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Ohai Cid!

The kinda new/revised boot animation for CM9 by Cameron Behzadpour.
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Wow! Waiting for this on my sgsII
I still don't understand why the mascot has to look angry...
YESSSSSSS I've been looking for one for the past week finally came back to cm and need more cid in my life
Marvel's/Iron man's lawyers might want to have a word... :)
Cool! Looking forward to it on my maguro. Already enjoying the new Cid icons popping up in the nightlies.
As usual, it looks freakin' fantastic. 
angry cid looks great. still like the simple +CyanogenMod  nexus one boot animation
Introducing Cid to the sweet sound of a #SID . Nice touch! :-)
I like it, it would be cool if it started with Cid walking in from the side then crossing his arms like the android central bot before the circle started spinning.
For me it is saying> build by nerd teenagers. Sorry. The software itself is way better, thanks god, superman and IT crowd.
Boot animation is fun. Don't care if its nerdy or not :D. Only see it once a week.
I Like it, now if only i could get CM9 on my HTC Desire/Bravo GSM :-)
Amazing! Love the change in expression on Cid's face! :D
I do not like the background
I don't like Cid too, but I love CM team! :-) Keep it up guys!
Hopefully this also removes the lag from the animation too. For some reason my phone's animation has never been smooth.
When will you change the logo of the site? It's the old mascot
nice one. when will it be available in sgs1 nightlys?

may i get that bootanimation for my devices? thx
سلام تینجا نو گوگل کسی پیدا میشهه که فارسی بدونه یا حذفش گنم
Can we finish the build for the GNex now please? ^_^ haha
chera bazi vaghta ye chand taiee peida mishe!
Sory jst new in google.ddnt knw yet
+Leonardo Gandini wow. Very nice to call the work of another one who dedicated time and passion for a community project a "piece of shit". Congratulations.
+Andrej Saweljew I call it piece of shit cause I can evaluate a graphic work cause it's my job, I really love cgm but i don't understand that "mascotte". And please don't say things like "it's for free and for community" cause if a work is not valid at all there's nothing u can say! 
Bye bye Andy, had good times with you (sneef) ;-)
+Leonardo Gandini I do not like Cid either, but there is a slight difference between evaluating work and being disrespectful ;) But I am not on G+ to argue about stuff like that..
I like it, the old one was a bit OTT and I never really liked it that much.
hmmmmm............its nt funny............
Is that an arc reactor in his chest? Cid Stark!
It's neat, looks good, but... Still love the old logo!  Can't we have that with the arc reactor chest piece?!
Looks like Dr Manhattan met Iron Man
would be nice if the awesome music was included :)
You guys moan about everything .Its fken awesome and be grateful.Better then a gay pink unicorn no offence.If you hate the bootanimation change it.If you dont know how ,read.If you are lazy than you don't deserve to run cyanogenmod on your phone
If i could use it on GT-I9210! hint
wow that´s great boot animation! i wait for xperia neo v port!!!
Unfortunately the Cyanogen Mod is the only one that didn't complete and bricked my Droppad C8, I now have an OFW in case that happens again.  But for the moment will be using a different one.
Reminds me of Radiskull's "Devil Doll"
Quite possibly the best boot animation ever.
maybe it's just me but i liked the friendly looking little android better :)
That music reminds me of the old Commodore 64 and Amiga PC's of ages past. (yep showing my age)
Andy should be optional
Yaaa for 'Random'! I love that guys music.
I'm afraid of bricking my phone!
Way better than my boot routine on my Samsung. Does it retrofit to older models? My bet is no. Good job! Too bad your work went wasted on the old one. It's happened to me in the past, too. That really blows. Hope things go better in the future! Cheers, Melinda
The new Iron Man complete with glowing Arc Reactor chest.
I gona for give him in future life man
I liked previous one and like this as well. Do not know about this one but JPEG artifacts of the previous one were ugly.
nice, I like the background, v snazzy but I like old cm7 one better overall
Camera still doesn't work. Gotta have the camera.
not that it would keep me from running cm9 , but from uselessly rebooting , definitely. it's just my personal opinion but it's ugly , why the gray alien ref ? 
truly awesome bootscreen is truly awesome
You know how can download ics for galaxy ace 4.0
damn.. why are boot times so short nowadays..bootanims were much more important to me with my old g1.. it always took about 90s on Gingerbread.
I'll miss the skating android but this new boot is sick!
I'll keep my skater Android any day.. looks like I'll be backing up the original cm9 boot..
Do we now have to pay royalties/license to Tony Stark?
+Chris Leighton I think that's suppose to be the point of Cid. Like Cyanogenmod has grown up but there still a rebel fighting. Or some deep stuff like that
Fag, you are a failed abortion obviously, so just stop while your ahead.
Hate it. It does not embody the always growing and changing Android OS. Cid depicts a grown up character. The short android guy inspires innovation. The tall one says I'm all grown up.
NOT a superfan of this revision...
I am looking for Android App Developers! (Aren't we all? Heh...)
JoPa Mi
Obviously making it to "what's hot" on g+ brought out the trolls.
Cyanogen always seemed so professional to me. This boot animation really doesn't reflect this at all. Shame as CM9 itself is brilliant.
Cid is perfect!!! What are you saying u all?? Why do u prefer the old FAT droid?? 
Kinda suxs :-\ Why he has such evil eyes? Andy looks more like a good-hearted boy...
Rob M.
I like CID.  Not a huge fan of the background however, but it's merely a boot animation.  Being a nightly flasher, I have a simple, low profile CID BA living in data/local so it doesn't get overwritten; alternatively you could ensure that your favourite /system BA isn't overwritten by creating a script in addon.d
Im sorry but i really dislike cid. Im still going to use cyanogen mod but Ill probably get rid of that boot animation. The old one was much better.
one stupid question... is Cid gonna be implemented in the CM7 bootscreen aswell?
It looks like a cat. Not an Android robo
I don't understand why it is angry. I don't want a angry mascotte in my phone.
This is the last kind of mascot you need if you want to take yourself seriously. Looks like it was designed by a 14 year old.
Cid is so much cooler than the android :) CM deserved something different than stock mascot. 
Kea K
Cid got glowing chest, think's he's iron man?
I think Cid looks Vicious, and could result in CM's Public Image being Limited. All pun intended. (Only us old punks will get this.)
I feel that 80% of the community don't like CID! 
skating Andy was way way better !!! and the skateboard and the cyan color stands for CM 

make a picture search cyanogenmod ... then you will find Andy 

please stop this mistake "cid" i like the roms so much 
This is a hoax/joke right?  Looks like something my 8 yr old would draw.
The great thing about CM is that you can simply delete cid and use the skateboard andy CM9 bootanimation instead after putting it on the phone.
Saw this last night when i updated my p4wifi to 6-12-12! Love the mean mug after the flash, it almost blinded me
Col tempo ameremo anche cid thanks Steve for your genius
how can I get the old one with andy to my phone? (se mini pro aka mango, sk17i)
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