Google+ Hashtag shortcut.

Posting an image and submitting it to some of the themes can be a little tiresome having to manually type both the theme hashtag as well as each of the individual curators. Particularly if you submit to more than one theme. To save time you can store each of the theme titles as a hashtag together with the curators Google+ ID - store it in Google Docs or notepad or elsewhere and simply paste it into each post you need. Once the post is saved G+ will convert the ID into the persons name.

Example for a theme of #hangouttest with myself as the curator you would type:

#hangouttest + 117014035284065592442 (do not use a space between the + and the id number)

This would convert the Google ID number into the relevant Name: #hangouttest +Steve Gill

A slightly more detailed explanation with an explanatory image can be found over on my blog at:

For example I will use it for some of my favourite themes which have multiple curators such as:

#sacredsunday curated by +Margaret Tompkins +Charles Lupica +Manfred Berndtgen +Bill Wood +Robyn Morrison

#thirstythursday curated by: +Giuseppe Basile +Mark Esguerra

#googleplustips #gplustips
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