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Hey all,

I actually can't do step 3, a part of my job requires I have Air Watch installed and a part of the security it puts in place is to lock out taking screen shots.  Any other proof I can put in?

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Hey all,

A while back I had asked if anyone had anything to say about the MMO component of the upcoming Syfy show, Defiance, and got nothing!  Probably because no one was in beta who saw the comment.

Well, IGN has a video up with gameplay footage and commentary from a person who works on the game at Trion which may be found here:
if anyone else is interested in taking a look at it.  Warning:  it's over 1 hour of video!

I think it looks pretty neat, actually.  The first thing I thought of was Tabula Rasa, a third person MMO from a while back which died out quick.  Not saying that I think this is the fate of the Defiance game, just looked a bit like it was all.

Also of note: this is the Xbox 360 version they're looking at, though the only difference between the 3 versions will be graphics and controls.

Hopefully this helps anyone else curious about the MMO part!

If there are any hangout groups that play sometime on the weekends, once or twice a month, and looking for a player please let me know!

I'd love to play something in Fate, Dresden would be fantastic.  I've also played a lot of D&D 3.5, some Vampire and Werewolf.  I'm open to learning other systems as well, so long as the GM and players are ok with a new guy playing catch up.

Has anyone played the Dresden Files RPG?  I ran a game a while back and the wizard in the party was just steam rolling over everything!  I had to create outsiders that were extremely resistant to magic to give the other players a chance to do anything.  Anyone out there have a similar experience or know of some rule I was missing?  

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Hey everyone,

I've decided to try to keep up with Google+ more so than I have been in the past. It just seems that, with everyone moving away and having kids and what not, that it gets harder and harder to share what's going on and we end up missing some cool stuff that's going on.

So I'm going to attempt to update this with my goings ons while in school as well as my side project of game making. I'm going to add screenshots of my progress and stuff like that, just so you all can see my progress and that will, hopefully, keep me going! If you don't want to get these updates just let me know, I wont be hurt!
In the spirit of my new goal, here are two screen shots I have taken of some work I've done in Unity so far. I'm going through a tutorial book, so I can't take all the credit, but it's still been hard work! Once I get through the book I'm going to start in on my idea and see how far I can get!

The first shot there is of the island the tutorial is walking me through creating. No, this was not something I downloaded, I made that from scratch following the instructions. You can see I added some mountains to the right and that left crater looking thing will be a volcano soon. I'm not too happy with the elevation of the beaches at the moment, so I'll probably go in and drop those down to make it look a little more natural.

The second shot is a dual view of the first person camera object and the view the player has when starting the game. You can see on the bottom camera that I have added patches of healthy grass as well as patchy grass around rocky regions, and a few palm trees! The first person camera object is that cylinder in the top frame and it is fully playable, controlled via WASD and the mouse. It's nothing fancy yet but it is controlled by the physics engine now! Yeah, I had a problem with the jump button causing the player to fly up forever...

It's going to take me forever to get to where I want to be, seeing as how I have almost no programming experience! Unity helps a lot with that, since most of what you see here was done with a graphical interface, but there's still a lot of scripting. I'm trying to learn C# and/or Java Script, and the book I have is teaching me the basics fairly well, but its very easy to go cross-eyed when reading for too long!

So, any comments, suggestions, or whatever's to throw my way, have at it! Expect more in the future, probably around once a week or so I'll try to throw up an update. Hopefully the next screen shots will include a cabin!
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