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I made a bed leveling probe out of the hotend itself. Per an idea by Daniel on the deltabot forums. The resulting design is much less bulky than the original. The key features are: no deploy/retract required, no pin/spring/collar required, no bulky tower to hold pin assembly. The requirement for use is to perform a pre-heat and wipe of the tip to clean it before probing. This can be done via start-gcode commands prior to issuing the G29 command to auto-level.
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Are you homing to Z+ before doing the probing commands and what axis is the probe switch.

I love watching the deltabot doing its moves, awesome.
Yes, a G28 is required before issuing the G29 command which does the auto-leveling. The probe switch is connected to the z_min pin. The bed-leveling code was implemented by +Johann Rocholl 
Wouldn't this cause problems if you were ever to get any corner curling and your hot end had to push over it?  I've had curled prints that have successfully completed simply because the hot end was mounted rigidly enough that it powered through it.
+Anthony Morris , I don't think so. I think this method will actually behave more like a spring mounted bed so it will be a bit more forgiving in that sense. Ideally speaking, due to auto-leveling the printer will be so well tuned that you won't experience curling anyways.... 
I print in ABS, and lots of upper surface features on some things end up curling slightly regardless of bed level. :)

Are there files released for this anywhere?
Not yet. I haven't got it printing myself yet as I am working on a Viki LCD to Azteeg X1 wiring chart and pin description project at the moment.
Very nice Steve. Leading the way as usual!
Does anyone have a link to the thread on the forums? I am building my first kossel now and would much rather try to use this autolevel solution than the probe.. thanks!
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