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Peter Brabeck-Letmathe = dangerous sociopath. 
Is water a free and basic human right, or should all the water on the planet belong to major corporations and be…
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+Zaid El-Hoiydi Do you have a right to BREATHE?
You can no longer live without water than you can air.
ISPs and net neutrality opponents expect public to believe the entire ten year net neutrality debate is just a ploy by Netflix -- to save a few bucks.
the crime Netflix is actually guilty of is standing up to ISPs on lack of sector competition, broadband pricing and usage caps.
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It plays well to the mindless masses who depend on Faux "News" for their life missions and beliefs.

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"notel" available widely on the North Korean black market have a small built-in LCD display, can be easily concealed, and can be recharged from a car battery.
A simple media player spreads through the black market.
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Unless these can be given out for free it will not help these oppressed people.

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Pretty good article about Punkrock - Hardcore transition in East Village youth music scene I witnessed in '81 - '82.
When punk seemed exhausted, a new generation of kids arrived in the East Village to fight for their music. One band member recalls, “We were like these crazy fucking street rats.” Credit Photograph by Frank White

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We had one here in nj google south amboy nj sinkhole. Took a truck and some homes had to be evacuated.
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Monsanto doesn't care, says it will maintain current levels of the chemical in its Roundup products.
People exposed to glyphosate in studies experienced a higher incidence of non-Hodgkin lymphoma than those not exposed to the chemical.
Residents charging their electric cars with excess solar stored in their home batteries is only years away
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+Steve Harlow tis okay - I do that sort of thing all the time with a thought of 'what did I just read?' only to go back and realize it didn't say what I thought it did at all ;-)

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Fascinating report from a professional troll working in a Russian troll factory where teams create fake debate in comments supporting Kremlin propaganda line.
Here on G+ I've run across similar commenters towing the Roger Ailes' Faux News talking points. I hope you get decent pay like the Russians. 
One Professional Russian Troll Tells All

"St. Petersburg blogger Marat Burkhard spent two months working at Internet Research in the department tasked with clogging the forums on Russia's municipal websites with pro-Kremlin comments. In the following interview, he describes a typical day and the type of assignments he encountered."

#Russia   #Россия   #Propaganda   #Пропага́нда  
Ever wonder what the daily life of a Russian Internet troll is like? Dmitry Volchek of RFE/RL's Russian Service talks to a young blogger who recently spent two months working at the country's mai...
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Fine line between Roger Ailes and Brian Williams.

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color replacement
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Koch theft vs decent governance. 
Wisconsin's Governor versus Minnesota's Governor
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  • University of San Francisco
    Social Media Production, 2009 - 2010
  • Baruch College
    New Media Production, 1997 - 1998
    HTML, Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark
  • Sonoma State University
    Art (Studio), 1968 - 1971
    Major in Painting, minors in Drawing, Printmaking, Sculpture, Eastern Studies.
  • Cuesta College
    Art, 1965 - 1968
    Painting, Sculpture, Drawing, Sociology.
  • Long Beach City College
    Art, 1964 - 1964
    Art History, Sociology, Political Science.
  • Chouinard Art Institute
    Figure Drawing, 1961 - 1962
    Life drawing.
  • Earl Warren High School
    Art, Theater Arts, 1958 - 1962
    Art, Design, Theater Arts.
  • West Junior High
    Art, English, 1957 - 1958
  • South Gate Junior High
    Art, 1956 - 1957
  • Stanford Avenue School
    Music, 1949 - 1956
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At twelve years of age, I was a dedicated painter and a graduate of Stanford... (Ave. Elementary School, South Gate, California). I never stopped drawing and painting. Everyone warned me that making fine art was not a job, and they were right.
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    Artist, 2010 - present
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    Web Designer / Social Media Producer, 1998 - 2010
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    Development Director, 1979 - 1980
    DJ, 1978 - 1980
  • Lincoln Art Center
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  • US Navy
    Quartermaster, 1961 - 1967
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480 Nigerian soldiers flee Boko Haram, take refuge in Cameroon

The Nigerian government has denied reports that soldiers abandoned their duty posts

2nd place in a beauty contest, collect $300!

82 F hot and humid, cloudy, hazy. Today was the Bennington Arts festival paint out. This was my morning painting, I'm behind Greenberg's lum

Speaking With Dragon

I was speaking with Dragon yesterday. "The ocean is still missing," he said. I had trouble understanding, it didn't make sense, missing, how

Scores feared killed, Churches burnt as gunmen attack communities near C...

Scores are feared dead after armed men attacked two communities near Chibok in Borno State early Sunday. Gunmen stormed Kwada and Kautikari

Impressions from Berlin

Photos of Berlin street art and graffiti from a visit in March 2014

Shinny's Girls, the Trilogy [NOOK Book]

Available in: NOOK Book (eBook). FREE SHIPPING on orders of $25 or more. Shinny's Girls, the Trilogy by Mary Burns.

Google Shopping Express

Available in San Francisco and SF Peninsula onlyImagine having everything you need delivered from local stores to your doorstep. Tackling yo

Oh say, can you see?

Stars and stripes everywhere, of course, and white pillars, like those identifying the big white house that is impossible to approach, even

Low country Carolinas

Not fair to pair the Carolinas when one is north, the other south, and when I have just skirted them, brushed up along beaches, and slipped