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These fish have no idea how lucky they are.
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Cool idea, but why not go with the obvious approach of using one of the underwater level designs?
This is so wrong on so many levels. Poor fish will need therapy for YEARS! Still a great pic. :)
I feel amused... yet disgusted at the same time! Poor fish!
I can usually call what's going to make it to what's hot if I happen to see it.. :)
i wish i were thos fish /;
There should be another tank underneath that one that's connected by those Mario pipes. No idea how that would work without flooding all over the floor, but I'm sure there's a way. ;)
if they bop the ? blocks does it dispense food?
This is amazing. I just want to make that clear. This is by far the coolest thing I've seen yet.

But... the person makes a Mario World in a fish tank... but not the water level? really?
living in the world of mario, not really my choice if I had to deal with giant walking fungus, in other words goombas. But awesome aquarium man
I wanna be a fish in THAT tank!
bec Ka
My son would absolutely love that he is fanatical about lego. Every xmas and birthday since he could talk, lego is all he wanted
That's is soooo freaking awesome!!!!!! I love it!!!
i wish i was a fish in that tank... :(
so jealous! i have a fish tank, but there is just decorations, and no fish. that is cuz there is a stand it gos on but its not painted so ic ant get fish until then.
Mario 24/7 would be comatosing... if that's a word! Neat tank though, heh.
Your fish is obviously looking for the warp zone. Awesome.
Make me want to make it for my turtle.
Hey how did u do that I have a fish just like that
fishrio (fish and mario combined) dah?
So An
they are dammed lucky..........that idea could have helped my aquarium project i have a school.........
That is so creative and cool.
Or how much death is coming their way. Mario is a monster that steps on anyone he comes across.
Awesome. I wanna make my aquarium into world -1.
IT GOT TO THE TOWER BEFORE MARIO!!!! What a conspiracy!!!
That is known that shark???
That is so cool hahhahahahahhabahahahahaha
I want that so bad!!!!! lolz
dudw, i want your fish tank
That is cool I use to luv Mario
Nice, should of been design as the -1 stage though... like that they wouldn't get lost.
Beast and it's an older version. Makes it all the better. 
tell me that's not real...
gotta save so i can make one of these, i like it!
It's Mario brothers.....................In a fish tank lol!!!!!!!!!!
That's incredibly hilarious! I wonder if they have one for the Bowser boss battle.
This is amazing. I'd get some fish just to have an aquarium like this
I really goodnight fish does not.get to.close to that turtle... Could be bad news!! 
roxy m
Thats to cute
Ok, thats freaking awesome, but you SERIOUSLY have to much time on your hands.
Whoa totally cool want dat 4 my fish.
did i get any pionts on this game for shot the fish like mario??lol jk thts still cool☺
cool!:) i want 1 of those
OMIGOSH!!! WOW!!! there really r no words that can explain wat im feeling rite now
Elle L
Wow! Thats one impressive fish tank! Haha
My beta fish would go crazy in here!!
Super Mario Games Landscape, very Cute Fish World.
if i could buy a fishtank with that in it, heck i wouldnt even get fish, i would figure out a way to get inside myself!
I have an aquarium like that only the stuff is shaped out of coral and stuff
Wow my goldfish jacks would LOVE this soooo much how did you do it?????!!!!!!!!
haha the fish named golden mario
its like they get there own world of Mario and they dont even know it.
I wish my fish tank look like that
Too bad they have no idea what to do.
Not until world 4 (water world). Then it's lunch time. (Mario Theme)
By the way, Mario is ther most Rasist game ever. Frist, made in japan, manufactered in china, then sent to the US. Now the game is based on an Itain plumber, who runnig like a black guy, and jumps like a mexican. Thought fight evil like a politition but end up with the girl (or so they make us think). So I don't think thoose fish are to lucky.
this person must REALLY love mario if they did that!
get the flag get the flag get the flag get the flag dont let them get u
Sotlrry, but this is not the castle the princess is in!
Whoever made that must have a really suckish life
really it is like Mario on top of the castle
its a me mario........................ no to fishy
cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? but kool
Shri Mc
That is so cool.
Kass iE
wtfugding how did they do that?
I would love to be one of those fish!
HA!!... Thats so cool. best fish tank ever.
I want one!!!!
excuse my french but thats BADASS
Wan Sim
Sooooooo gooooood!!!!!!!!!!!
My photography friend would love this. He shoots lego's like yours all the time. Very awesome.

Jo Mead
wow my bro would die if he saw this! he loves legos!
THE UNICORNS ARE COMING IN 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kim Li
So Cute!!!
I remember this game
I remember this game too and was just sharing a cool YouTube video with students where some physics students played its theme using their Tesla coils. Very cool!
This is a fish tank full of win
I think the fish must be learning to mario bros for to be a winner..
'u guyz r soo imaginative.. Dolls, blocks r inanimate tinx, i wud rather liv wif other fishes n get out of diz rectangular world..'-sincerely, a lonely fish hu ppl think so lucky to get captivated D; mad world~
mario bros fish tank...............!?........................awesome!
Or maybe they are thinking "SWEET!!! I got a fire flower!!!"
EPIC!!! WOW, my parents would never let me get a fish!!!
how lucky they are i wish was fish.can't you see that
I agree, but seeing this hits me hard in the childhood.
Its cool, but it should have been level 2-1, lol.
Where did you get this?
I want one now!!!
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