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On the bright side, this new layout looks great on a monitor in portrait mode! #whitespace
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I knew I was doing it wrong.
not so good on my old aspire one netbook... oh wait, it never looked good on it.
Perhaps they should have implemented landscape mode first, though? :p
Ahh, yes! Should have realized I need to turn the monitor 90deg! ;)
The question is just how to handle that with my macbook...
You all know that space will be used for ads when the time comes so i dont see the fuzz tbh :P
That extension doesn't do anything for me. My browser has column shaped windows and I can fit 2 of them side by side on a widescreen monitor...
What ads? I've used google services since I can remember, and I never, ever, saw a single banner in any of Google's services (calendar, Gmail,etc), so why do it on G+?
I'm probably the only one who loves to use a tablet in Portrait mode. It just makes sense
Why?? It just makes sense ;) Call it a hunch :P
all they had to do was center it... the fact is best buy's website was similarly like that for 2 years, no one cared then, why should they care now?
Tbh i think they have something in mind, wether t will be ads or something else we gotta remember this is still a work in progress.
How about implementing a 2nd pane for other streams? would be faster to respond to other posts on the go.. but..
I think the whitespace is just supposed to be there. If you have multiple chat windows open they take that space
I'm only on a 1366x768 resolution, but I don't use the browser full width, i have chat clients on the side aswell sharing the desktop and with G+ chat up I don't have any whitespace :D
+André Luz if thats so, then they should increase it whitespace per chat window not just do it willy nilly
I personally hope/think that there should be a gmail gadget to allow you to at least see your inbox while on the main Google+ page as well.... dunno... something that integrates Gmail as well..
It just looks absurd on my 27" 1440p screen...
+André Luz are u implying the god-like google can not accomplish this??? u r now banished!!! x_X
The issue with GExtend is that it distorts all the image and video posts. Plus, after you search it goes back to the smaller rectangles. Good start/idea though, just needs some tweaking.
Good point. You are the first person i have seen come up with a good reason for the redesign. Well maybe also a place to put bacon.
I don't fullscreen my windows so it looks fine. No reason for a browser window to be 1920x1080.
I think widgets will go on that whitespace. Just saying.
Haven't tried that yet, but I'm sure it does, great job on UI here
On the bright side, there is now a very big bright side.
The whitespace is twice the size of everything else... :|
i´m pretty sure that the whitespace will be used for ad´s in near future
Rob M.
My beer is so exclusive it hasn't even been invented yet.
I just looked up mounts that are capable of switching between portrait and landscape... so expensive. Any one know of cheap solutions?
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