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What's next?

A few weeks ago, +Koushik Dutta and I were able to meet with +Pete Lau in Shenzhen and we began discussing our vision for a phone that would fuse truly amazing software with the highest quality hardware available. Together, we’re setting out to create that product. Stay tuned.
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Congratulations on your achievements so far and what you will achieve in the future. 
Cm11 for the moto cliq??? Please!!!

First you take a Moto X.  Then, you improve the camera.

Have fun guys, blessed be,

Jeffrey Hall
The Grey Witch
If you can get the hardware cost near the Nexus 4/5, and unlocked, we could have a winner. 
If it's the best hardware available, I won't mind paying more. CM for life! 
how is Pete Lau, any details ?
A cm powered phoneblok phone with built-in multiboot 
If it's not a cm toaster, I have officially given up. 
I was hoping this was the case. Please please please please please don't make the mistake that every Android oem makes.

Don't throw a bunch of top specs into a stupidly thin phone.
Put the needed feature set and the perfect characteristics into the most provocative object of desire.

You haven't the same constraints as everyone else including Apple so carve your space out by doing it right. Here's a link to a podcast which you may have listened to but so many clear truths about current phones, oems and carriers are discussed by a cross platform reviewer who clearly knows hardware and software development.

Absolutely mind blowing news. You have the tech world's attention so use it. 
Can I buy one of these now? I mean... Kickstarter? I want a ClockworkMod Cyanogen Oppo.
I want cm on Ubuntu edge hardware
fine frnd. But at time I'm travel.
Not too big not too small. An OLED Display would be great dont have to be 4K for me ;-) And you dont have to bring "Octa-Core Power" but please use a decent Snapdragon or Intel not a MTK one or even a Samsung braaaawwww.
Nexus 5 with better camera sw, G2 like battery life, microsd and CM stable 2 months max later than Google release.
Take my money! 
I WANT to love whatever you make. You guys are like a dev's dream come true to me. As long as the device is latest technology specs it boils down to 3 points. What has kept me returning to Samsung is:

1) A removable battery. If I have 2-3 with a separate charger I can always use my device how I want, where I want. Think about recording high-def at the zoo all day. which brings me to the second thing.

2) Removable MicroSD I need to be able to upgrade space

3) Tweakability. With the exception of this damned Knox on my Note III, Samsung Galaxy's have been near un-brickable and easy to root. 

If an OEM other than Sammy would offer this stuff, I might consider their products. 
As long as it's not another 6 inch monstrosity you have my attention.
Ryan C
The note size seems to be the sweet spot for me. It's big, but still fits in my pocket. Using smaller phones is now a difficult task. 
Make it modular, like Phonebloks! 
I hope u guys wont forget the external memory slots and bigger batteries. Guaranteed  u'll sell plenty of those. The Next better Samsung, good luck :)

+1  to +Vittore Tognetti vision, tha'ts everyone's wish :)
Good luck!  Look forward to seeing what you come up with.
+Paul Morris Was thinking we'd do an iPhone knockoff and ship it with Cupcake. Can't fail! :)
Chris P
I'm starting to think that people who keep asking for removable battery and slot for external storage are just trolling or simply out of touch with reality. Anyway, meh.
+Chris P give to me outstanding battery life and 64gb of internal memory and I'll stop asking! 
Chris P
+Vittore Tognetti buy a powerbank and clean up your photo / music / movie / app collections once in a while :)
+Chris P I have a powerbank. The one hand hand usage is not ideal when I'm travelling.
I have a 60gb+ music collection! I've already cleaned it asking for 64gb! I cannot stream when flying or travelling outside my country. 
Chris P
+Paul Morris you speak of exception cases that average people don't have that often. If you can provide proof that >1 million users found this to be an issue worthy of R&D, but let's be realistic, phone makers are selling to millions of people, not for the particulars :)
+Vittore Tognetti it might be a better idea to enjoy the trip (talk to the passenger next to you, for example) rather than closing your ears :)
+Chris P , n u don't wonder why Samsung is selling more devices 😂😂😂, a quick statistical observation if that's the kind of fact that will convince you that people really care about that extra storage,
+Chris P that's a very good suggestion! Unless all the people sited close to me are listening to their musing out of their big storage Samsung or iPhone!!!
Chris P
+Andrew Maro sure, if you can show me how many of the average people are buying samsung devices because of its external storage, not due to its heavy marketing and lobbying, large screen or other factors then yes, I'll be convinced.

+Vittore Tognetti lol, nice comeback!
+Chris P for a small sample of people replying to this post shows they actually want it, anyway your preferences are different from most other people that's quite obvious, can't argue on that, we all have different uses with our phones
Chris P
for practical reason (not fashion), I would like it to fit on my jeans' pocket and still able to bend comfortably to tie my shoes (something that my >5 inch phone still irritates me). So yeah, pretty, thin and fast :)
for logical reason (not fashion), phones are made to the largest demographic as possible. The largest demographic for smartphone users happens to live in modern environment where power outlet, external battery, and external storage are within reach.
For those who spend their time mostly outdoors, external battery can be use to charge their multiple devices, not just one phone.
If I sound ignorant of specific user groups, I'm simply looking things from a phone maker perspective.
+Steve Kondik , hopefully it'll be a combination of Nokia's 808 PureView, Lumia 1020, Lumia 1520, iPhone 5S, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Sony Xperia Z1 (great screen with outdoor visibility and responsiveness with gloves on, awesome camera and camcorder with xenon flash, RAW capture, dedicated camera button and wrist lanyard hole, USB 3.0, microSDXC and removable battery with Qi charging, and IP58 waterproofing).

Oh, and please make an additional model with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard.
Matt Su
count me in!!!
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