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Steve Gundill

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Find myself watching another game where United look shocking under LVG. Constantly trying to slow the game down and playing the ball back. With long balls our main route to attack.

United used to be all about fast fluid attacking football. Now we seem to be about mediocre slow passing play with no creativity allowed. So disappointing to watch. The glory days seem so far away now.


+Manchester United​
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The thing about Arsenal is, they always try to walk it in.
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Steve Gundill

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Anyone know a way to disable updates on a play store app?

It's annoying that it's forever telling an update is available for Gmail and I have to stop it from updating when updating all other apps.

Material design Gmail is unusable for me, the ever present red circle for compose drives my mild OCD insane. I can't look at the app and the fact there's less on screen due to the super chunky top bar just screams poor design at me. Its gone from nice, neat and compact to cluttered, bawdy and annoying.

Hoping someone can help with the disable updates thing.
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Ah, bugger. I'll have a rethink.
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Steve Gundill

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Why are Google trying to force the new look on everything. Still hurts my eyes looking at G+ app. The red is not a good colour for ease of use.

Rolled back to Gmail 4.9 as the 5.0 was just horrid. Less mails on screen, horrid red interface, huge red button for compose cluttering up the screen. More clicks required.

Who's idea was it to make things more cluttered and less minimalistic in design. If you could turn off the compose button so it doesn't just float around at the bottom right and change the colour scheme away from the eye destroying red I might be able to use it, even though it's more work and has useless space wasting going on. But they give us no control over how it looks.
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Steve Gundill

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Why is Google systematically making all its mobile Apps more complicated and annoying.

Take Chrome for mobile, New look is fine but why remove the ability to one click refresh? It's now hidden in the menu.

The Play news stand App also got a recent update which has changed it from opening on the news page to opening on your library page. Meaning more clicks are required to view the news.

What kind of person figured it would be a good idea to add more clicks to everything rather than having simple user friendly designs. 
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Steve Gundill

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Randoms from the weekend
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Steve Gundill

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Steve Gundill

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Wish this update message on my phone would go away. 2 weeks not its been bugging me to update to lollipop. But 5.0 makes apps like Gmail unusable for me and you can't downgrade to non material design versions of things once you jump to 5.0. Well it won't let me on my nexus 7, which now doesn't even get turned on due to the update. The horrid material design things drive my ocd crazy. Tablet is retired to a draw never to be used again.

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Steve Gundill

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So finally got android 5.0 on my nexus 7 and wow how bad is it. My lovely smooth fast tablet now is slow and laggy.

The material design keyboard is horrid, no separation between keys. Just one flat surface with letters printed on it. Terrible, needs defined keys.

Need to figure out how to stop it spamming my lock screen with emails and notifications, don't want them there. Even if you select not to have them swiping down on a locked device shows any you have. About as secure as a wet bag.

No more one finger swipe down from time to get to settings and quick settings. Have to two finger or double swipe.

It auto updated my gmail client and material design gmail its horrid to say the least.   No allowed to down grade the version either to a usable one. It fails to install all the time.

Even the material design version of google now is ruined. The only card it ever displayed that I used before is now gone. Now way to get it back, its just constantly full of things I have no interest in. 

And battery life is shot. Lost 20% in 30 mins since unplugging after update.

For the first time in years I am considering moving away from android to something I can customise properly again.
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It's still there it just doesn't display them anymore. Had the same issue on my phone since Google now switched to material design style. 
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Steve Gundill

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Is Google systematically trying to kill off all of there own Android apps.

A series of bad updates to many of the apps they make are not so slowly driving users away from them.

It started with little changes like hiding the refresh button in Chrome for Android. Making it require more touches just to refresh a page, when it used to just be hit the refresh button at the end of the address bar. Despite overwhelming condemnation for this move they still have not done anything about it. 

Now they are rolling out the Material design things, which in general makes ever app they do it to more cluttered and less simple to use, not to mention the horrid think red bar they are forcing onto the user.

Lets take the latest Gmail update, 5.0. Gmail went from a nice chrisp clean UI to a cluttered larger red affair.  Less mails can be seen at a glance and the huge red compose button hovering over them is terrible. Why make the nice sleek design into such a huge gaudy red mess. That is not very easy on the eyes, a quick look at the play store shows once again overwhelming opinion that this is a bad move. it looks almost identical to G+ app now, which has been hard to use for the same reason since they made the changes on it. 

Despite majority opinion of the new updates and looks being horrible, they continue to roll them out across all app's. Pushing more and more people to abandon them for easier to use and better looking alternatives. Seems like very bad business sense to push away man of your user base, unless you are deliberately trying to do just that.

Making things bigger so the user can see less at once, making simple actions require more touches and forcing a colour scheme that is poor on the eyes, on people is just generally a bad move. 

For now people have the option of downloading earlier versions if they don't mind looking for them. But with the coming arrival of Lollipop rumour is older versions will no longer work properly ad the new designs will be forced upon anyone who upgrades. 
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Steve Gundill

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So after all the hype, I decided to get this inbox thing. And I have to say, I don't see the point. It's like a very cluttered disorganised Gmail.

I opened it up and it shows me a seemingly random selection of emails from the last five years. All jumbled my newest emails don't show first or at all in some cases. It appears to have some bundles, which are a mess and no way of sorting or adding your own. You can add new labels but they stay in the unbundled section.

The bundled section is a total mishmash of things stuffed into random places, like the social bundle has pretty much a selection of everything, where as finance has g+ emails for some reason.

I am failing to see what this app is actually supposed to do, other than be a more difficult way to view your mails. The sender image it adds to mails just make for a horrid view you can't change. It's the thing 90% of people turn off in Gmail, as they only serve to take up space.

Is there something I am missing with this thing?

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I was thinking the exact same thing! 
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Steve Gundill

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Well i have tried real hard to play more Fifa. But the game really is dire.

It has the worst commentary of any football game in the last 10 years, Most of the time it doesn't even fit with the action on the screen. The animation of the players is laughable at best. The removal of playing a tournament with your friends only goes to show the game is made by people who have no idea what football games are used for and clearly have no actual friends themselves. 

The fact that the bugs in the game are not being fixed is just another showing of EA's lack of care policy. Once its released they don't give a damn even if the game is broken. This is made much worse by the fact that they have not made any attempt to fix the Xbox One Kinect cheat/exploit that can be used to make sure once you get in front in an online game you pretty much always win. To the extent that posts about it on the EA forums get deleted pretty quickly.

It really is time EA as a company folded, so some other company that actually cares about what they release can step up and take over the various franchises. 
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Oh yeah, that's a good one too
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I have suffered my un-diagnosed illness now for over 4 years. It has left me unable to even stand allot of the time, requiring a wheel chair just to get around the house. Am currently taking around 30 painkillers a day just to get by.

Life is hard, Physically, Mentally, Financially and I have to say at times I don't see how i can carry on. The help of good friends is all that has kept me going so far. 

I live in hope that one day someone will figure out the cause of the pain i suffer and find me a treatment that actually works. 
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