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Features and Things

CM is a constantly evolving organism, powered by sleep deprivation and the blood of developers. We're constantly changing to improve not only the code, but also the experience.

When a new version of Android is released, we have to do an enormous integration that affects the entire codebase and every single device. After doing this so many times, we realized that this is the right time to do reevaluation of existing features, code refactors, and other major changes since we might as well just get all the breakage done up front. Because of this, when you make the jump from a well-established version to a zero-day development version there is precisely zero chance that much of anything is finalized or complete!

If you're running a nightly build of 10.2, there are major improvements happening. Device Parts was a big one- we've talked about extending the Android HAL to support the special features that are device specific and shared between several models. Arcee took the leap into it and it's coming along nicely. 

When we look at features we want to keep, drop, or change, there are a number of factors that come into play.. Did Google do this for us in the new version?  Do people actually use this? How many people use this, and if it's just a few is there someone around who is going to port it forward?  We want to have a solid feature set, but we do have to weigh the cost of maintaining it vs. other factors. 

CM has traditionally spent the majority of our time on just getting devices working properly- I personally spend vast amounts of time on this.  This is something that will never change, but the team has grown substantially over the years, giving us more capability to polish the user experience and build things that you won't find elsewhere. I want something that I can not only hack on, but something that is awesome to use every day and I think we are finally starting to get there. 
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I knew arcee was cool and I called all of this lmfao. 
+Steve Kondik had a question regarding the latest update on the vzw s4 want to put cm but bootloader is still locked what's your opinion about possible unlock 
I have been enjoying the 10.2 nightlies on my Nexus 4
I have been enjoying 10.2 on my Galaxy Nexus for a while now, and was so pleased to see it arrive for my Nexus 7 today.  Efforts are eminently appreciated!
+Steve Kondik Appreciate this. I think getting developers working at the HAL level will help demystify what is a bit of an unexplored area and having a common interface for specific classes of hardware across devices will be great for app developers also. So have you got an ETA of when the barometer features will be available for S4 LOL ;)
+Steve Kondik , I used CM10.x on my HTC One and loved it. I have since moved to S4 AT&T (which I purchased at retail before the GPE was announced) and, like an idiot, updated to the latest version of the AT&T software. Of course I am stuck until a root solution with custom recovery is available to play with stock Android, whether that is CM or GE. That you are contributing to the field is obvious. But hats-off to you for putting-in the time and effort to doing what you are. I haven't programmed in years but am an IT person and have been an MIS professor for long. I don't understand the intricacies of Android but believe that, at some point in time, there should be a less-cumbersome and modular solution to "plugging-in" interfaces onto an Android shell so that these plugs can be swapped easily. From what you have written, it seems like we are far from getting to a simpler solution. If you have written something or know if some existing material, I would love to understand where, how, and why difficulties arise. I believe that at some point, we need to have phones that work like PCs (actually notebooks because PCs are extinct, aren't they?) where I can swap out OSs without having to go through the hassles of unlocking bootloader and rooting. That is happening with the Developer editions but we need to see more of that coming from additional manufacturers.
What's android hal all about? Do you basically just put all your drivers in one big pool use the same imagine and all devices will pick up the correct drivers? Anyway, what's hal? 
+Daniel Whelan hardware abstraction layer (HAL) gives you a standard way to create software hooks in between the Android platform stack and your hardware.
Well said, and thank you!

So, +Steve Kondik, how about evolving a CM powered homebrew sculpture? 
+Steve Kondik , you think that AOSP development will ever be done or in the open as opposed to periodic code drops from Google?
How about some HAL to use the fracking camera led as a torch without the need to turn on the camera?
Sounds good, maybe soon I will be skilled enough to contribute someway to the technical field as you guys are. Thanks for the feedback +Steve Kondik you guys rock. 
Obby Tt
want the option back to disable the incredibly annoying button backlights on the soft keys
He said "Over the years." That is awesome!
I think everyone appreciates what all of you guys are doing
Disabling advanced menu, and therefore mDNIe makes my Samsung phone cry :(
wheres the advanced menu. im mising tons of features
Well, CM already feels a bit cluttered with all the settings and features, but may be Android 5 will be a good reason to start making real changes?
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