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jb-mr2-zeroday-release?    CM-10.2, here we go :)
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I really didn't think it would get pushed this quick!
error: revision cm-10.2 in manifests not found </troll> ;)
Htc hero . Just for spam whenever I see your posts I count the random devices in the comments hehe
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I've bet they have it long, long time ago and just wait with smile on their faces to relese it :P
I hope that the new Restricted Profiles functionality is not considered a replacement for Privacy Guard.  From my reading of the release notes, RP means that applications which require those features (and don't volunteer to forego them) simply won't be able to run in a restricted profile, rather than having a way to provide "empty" databases for those apps.  The use cases are different.
+Dugzino Ramani Its based on whether it is considered a full new version or not.  4.1 was Jelly Bean and so is this, so its a point release (X.1, X.2, etc)  For a few version they bump (like from 9 to 10).
will be any suport for legacy phones with 1ghz and 512ram ?
those phones can still run new andorid 4.2.2 with cm10.1.2 without any problem...also way xperia phones have low suport for cyanogen roms,most of xpeira phones have undone roms like my xperia arc,also my previus xperia x8 have undone cyanogen rom.thanks for macking new code fast as can to get cm10.2 in more then 1 weak ,also new secrty is nice,i like to know my data is now safe :D
also how can i help with translating i want to make beter translatin for Serbian.I want to help.
CM 10.2 for S3 please... As always thanks for the great efforts. 

Not sure if the changes Android 4.3 poses some hurdles for ports. Read somewhere that setuid is disabled in the new version.
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Omg can't wait to flash this 
+Gladia Dor the source code WAS released, but at the same time as ICS, so it was obsolete by then.
+Kyle Robair Thanks, how in the hell did I miss that.
Please release cm-10.2 for $MY_CURRENT_DEVICE because I know you handle all device maintenance for the 3 developer cyanogenmod project.
According to some people the S3 international wont get cm10.2 :(
Do you have any reference to the AOSP branch nomenclature, +Steve Kondik? When browsing trough the googlesource for Mako, I'm seeing "jb-mr2-release", "jb-mr2.0-release" and "jb-mr2-dev", but nothing that has a zeroday in it. And also, what is the relation of those branches towards the "master" branch? Its kinda confusing me, so thank you in advance!
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