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Emerging Photographers Updated List

Please Share early and often. :)

About a hundred new additions since last week so it is well worth overwriting last weeks circles with this one and the one I'll post within 10 minutes, Emerging Photographers Plus.

This is the group with the newest photographers to G+ though of course not to photography in general. This is where the real new discoveries can be made.

If you want to be added:
(or want to add someone else)

Check that you are in less than 1,000 circles (there is some leeway here)
Make sure that you have at least 40 images available for public viewing via G+ and/or Picasa. They can be as a gallery, with individual posts or any combination. If you haven't got 40 available images that you are willing to share go take some photographs.

Then go to this page:

and enter your (or the person you are recommending) Google ID. and hit submit - I will do the rest.

I will happily answer any questions, or take any suggestions here about the groups in general but I am not going to discuss individual cases - just do the above and take your chances - the whole process only takes about 20 seconds.

Here is the Emerging Photographers Plus Circle:

Steve Johnson shared a circle with you.
In this Circle:
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Oh! I would love to be in a Emerging Photographers circle... would you add me to it? :)
Thank you +Steve Johnson for all you do on G+ for photographers!
I am honored to be on this list!
I guess, i am added to the group :) Didn't got a notification. Thanks Steve...
+Ken Rathke It is a numbers thing - watch this space though. You were too popular when you initially replied I think. It is not a fair system I know but it is the one that gives newer people here a fair chance. You, and me for that matter, will both do OK and won't drift away through lack of interaction. Watch this space though - I am working on something that may be of benefit - and I can't be any less cryptic than that at the moment.
+Steve Johnson your efforts in maintaining these lists and sharing them are sincerely appreciated.
+David Bowden Thanks David, appreciated. - Every time I work on it I seem to find a slightly quicker way of doing things so I am learning something which is always good.
Thanks +Steve Johnson. I can say that, it is thanks to you that I've been nearly circled by 1000 people. Thank you!
Your group has been full of really engaging, talented folks... made lots of friends because of you +Steve Johnson
Thanks for including me +Steve Johnson And thanks for your great work for the photography community here on Google+
Thanks for including me, +Steve Johnson. I love the idea behind this circle. Good luck to all involved.
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