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I'm a big fan of iron vs. bronze comparisons.
potato potahto let's call the whole thing off
Yes, but did we not get some semblance of fair use defined legally as a result of Betamax vs VHS? In this case it could cause FB to finally open up
Which one has got the porn? Wasn't that why VHS won?
Glen M
How about IE vs. Netscape or some more Generation I analogy please. Betamax vs. VHS is getting long in the tooth...
dear steve, in case youve been asleep like rip van winkle for a few years, fb is dead, dead, dead (a la rahm emanuel). only question as i told scoble is who gets left holding the fb shitbag (40b) goldman? nah, russian mafia? nah, us...yup, the little guy...and to cross him all we flung one shining steel rail...zuckerburgen, zuckerburgen... oh btw: zuck will get what he deserves in the end. as in "The Good Shepherd," he will die friendless, alone and bitter...oh yeah, he always already was. maybe he'll do tshuva by giving all his money away. i may be wrong but i doubt it charles barkley. how's that for no links...almost no punctuation. ;-)
as +John Taschek mentioned a few Gillmor Gangs ago, the way these things work is that a centralised, monolithic model is quicker to develop, test, deploy and for users to start with. Later upstarts challenge with distributed designs. For example AOL was the way many users started to connect to other users through AOL chatrooms and AOL forums. Later the distributed internet took off and users migrated to multi-layered stack that had them getting internet from one company and visiting the websites of others.

So to the social network industry. Now we see a couple of players: Twitter, Facebook, Google+ (AOL, Compuserve Genie). But at the same time the geeks are using distributed social networks like +buddycloud and eventually users will migrate to a distributed model where companies compete on edge technology rather than trying to run the entire stack.
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