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Public service announcement: There will be no SDK port of Ice Cream Sandwich to any device by the Cyanogenmod team directly. We only dabble in source. Period.
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Yea, makes sense. Why waste energy on the SDK?
Did yall like the cm pieces in ics? I thought it was a kudos to the cm team. 
tanks!! android 4 is amazing!! android 4 + cyanogen = GOD
sdk ports for donut and cupcake were sick tho.... lol
Why is everybody talking about CM9. Where's 8?
+Desislav Iliev CM8 would have been honeycomb if that was open sourced and for phones... its a figment of your immagination (btw there was never a cm1 or cm2)
Ffffffffucking shit! Come on, google! This is Android, ffs.
Yea it was for tablets and the asop was never released caused Google didn't feel it was ready 
All of Googles versions are open source except for honeycomb..cause it just wasn't ready 
Do they release the source now or later (when?)
If it's anything like Gingerbread, I'd guess the ICS source will be dropped around the time of the Galaxy Nexus release.
"Hardware-accelerated 2D drawing a requirement for Android ICS"
Does this mean it wont be available on ARMv6 ever?? Im worried for my Moto xt502 (Commtiva z71 variant). Any thoughts?
+Steve Kondik, I could literally hear your frustration and sternness in my head while reading that. Also, your goatee is epic.
Thanks. I'll probably bang some other SDK based ROM on when one emerges (I'm too impatient for ICS) but I'll wait for CM9 as my daily driver.
Will CM8 be doing a Leisure Suit Larry 4 then? :)
2D accelleration depends on yout GPU not the CPU
ARMv6 is still no problem, but you should have a real GPU (maybe there is legacy support)

but that would leave out the HTC Wildfire e.g. becaus it has no GPU
the HTC Legend however could be included as it has an Adreno 205 GPU
is it just me or anbody else saw a whole lots of things idep ap dev took a loot of thing adding to previous versions of android , like stretchable widgets , icons , and stuff ? is ggl buying off the concepts or in any way giving something to those devs/cooks ?
+amirhossein jofreh ahh yeah, you are right :) but anyways, the point is, that some phones do not have a dedicated GPU and thua might be left out of a commity update (if google is right and GPU accelleration is a must)
Ray Dar
I want it on a ZTE 7" Kal-El Tegra 3 tablet!
As bad as I want it, Take your time. Love me Some Cyanogenmod
Steve your intelligence has changed my life! love
do something about the loudness of music through headphones in s ii ... the whole AOSP industry is crying about that!:P
Thanks Steve :) Will there be a release for the Xperia Arc? I really hope so... I'm really looking forward to working with ICS
waiting for cm9, my request to cm team : please do some more work for the UI and overall graphics. thanx
hey, cyano, if you make a cm 7.2 with audio, theme, icon, and all graphics of ICS compatible with gingerbread?
How long will it take after release of the source aprox?
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