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*Has a sad*

The guy at the garage said that my car was likely to be a complete write-off.

My poor car. Been with me for 6 years. Going to the scrapyard in the sky :(
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But you'll get money from the guilty party through insurance to buy a new car? You could have had my BMW if I had my company car by now!
Wow, hoped it wouldn't be that bad.
Now you'll have the back and forth with your insurance company under-valuing your car... which is shit.

In my experience they can normally offer 50% more than the first figure if it's respectable but low.
100% more if they are really trying to be a s**t :)

Chin up and hold out for money!
+Shane Cloherty - yeah, I hadn't seen the crumpled floor so didn't realise it was so bad.

The guy assessing the damage was saying to get on Auto trader to get an idea of what I'm owed from the insurance.
oh heck, poor car :(
It's kind of oddly heartbreaking when it happens, feel for you Steve.

I lost my baby on 17th March, 2002.

*gets emotional*
Thanks everyone. I suppose I am a bit attached to my first car.
I miss Sidney (my first car) :( and Daphne (the one taken from me) :(

You do get attached, particularly to your first car.
Im here all week folks. My new one is called Jean Pierre. Just cause it is French
Yep! I do about 1000 miles a week now so If I wash it on a sunday, it needs another wash by tuesday so I've taken them option to let it self clean.

I'm still waiting for it to start!
+Simon Wareham 1000 miles.. that means u drive 260 kms on an average day, excluding weekends,, thats a lot!!
I drive about a little more two and a half hours , six days a week..still u spend a lot of time in commuting, man!!
Thats why im now sitting back while Ali drives.

It would be relaxing, but Ali is driving ;)
Yeah.. Women are supposed to be very good drivers, after-all :) :)
+Steve Jaszczak I get how you feel mate!! I felt the same when I had to say goodbye to my baby of 8 years :(
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