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So i recently got a new Laptop, which unfortunately came with Windows 8.

I gave it a good run but the whole eco system of it quickly became far too much of an annoyance. I had to initially spend hours getting it setup to run properly without the touch screen interface, that it does its best to force upon you. I then had to contend with many compatibility issues with software i use and try to find alternates that did not run in metro style on 8.

The inability to disable such things as charm bar and the windows store without first paying out £100 to upgrade to pro also bugs the hell out of me.

But the final straw for me was the fact that with nothing but Win8 and the associated bloatware, store, charm bar etc, running the OS uses 3GB of ram and is stepping up my i7 from 2.7ghz to 3.5ghz while idle.

Now upon installing Win7 the OS is using less than half the resources with the cpu not stepping up while idle. Making the machine much less power hungry and run much cooler. Other than the Win8 boot time, the system on a whole now runs much faster, gaining around an 8% increase on 3dmark. Which is a huge step up for a gaming laptop.

I certainly can not see myself switch to 8 anytime in the near future. But with 9 reported to be well on the way to replace it, much like 7 was quickly pushed to replace the buggy vista, 8's life span may be short lived.

#Win8 #Win7 #Windows8 
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We will be looking at at least 1 new laptop here shortly.. and I refuse to accept windows 8 pre-loaded... I'd rather charged me less... wipe the hard drive and let me install my own OS...
That is,,, a copy I already own
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Steve Gundill

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So whats the state of dentistry coming to in the UK.

I lost a filling, so tried to get an appointment with the dentist to get it fixed. I was told they could not do anything until April and that i should contact NHS direct and they will put me in touch with my local emergency dentist.

So i use NHS direct and they put me in touch with my local emergency dentist. Who turns out to be my dentist and they once again try and tell me to contact NHS direct to be put in touch with the emergency dentist. I point out they are the emergency dentists in my area, to which the response was "Yes I know but we can not get you in till April so you need to contact NHS direct".

Its not just me that see's a flaw in this whole thing is it?
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Steve Gundill

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Please help out if you can. Even just re-sharing this post will help.

Help give Christmas to a family without a father

One week ago the Metro bus I was on struck and killed a pedestrian. Though I and other passengers rushed to the man's aid, he passed away. I don't think he was conscious following the accident, and it might be for the best as I really can't imagine his distress had he been aware. I stayed with him and I prayed for him till he was gone. His name was Charlie Turman, and he left behind three children and their mother.

I wrote about the experience (, and by chance or divine intervention, or whatever you want to call it - Charlie's family happened to see it and reach out to me. I've spoken with them a few times now, and while there is the expected grief, it is clear to me that their experience this Christmas has the potential to color their Holiday Season for the rest of their lives.

Passing on my Secret Santa

This year, instead of putting my own name on the Secret Santa list, I'm submitting the names of the members of Charlie's family. I humbly ask if you could find room in your heart to give some Holiday cheer to a family in desperate need of it. I've created four lists, one for each member of the family:

Ashton; Boy - Age 9:
He was the hardest hit by the loss of his father. When I spoke to him he asked "Were you with him when my Daddy died?" He loves skateboarding and active sports.

Cameron; Girl - Age 11:
She feels the loss of her father in the way that only a daughter can miss her daddy. She asked me "Did Daddy say anything?", and I had to tell her that her daddy was unable to speak. She like dolls and makeup, and games for her Playstation 2.

Charlie; Boy - Age 14:
He is the tough soldier, the only one who wouldn't speak to me. I'm sure he is trying to stay strong for the rest of his family. His mother tells me that he likes Professional Wrestling, and has a talent for Drawing.

Jeanette; Wife:
She told me that they were best friends, and that Charlie's last words to her were "I love you, I'm on my way." She is currently taking night classes and is thinking of pursuing a career in criminal justice. However, right now she is just trying to take care of her kids, and cannot even afford the $330.00 cost to have have the victim's ashes released to the family so they can lay them to rest.

Give a hurting family some Holiday Joy

Only time will ease their broken hearts, and nothing will ever bring back this family's father. But maybe together we can bring them a smile. Maybe we can show them the meaning of "Goodwill toward men". 

I ask that you please consider a gift for this family. There are options on the lists for as low as $10. But even if you can't offer anything yourself, I politely ask that you share this post so that we can make as many people aware as possible. If you would like to contribute something that is not on the lists, please reach out to me privately to discuss it or for contact info.

Thank you for your generosity, and Happy Holidays!

#GplusSanta   #SantaGift  
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Steve Gundill

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This amazing young Lady is an inspiration to me. 

+Kelly Patricia 

She lives with an Illness much like mine everyday and works hard to raise awareness of such things via her Youtube channel. With some amazing videos like these ones;

Rheumatoid Disease Awareness
Mystery Undiagnosed

her full channel can be found here.

I know with an illness such as I just surviving day to day can be life draining. But she tries her best to help others understand the difficulties faced by people like us. She show such strength to do what she does. 

Show her some support and subscribe to her. 
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Steve Gundill

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So i have decided to take part in the Gplus +Secret Santa event this year. Its good to help spread joy to others. 

I spent much time on the site finding someone to gift to. And eventually found someone who just wanted to make their little one Christmas special.  

I really hope they enjoy the small gifts i could send, even if amazon cant make the arrive together lol. 


All the best to all those out there taking part in this scheme to bring joy to all. 
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Noze P.
Toddlers will be happy this year :) i also chose two out of 3 person for gift for their kids
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+Emily Knope this just randomly popped up on my tablet saying auto awesome'd. So figured would share it with you.

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+Adam K what? For laughing at people getting screwed over by a company that repetitively has over and over since before this lauch?

I'm sorry but people drank the koolaid and now getting it even worse.  I find it funny.
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Steve Gundill

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Now this is how you make a movie trailer.

When given money to make a movie trailer for an upcoming movie he did this...
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I heard about this....great works guys!  There are simply not enough people in this world like you.  When hurricane Katrina hit I spent my last $800 bucks on supplies to send over.  I ate macaroni and cheese for 2 weeks so that I could do so, and skipped out on the bills.  

What I did seems quite small in comparison.  Thank you for the share and Happy New Year!
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And this is why i am taking part.

I don't know how to open this post so I'm just going straight in!

I had a really emotional moment this evening when talking to a G+ friend about the fact we came home today to find 4 more gifts from #GPlusSanta +Secret Santa delivered today.
I feel so grateful and really can't put into words how thankful we are.
Thanks to 4 very kind and generous #SecretSanta 's out there we have 4 extra gifts to put under the tree for Bobby and a few treats for me too! It dawned on me whilst chatting to this friend just how worried I have been that we're not able to get many gifts for Bobby this year so this really is lifting a weight from my mind.
I really hope I can one day do something amazing enough to pay this kindness forward and I will try my best to make sure I do, Santa's honour!

Thank you Secret Santa's, and thank you to +Secret Santa and all his elves for putting so much work in to make this happen.

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Steve Gundill

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This is the kind of thing GPlus Santa is helping to do. And why i have chose to take part this year.

I don't know you, but I love you ...
- -
+Secret Santa 
#volunteer #holiday #homeless #homelessness   #sanfrancisco #christmas  

Google Plus Secret Santa Project

My Wishlist

These are the people that will receive your gifts ...

Thanks to +Taylor Swift for the inspiration ...
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Currently very ill, with no end in sight.

I have suffered my un-diagnosed illness now for over 4 years. It has left me unable to even stand allot of the time, requiring a wheel chair just to get around the house. Am currently taking around 30 painkillers a day just to get by.

Life is hard, Physically, Mentally, Financially and I have to say at times I don't see how i can carry on. The help of good friends is all that has kept me going so far. 

I live in hope that one day someone will figure out the cause of the pain i suffer and find me a treatment that actually works. 
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My second viewing of We Will Rock You. Much different to 7 years ago, but still an amazing must see show.
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