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Google+ Hashtag shortcut.

Posting an image and submitting it to some of the themes can be a little tiresome having to manually type both the theme hashtag as well as each of the individual curators. Particularly if you submit to more than one theme. To save time you can store each of the theme titles as a hashtag together with the curators Google+ ID - store it in Google Docs or notepad or elsewhere and simply paste it into each post you need. Once the post is saved G+ will convert the ID into the persons name.

Example for a theme of #hangouttest with myself as the curator you would type:

#hangouttest + 117014035284065592442 (do not use a space between the + and the id number)

This would convert the Google ID number into the relevant Name: #hangouttest +Steve Gill

A slightly more detailed explanation with an explanatory image can be found over on my blog at:

For example I will use it for some of my favourite themes which have multiple curators such as:

#sacredsunday curated by +Margaret Tompkins +Charles Lupica +Manfred Berndtgen +Bill Wood +Robyn Morrison

#thirstythursday curated by: +Giuseppe Basile +Mark Esguerra

#googleplustips #gplustips
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+Steve Gill THANK YOU! I was trying to find some way to do that for a while.
Interesting enough, the example is not visible on a mobile device (it shows as converted to an ID already), so I went to a PC to write you a comment, but there it shows.
+Will Pirnasch That might be because when I posted it I didn't leave the space between the + symbol and the ID so for the post it converted it. Obviously when using it for real you don't leave the space. I had to put in the space to show the example.
+Steve Gill You are right, looks like I was just too fast. It is now working on the mobile device too, I see the number and the space in front of it. Thanks again!
Genius Steve, Genius!
Stupid question, Steve. I have a UK keyboard and I presume you must as well. How do you type a hashtag? When I submitted a few images to Ministract Monday I used the tag function to mark them but now I cannot tag unless their is a human face in the image. I tried to submit to Way Wednesday yesterday but failed miserably.
+Carolyn Fahm It is the key next to the one with the @ symbol on the right of the keyboard. #
I am surprised I haven't seen this before from one of the Google pages +Google+ +Google+ News - perhaps I just missed it in my stream somewhere.
+Carolyn Fahm: You cannot tag while posting a picture if there are no faces in the picture. The software will only allow you to tag the faces it finds, and if there are none, you cannot tag at all.
You need to submit the post, then click the picture, and then you can add any tags without faces being there.
+Chuck Moore Thanks for the link to that list of hashtag themes - not seen that link before.
Oh. No problem at all. I actually just found that yesterday.
Thanks +Will Pirnasch. My keyboard must be some sort of weird hybrid +Steve Gill because that key is my £. But by using +Will Pirnasch's technique I should be fine. Now all I need is to know what the themes are and then see if I have anything relevant.
+Steve Gill, one small issue - when I use the + 12345... form, the theme titles and curators don't appear on the share to list, it only shows 'Public'. I'm not sure if they are added implicitly when I submit it, but they are not shown, and I'm not sure that they get a notification... which would make it a lot less useful.:-(
Will to test the function I have just done a test post with you in the body of the post. Let me know what notifications you get so we can include in this comment stream.
Yes, +Steve Gill, I did get two separate notifications, one for the Limited Post, and one for the comment.
That implies that it works as hoped, even though you don't see the recipients upfront.
Great! and thanks!
+Steve Gill this is less of a hashtag tip and more of a +mention tip isn't it? I think it is a great way to 'save' the + and the G+ ID so you can paste it elsewhere instead of typing it each time.
Yes, +Ronnie Bincer, it allows you to save strings somwhere which G+ translates back into + references. You could do that with hashtags anyway.
Works pretty good, I have converted my whole list already.
Can anyone here help me figure out G+ Album issues?

Here is my Goal:
To make a post that shows 1 cover image - like the one here, (that I can control which it is) and also contains multiple 'other images' that I also can control the 'order that they are viewed'.

I am pretty sure that I need to make a New Album for each of these 'sets of images' (not what I really wanted, but perhaps a limitation now inside G+). But I am still struggling with how to make the one image I want to be the Big One or the Cover Image, while the others are shown in the same post/album as being 'other choices' / smaller.

I'd also like to be able to control the flow of images when people click on the main image, i.e. Cover, then pic 1, then pic 2, then pic 3, etc.

Any help/guidance/thoughts on how to do this consistently would be greatly appreciated. I understand much about G+, but this Albums thing has me stumped!
Well, I did not try how you would have to upload them to get them in a specific sequence, but inside the album, you can use 'Organize' and change the sequence ,which results in them showing in a different sequence. You can also select the 'Cover Picture' for an album, which defines the first one.
Yes, this is 'after the fact'-fixing. If you find out how to control it while uploading, I'd like to know too.
What you are describing re. selecting 'cover picture' sounds like something other than G+ Albums, maybe picassaweb? +Will Pirnasch
+Ronnie Bincer : Picasa is G+. They merged it.
There are still two interfaces to the same data, but it is the same. Anything you upload in G+ is visible in Picasa, and vice verso. Resorting you do in Picasa is effective in G+.
And since some days you can do the main functionalites directly in G+ too.
The 'make cover' image has not made it over to the G+ Albums world when I checked yesterday... maybe it is there today! I just discovered it in picassaweb cause I decided I had to find a better solution.

I also see in p.w. that I can copy images from the 'from posts' album where I can not do that inside G+. That one is a very valuable option for me to keep track of certain images I used in my posts but had not organized into other albums.
Update: Bummer, the 'make cover' function may work when sharing from within picassaweb, but it doesn't seem to carry over to G+ Albums. There are 3 equal images showing when I try to 'share' from G+ instead of one of them being the 'cover'.

Kinda messy if you ask me!
Hm. Yes. I wonder how they could miss that? It almost seems coding effort to not carry the sequence over.
BTW, +Will Pirnasch I just did some more testing re. selecting an image as an 'Album Cover' in Picassaweb. It makes that image the Thumbnail Image for the Album.

I was hoping ti would make it the BIG one (like we see above) and the others the small ones... so the question remains: Does anyone know how to make 1 image the BIG ONE and the others the smaller ones inside Google+ Albums? (or Picassaweb, or...?)
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