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Yesterday, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) made headlines by slamming his state's legislators for supposedly paying police and firefighters too much. “They want to give away more of your money,"...
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Never Sell Data
Hi, thought you might be interested in my recent article on +LinkedIn  
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10 Ways Innovation is Like Sex (My new one on +LinkedIn)
5. You don’t have to be first for it to be great. (OK, for one of them, you might want to be first that day.)
7. Both spawned a cottage industry of experts teaching you how to get some. (Myself included...I suppose.)   #innovation #sex #leadership  
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Which one, +Steve Adams? If this headline is bad, it's my doing. The editors at Linkedin wouldn't touch this one. They're extremely risk averse. Regardless, the post is still going strong with 0 promotion. 
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Discussing the Future of Jobs
My recent appearance (this morning!) on the +Leave the Bottle podcast.
Good to finally meet G+ pal +Randy Resnick face to face.
Econovation author +Steve Faktor joins us to talk about economics, jobs and leisure
Steve has written regularly in Forbes, WSJ, LinkedIn and his book is available here: and his site is here:
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Leave the Bottle Podcast
Episode 017: Econovation And The Future Of Jobs
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Never Sell Data My new article on +Forbes 

#bigdata   #bigdataanalytics   #data   #privacy   #startups  
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But agree!
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Steve Faktor

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My Review: Samsung Galaxy S5: Great Hardware, Inexcusable Software 

I wrote this on my new S5. The hardware is great. It's super fast. I love the screen, the ability to swap batteries (it's green!) and to add memory. Physically, it's a bit big to use with one hand, but doable...with medical finger extensions. It's also toilet waterproof. 

On the flip side, the software and user experience are a maddening disaster. Samsung duplicates most of Google's apps with similar, lesser ones and loads up the phone with useless apps and half-baked experiments that take up tons of space, always run in the background, and waste battery.

It's clear Samsung is in some sort of war with Google, but the only casualties are users. To add insult to injury, the carriers add their own junkware on top. My phone has 3 app stores on it!!! It's like a $300 Dell laptop loaded up with trial-ware and McAfee. 

I would only recommend this phone to advanced tinkerers who know how to root the phone and uninstall Samsung's junk. For everyone else, if you must have Android, I strongly recommend a phone with pure Android like the upcoming Nexus 6 or one with less junk like the HTC M8. (Though, I don't like the new shift to sealed-in batteries and Google's crippling of memory cards. But maybe that's a power user issue.)

For almost everyone else, especially those who are less technical, I recommend the iPhone, hands down. Just wait for the new, bigger models coming later this year.

PS - Some recommendations on carriers:

- If you can afford it, buy the phone outright on a credit card. That gives you a year of extra warranty and you can take it to a carrier like T-Mobile or an independent operator with good reception in your area. That way, functions like WiFi tethering and Samsung's new download boost won't be crippled as they are on Verizon, Sprint and AT&T.

- Don't overpay for data. Most people don't use as much as they think they do - and usually they're on WiFi. Log in to your provider's site and check your stats. You can save a bundle with services like Ting, Aio Wireless, or MetroPCS. Here's a link with ratings & recommendations:
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+Philip Salgannik To each his own. It was top of the line at the time w/a dual core processor. Worked well enough for me. I didn't have a time machine to get the 3 in 2011.
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Help Decontaminate American Democracy 
The Supreme Court betrayed US citizens by legalizing   #corruption  (Citizens United & McCutcheon). Support   #WolfPAC 's plan to fix it with a Constitutional Amendment. No issue is more important. Not   #jobs , not   #war , not   #deficits , not   #healthcare . Those won't be fixed until   #government represents the people, not political patrons.

PS - While I enjoy that Google+ is a global network, this post is targeted to US citizens who want to affect change. 
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+James Barraford our enemy is ignorance, apathy and comfort. That is what allows our democracy to sail so far off the rails. 
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Steve Faktor

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Good episode: real vs. fake conspiracies
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Gmail at your own risk...
Google's lawyer could have stopped his quote after, “While our terms of service might legally permit such access..."
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Yah, after those anticompetitive labor cabal arrangements between Jobs/Apple and Schmidt/Google, my rule of thumb for these guys will from now on be: guilty until proven innocent...
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Steve Faktor

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Inside RT (Russia Today): Putin's Propaganda Machine
Where promoting Putin and destabilizing the US is Job 1.
I knew I had to quit. I’d been a correspondent for RT—the English-language international cable network funded by the Russian government—for about two and a half years. I’d looked the other way as the network smeared America for the sake of making the Kremlin look better by comparison, while it sugarcoated atrocities by one brutal...
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Fox has a different set of masters, thankfully ones without nukes. 
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Thanks for visiting. I'm founder of startup incubator IdeaFaktory, author of Econovation (Wiley), and ex-head of American Express Chairman’s Innovation Fund. I've also led innovation and strategy at Citi, Mastercard and Andersen.  Along the way, I've created some very cool (and profitable) innovations in payments, loyalty and mobile. I write for Harvard Business Review (among others), do global keynote speaking, and advise companies on new growth opportunities.

Looking for Budding Startups & Developers 
Before I forget - I'm actively advising and developing several startups and using my network to get them financed and connected with corporate partners.  I am also looking for qualified developers, co-founders, and entire teams (possibly on the downswing of a startup) to partner with me on some amazing businesses I'd like to bring to market.   

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