking them at all - every gimmic has its place.

edit: answering your when is it going to be released question -
..... i think you specifically should stay with stock rom.

"you can lead a horse to water....."
But i like CM 10.1 is it stable ? Text me 5199962537
Anyone know why CM 10.1.2 keeps failing the install get proper someone said it boot loader I currently have S3 I747M 
10.2 onto it's second nightly release. :D Working fantastic on the jfltecan.  

+Steve Kondik 
side note: Vendor_blah_268.kl (ps3 controller keyboard file) has been modified and buttons no longer work as before. (checked against 10.1 file).  Related - I think the app "six axis controller" has lost its ability to trigger touch screen events. This a known issue atm?

Thanks again as always for the SUPREME SUPPORT! :) Ballin!
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