Features and Things

CM is a constantly evolving organism, powered by sleep deprivation and the blood of developers. We're constantly changing to improve not only the code, but also the experience.

When a new version of Android is released, we have to do an enormous integration that affects the entire codebase and every single device. After doing this so many times, we realized that this is the right time to do reevaluation of existing features, code refactors, and other major changes since we might as well just get all the breakage done up front. Because of this, when you make the jump from a well-established version to a zero-day development version there is precisely zero chance that much of anything is finalized or complete!

If you're running a nightly build of 10.2, there are major improvements happening. Device Parts was a big one- we've talked about extending the Android HAL to support the special features that are device specific and shared between several models. Arcee took the leap into it and it's coming along nicely. 

When we look at features we want to keep, drop, or change, there are a number of factors that come into play.. Did Google do this for us in the new version?  Do people actually use this? How many people use this, and if it's just a few is there someone around who is going to port it forward?  We want to have a solid feature set, but we do have to weigh the cost of maintaining it vs. other factors. 

CM has traditionally spent the majority of our time on just getting devices working properly- I personally spend vast amounts of time on this.  This is something that will never change, but the team has grown substantially over the years, giving us more capability to polish the user experience and build things that you won't find elsewhere. I want something that I can not only hack on, but something that is awesome to use every day and I think we are finally starting to get there. 
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