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Steve Harlow

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I added one more to my Denmark album.

All are color studies for possible paintings and originate from panoramas I made seven years ago on a week long trip to Denmark..
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Steve Harlow

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Actually liking your day job may be the secret sauce that makes the whole thing work.
After five years of her disastrous, soul-crushing day job, the glittering young author who had once been deemed “quelque chose extraordinaire” was no longer quite so extraordinary.
In 1782, the year she turned 30, Frances Burney was a single, successful chick-lit author with not one, but two bestsellers to her name. Fans pointed and stared at her when she went out to public places. They stood up and made a fuss when she entered rooms. They routinely addressed her as ...
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Steve Harlow

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"Russian leadership managed to significantly unite public opinion in an idea that everything bad that is happening to Russia is driven by the West, led by the United States and that Russia is again in the position that it has to defend itself," #warwatch
A Czech general in line for a senior NATO post says the western military alliance was wrong-footed by Moscow’s moves in Ukraine and now has to reassure the public it has the means and will to confront Russia.
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Steve Harlow

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Want to win the future of recorded music? Don’t play catch up.  Innovate!
when your entire think tank consists of millionaires and yes-men, you’re not going to get the perspective you actually need to launch a successful music service in 2015.
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Steve Harlow

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I've always admired my Anglophone friend, Mary for learning and practicing the French language as an adult. If I were to learn a second language, it would be one with less crazy spelling traditions than English, not more. Even more credit to Mary for tackling French. Her report on the popularity of French Immersion for the young among Anglo Canadian populations gives hope that Canada will remain a united bilingual country. Where I live in America, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese are the most popular languages, other than English, spoken and learned. I would respect myself and neighbors more if we were enthusiastic about adding a second or third language to our repertoires, we are not. Of those two, if I were to follow Mary's example, I would choose to learn Spanish first because of familiar alphabet and the saner spelling, altho I have neighbors I could speak either with. The Chinese writing system is beautiful and fascinating, but, looks to be daunting to learn. I am ashamed I've not tried seriously to learn another language. I'm only 71, so I suppose I still have time.
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Unfortunately many of the elite francophones in Québec are so obsessed with the "purity" of their language and culture that they make it very very difficult for other cultures to integrate both linguistically and culturally. We see this particularly in politics, especially those dedicated to unilateral separation. This of course is another matter. I do so much agree that learning another language is a wonderful thing and in particular I too admire Mary for her great efforts. I was so lucky to have had a short meeting with her s few months ago.
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Gut-Brain Axis
Human microbiome research has shown that the microbes in the gut do very much interact with the brain.
Probiotics have been touted to be beneficial for a number of physical health problems, and recently researchers have also begun to look at their potential for improving our mental well-being. For instance, researchers have reported that consuming probiotics for a month may alleviate psychological...
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Yep, we need all that nasty stuff to break the half chewed food we force down our gullet.
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3 reworkings of panoramas from my trip to Denmark.
#digitalart  #gimp
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Very nice!
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I finally got tired of waiting. I've made the software. I'm using it now, as are a few friends. We're smoothing things out and should have something for everyone to use soon. - Dave Winer
In 2001, when I designed the protocols for podcasting, we were using a different Internet: Net connections were so slow that the click-wait problem was interfering with people using big media objects, and. The mobile devices that could play podcasts weren't able to communicate.
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Steve Harlow

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"The difference between people who are willing to buy music and those who want music at the push of a button is being vastly underestimated. If you want your music to play at the push of a button, convenience is going to trump sound quality 100 percent of the time.” - Steve Albini.
What's good about streaming, what's wrong with Tidal, and why owning music is like owning art.
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  • University of San Francisco
    Social Media Production, 2009 - 2010
  • Baruch College
    New Media Production, 1997 - 1998
    HTML, Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark
  • Sonoma State University
    Art (Studio), 1968 - 1971
    Major in Painting, minors in Drawing, Printmaking, Sculpture, Eastern Studies.
  • Cuesta College
    Art, 1965 - 1968
    Painting, Sculpture, Drawing, Sociology.
  • Long Beach City College
    Art, 1964 - 1964
    Art History, Sociology, Political Science.
  • Chouinard Art Institute
    Figure Drawing, 1961 - 1962
    Life drawing.
  • Earl Warren High School
    Art, Theater Arts, 1958 - 1962
    Art, Design, Theater Arts.
  • West Junior High
    Art, English, 1957 - 1958
  • South Gate Junior High
    Art, 1956 - 1957
  • Stanford Avenue School
    Music, 1949 - 1956
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At twelve years of age, I was a dedicated painter and a graduate of Stanford... (Ave. Elementary School, South Gate, California). I never stopped drawing and painting. Everyone warned me that making fine art was not a job, and they were right.
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    Artist, 2010 - present
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    Cook, 1966 - 1968
  • US Navy
    Quartermaster, 1961 - 1967
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2nd place in a beauty contest, collect $300!

82 F hot and humid, cloudy, hazy. Today was the Bennington Arts festival paint out. This was my morning painting, I'm behind Greenberg's lum

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Photos of Berlin street art and graffiti from a visit in March 2014

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