Google+ gurus please help!!!!

I was speaking to a potential client today and was attempting to convince him to take a long term strategy with regards to promoting his website - to include adding top notch content to his website on a regular basis and to start utilising social media.

The potential client however was looking for much quicker results and was seemingly only interested in obtaining links pointing to his website - and as many as he could.

This was his reply:

As Social Signals are only a minor ranking factor with Google, if at all - why should I even bother? I might as well wait until they are - don't you agree Steve?

Now despite trying my best I could not convince this person and he has stated that he will look elsewhere despite the fact that I had provided him with some posts to read on the web such as: from +Emmett Smith from +Mark Traphagen 

Plus a video from +Eric Enge  Google+ and SEO Eric Enge - Whiteboard+

So ultimately I failed - how would you have explained the benefits of social signals and taking a long term view etc? Hoping I can learn from you all for the next time this kind of question comes up.

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