Some Observations on How to Increase YOUR Engagement on Google+
There is a significant uptick in engagement on Google+ recently, and that's a Very Good Thing. I've doubled the number of people I've circled in the last couple weeks (hello, all you people in my Science circle!), and I am fairly certain the number of people who've circled me has similarly increased.

In fact, I'm having to exercise a bit of triage with respect to how I handle notifications of new followers, and I bet many of you are, too. So what are some of the things I look for, to determine whether to circle you back (assuming, of course, you—whoever "you" might be—want me to circle you)?

Step 1, add a profile picture. It doesn't have to be a picture of you, necessarily, but I award bonus points for that: If we're going to have conversations, you and I, I'd like to see who I'm talking to. But as long as you're not a bluehead, you've passed step 1.

Step 2, fill out that profile! How do I know if any of our interests intersect, if you don't give me any clues about what your interests are?

Step 3, and this is the most important part of step 2, put something in the profile section labeled "Employment," and make that part, at least, public. Why? Because that's what people see when they hover over that picture you added back in step 1. Nope, it doesn't have to be your actual employment. Nor does it have to be only your actual employment. But it should be something more than where you live. And it sure shouldn't be empty. So use that space, as I do, to tell us a bit about you.

Finally, if you only post in a language other than English, the likelihood that I'll circle you is vanishingly small, simply because (to my regret), English is the only language I understand to any great degree.
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