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Steve Kondik

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My slides from #babbq16! Nightmares!

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Blatant self promotion
We attended +March of the Droids in the UK last week. Check out our co-founder and CTO Steve's keynote presentation. Thank you to the organizers, attendees, and +IDEAA

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It's all true! See you in Edinburgh!
Steve Kondik, CTO and Co-Founder of Cyanogen, will be delivering the Keynote at March of the Droids 2016 in Edinburgh on March 19th.

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Earlier this year I made a feature for CM called LiveDisplay which does exactly this. It reduces the color temperature of your screen as the sun goes down, and returns it back to normal as the sun rises. I use Redshift on my laptop, but most phones benefit even more since they often are calibrated to an absurdly high temperature by default.

The feature can also boost contrast and brightness when under extremely bright lights to make the display more readable.

We're certainly not the pioneers of this, but I haven't seen a device which could do this out of the box (with hardware acceleration too).

It's been effective for me at least :)

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Hey that's me! Who's going to the inaugural EuroBBQ?

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Really excited about this. We've got some great features in CM, and now its time to start giving developers the ability to use them to build new kinds of apps. This is our first step in this direction and by no means our last.
Introducing the Cyanogen Platform SDK.

Developers, read more about how you can leverage and contribute to the project.

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On Privacy

It's always a bummer when certain people with an axe to grind make unfounded claims that we are actively putting our users in harms way. And that they just happen to write for the front page of XDA. Everyone's entitled to their opinion, but I just wanted to pause for a second and make it clear where both my company (Cyanogen Inc) stands and where I personally stand on the topic of keeping control in the hands of our users.

One of our goals is to enable powerful services to become part of our platform rather than a bunch of bolt-ons thoughtlessly thrown together. But we'll never do it without your permission, and we'll always have extra layers of defense.

Check out the screenshots below of some of the things we've built to make this a reality before jumping to conclusions.

As always- if you have ideas on how to improve these features, we are listening!
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I wrote up a short  technical retrospect on the issues we ran into rolling out Cyanogen OS 12 and the challenges we faced upgrading everyone's favorite breakfast meat to the latest and greatest. Things are back in full swing now. We definitely lost a lot of sleep, but also learned a lot in the process.

And as usual, anything you read today about us desupporting devices or whatever is largely unfounded.
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